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BladeMaster Videos

oreowarriororeowarrior Posts: 71 Arc User
edited November 2015 in Blademaster
[PvP/PvE] Allec
[PvP] LadyBlondeh/MadeByVisa/LameBiscuit (this may or may not be the correct channel. only thing that came up on a youtube search)
[PvP/PvE] JaviMaster
[PvP] TheDan [Channel 1] [Channel 2]
[PvP] XCableX
[PvP] Kniraven


[PvP] Toddloveleah
[PvP/PvE] VegBlade
[PvP/PvE] Glory
[PvP] Jungleboy
[PvP] BigDiamond
[PvP] Nigoshi
[PvP] Zanryu
[PvP] Ehmi
[PvP] Rome
[PvP] Onatop
[PvP] ZaytroX

All links now up!! Let me know if youre no longer making vids or make a new one :D
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  • oreowarriororeowarrior Posts: 71 Arc User
    New(ish) Video from TheDan!!! Check out his channel for some Blademaster vs. Assassin Fights!!!
  • daymonddaymond Posts: 271 Arc User
    ZaytroX doesn't play anymore.
    My computer died so I've been using a piece of junk laptop that can barely run the game. I'll be back to making videos when i get a new computer.
    www.Kniraven.com | Youtube.com/Kniraven | Twitch.TV/Kniraven | Facebook.com/Kniraven
  • oreowarriororeowarrior Posts: 71 Arc User
    Thanks for letting me know. Gunna remove his name from the Actives list.
  • iffy22iffy22 Posts: 20 Arc User
    Hey guys, wrong account but I am still here and keeping this updated. Let me know if someone who makes videos quits or just generally doesnt make videos anymore.
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