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Satyrion - Sanctuary
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  • Oh, now I have a legit reason to get to 105 on my current level and not only historical b:laugh
  • If warsoul mats are crafted from NW forges: G16 warsong belt 192,600,000 coins 360 warsong inscriptions 108 supply tokens Destroyer 1,063,800,000 coins 1080 Warsong Inscriptions 324 supply token if Jungle Stones are bought for 3mil each I know its a lower proc rate, but I wouldnt say its worth nothing. b:surrender When I…
  • I wonder if anybody ever tried to aim for a r8r weapon purify spell and full defense level adds. r8rr weapon could actually get up to +20 defense level with purify spell. Well, with some serious luck of course. I was thinking about how this build would do versus and/or compared a r999 with equal refines, gems, cards, etc.…
  • The responses are confusing me. Do you have r9 ring recasted right now? Completing the quest to get the r9 ring unlocks rest of the quests for the armor and weapon, you should be able to get rest of r9 pieces regardless of upgrading your ring.
  • All incoming experience will go to demon book when its summoned. Exp from orbs, quests, mobs, everything. Check your current exp in the book. Eat a orb for lets say 100k exp Reopen the book and check your exp again. It should have increased the number by the 100k exp that went into the book.
  • I was talking about this builds defense level and survivability, not fighting someone with this build and their defense levels. Btw the wristguards cannot get physical damage reduction stats.
  • By the way how are you getting this "up to 83% pdmg reduction"?
  • Yes, I totally missed that point. My apologies. 25 less defense levels, 10 less attack, a lot of magic etc in trade for the high physical damage reduction. Now I'm not into the math to say if the defense levels are worth it for the physical damage reduction, it probably is for physical damage reduction, but I dont really…
  • If you can afford full +12 and JoSD, then WHY are you wasting it on r8r? Drop some refines or shards and go for r999 to increase your stats even more o.o Let me compare to my own gear... My gear is not +12, josd or anything like that, but I have more physical and magical attack, more magical defense, more attack level.…
  • People are posting so many different maths and ways to explain I wouldnt know whom to believe in anyway.
  • I'm not sure I understand. Do you currently have g16 AND r9 at the moment? If you have g16 already being well refined and with shards, I would leave the r9 as it is, using the g16 and focus on upgrading that r9 gear to r999 as soon as possible. If the g16 stuff doesn't really have any refines and shards, you might as well…
  • It's the same for Sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary no good aps barbs? What! I'm a super good aps barb on our server! But I always solo stuff on him or use him for my own things, so he never end up in squads with anybody else other than me and some close friends b:chuckle b:cute Explains why nobody know him :P
  • If there was some kind of possible way to trade X card into Y card, I think they should be a part of the same set, with some kind of coin fee or other card(s) required. Like you need forexample 4 Ghost Wings to trade into 1 Mistress of Night, or 2 Ghost Wings + 2 Emperor Aohe to trade into 1 Mistress... etc. I dunno lol. I…
  • You can still change your cleric with earthguard eyes and other type hair and such. Same goes for other classes, its called ini editing.. You can learn more about that in this thread: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1512531 Also every race have same starting area now with new quests, so no matter what…
  • When I was doing warsong this way with a barb, he was usually the first one to port. Invoke won't help you on the bosses though. When bosses are frenzy, they have a one-shot skill. Don't see it as an attack, but a debuff. It does 50k damage no matter whenever you're in invoke or not, no matter how high your defenses are.…
  • I guess this "day login reset" works like meridian reset? .-. Also I had reward on 2 characters on 2 accounts o.o I guess I should start log in every damn alt and hope I'll get a **** lot of event gold..
  • Check the sentence that explains how to get the title before veil raider. It tells you where to pick up next quest for next title (aka veil raider)
  • I use my normal login both places, no email required to login for me. I'm rather sad about it showing my username, I would rather have it showing my ingame name like here... I know i could just use the codes to change it and such, but my url and that would still be the same. b:surrender
  • Gameboy color, Gold/Silver/Crystal Pokemon.
  • He was probably in SoG b:chuckle
  • Neither anybody did that on our server, but there's still a person with the set!
  • I've seen a Lv1 cleric flying around in south/north/east archousaur as well on sanctuary server for quite a while now... I didnt notice if its the exact same pattern every time though.
  • Have you ever seen a veno while in foxform holding her pataka?
  • It's not available ingame yet. Go to the coords and be a little down in water. Wait a minute or just afk for a little bit. The quest is auto accepted so you should have the next coords under title in the quest tracker.
  • I would try do some easy quests to earn coin, use the coins on cheapest possible gear you can find and HP/MP pots. When you reach Lv100 you can rebirth and go back to level 1, or you can stay Lv100 for a few days first hoping for some coin rewards from BH100 (up to 5mil).
  • Just thought to mention this as there have been a few people in the past having trouble getting the title 'The Generous', besides buying the required item and being in correct area. It cost like 100k coins to turn in, so make sure you have enough coins when doing this title, also after buying the Thousand-Year Lees.
  • The stats are completly random. You can get it in one try, or you may not get it in 100 tries. You reroll in warsong or lunar, with a coin fee, some badges, and a EoD.
  • Okay I trust you and take back what I posted, the weapons may actually drop. I still have to see anyone linking the mold or a already made weapon though. I will keep an eye open on world chat and update the thread if I see any.