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  • ok, first things first. I have to tell you the Negatives. 1st, any pvp your interested in, i can tell you definitively, your not going to have fun. 2nd, lotta work to catch up. 2rbs 3 boundary sets, and thats before gear. 3rd, the game is p2w. im a…
  • I do not believe that this will **** the EU players over. There are many EU players who are playing East and West Coast servers that wake up at 2am or 5am to TW with their friends. All this does is make one of the two TW time slots into a more East …
  • Hey guys, wrong account but I am still here and keeping this updated. Let me know if someone who makes videos quits or just generally doesnt make videos anymore.
  • Bumping for more responses to the second question
  • I never got Code's yet as on my account made in 2009 Im the same way, on my account in 2012, Missed out on so damn much, the free +10 orb email, anni codes. Have even said this in a post that a GM said to let him know if we didnt get it/isnt worki…
  • Honestly, thats the answer i expected. I was more hoping for an answer to the second question.
  • iffy22 wrote: » Is there anything I can do to help fix that? or is it fully a Comcast problem? So far, switching to using different DNS servers seems to help if you have Comcast.​​ How do i do that?
  • Is there anything I can do to help fix that? or is it fully a Comcast problem?
  • I keep having this lag on the Dawnglory server that im not experiencing on the Etherblade server. Im not the only one experiencing this, and its making it so I am unable to do anything. Let me know if I can do anything to help with this. not letti…
  • mint, can you message me the code? whenever theres a code over email, i dont get it.
  • chary wrote: » On the contrary, Joe, a lot of people are taking this merge as an opportunity to quit for whatever their myriad reasons are. I, for one, have no interest really in playing a pve server. Especially one on EU times. ​​ What exa…
    in Morai PvP Comment by iffy22 August 2015
  • noctusvenator wrote: » kittyempressa wrote: » Kitty thinks there's one issue that most "Harshlands should be merged with DW+RT"-people miss. That would be merging name databases of 3 entire servers. 2 server should be already hard enough for t…
  • This guide seems outdated. Is there a better one?
  • judging by the name its either Untamed_Pav or Pavulon