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  • I guess you're right. I thought it was sleeping because he was 105 on current, but I just figured out it is sleeping for everyone who is full Lv105 on RB levels, even though they arent 105 on current level. (forexample 105-105-104 in this case I found) I also remember reading about it being fixed, but I dont think theres…
  • I just asked someone who is 105x3 His book is sleeping, and cannot summon it. So I suppose its better you work on your RB lvls first
  • The issue been known for over a year... If they haven't fixed it by now.... I wouldnt count on it to be any soon :( So I really hope that they did fix it. Well isnt that because Lv105 cannot hold EXP on their EXP bar, and not because they arent getting anything. Try do a primal quest or eat a vitae pill with filled Astral…
  • You can also have the stealth adventage and AD+Faith with one of your RB levels being 105. There was some problems with the book being sleeping when reaching Lv105 on current Lvl, I have no idea if they fixed it, and I'm not willing to test it out. b:surrender
  • None of the morai skills or Lv100 celestial skills for sins are required to solo anything or farming stuff... Getting Blood frenzy isnt a bad choice I suppose, but if you can afford it I would just buy the chrono pages and skip the luminance order totally. The skill in lumi for 5k prestige is pretty much useless anyway. It…
  • Did you run out of hardware space maybe? Fraps vids takes up quite some space afterall.
  • we have actually found multiple tricks making the instance easier b:thanks a lot of them are probably to be shown in the video he is planning to post, well whenever we manage to find the last boss we havent met yet >.> I wanted write a complete guide to this instance too but I feel Im a bit lazy to finish it b:chuckle
  • He is near elder of archosaur
  • Im sitting on -57% channelling with my r999 cleric for PvE, I think o.o I made a -9% necklace when I was farming chi stones, had an old cape from TM69 with -6% channelling, and the -3% helm is pretty cheap now. Then my r9 ring comes with channelling of course, and I use my r8 ring also with -6% channelling. It's actually…
  • If I assume you are demon then we need 3.33 base http://mypers.pw/1.7/#141479 where you either aim for double int on fist (like in the build) or for double int on the plate, or a single int on r8r boots. If you manage to get double int on both fist and plate you can even wear 3 r999 pieces for +100 str bonus for more…
  • To answer this question. We have been farming this duo for a month (daily), where we both got enough materials for one armor piece. However I was planning to get the armor on my sin and weapon on my veno, so my materials are a bit more split up between the two characters, and therefore I cannot craft my first armor piece…
  • The Lemur doesnt turn you into snow buddy, horsey cart, golden drakeling and lil coon.
  • Nope she dont, stop bully my weapon shardless chars b:cry
  • For curious people, this is the cleric I'm using for our runs, and she's the only healer in squad http://mypers.pw/1.7/#140873 She's an old cleric but she doing fine for PvE stuff, but still many ways to upgrade her yet. She have Lv4 defense passive, she have no nuema at all, but thanks to the free A chests at least she…
  • There was a ecatomb-looking site that had the morai recast stuff and r8rr images, but sadly the site went down :( I have been unable to find any other site with the images
  • You dont keep the refines or shards. Also the upgrade wings of ascension takes 6 mirages per try to refine.
  • Ever tried the 0 ping/server error when you just log in? Where you can't move or do anything but chat (untill some time passed) That error makes the gear protection pop up too. Also it makes you unable to get quests that pop up automatically. (Forexample roll call, and FSP quest).
  • You got them as starting gear when you made your character after NH expansion untill you left the starting area. Now you can only get it when you rebirth 1, and that's just top, leggings, and weapon. I'm not on my computer right now to check but some of them might be off though (something tells me at very least seeker…
  • No D: don't show them yet!
  • I kind of see my nix and monkey as more or less equal in PvE, tho my nix have high offensive roll while my monkey have high defensive roll. My nix can tank most bosses in TT3-3 besides his defense roll may not be the best, I only use my herc on giant beast, arma and emperor. Also, my nix can tank all lunar bosses. There…
  • Well I wouldnt take off holy path, thats a good skill. Whenever its faith or expel to keep would be depend on how squisy you are / how easily you find yourself dieing. If you think you can survive pretty well I would pick faith, it's so handy.. But if you are too squisy against BMs long paralyze I would pick Expel. Fortify…
  • Hell have a couple really cool places where heaven is just nice overall. I probably like heaven the most. 1st fairy, demon looks like a pumpkin, sage is little and cute. 2nd fairy, demon gets pretty damn cool but sage looks like it got peed on. 3rd fairy, demon is decent, the color is very pretty though. Sage is very…
  • Let us know your level and current cultivation, and take a screenshot of your current quests and your available quests ;o
  • What items is it that you absolutly cannot get rid of? I cant think of any item like that except Fairy Boxes (but I like these!) But we do have a lot of useless items though.. and multiple of items that are the same but with different IDs thus taking more space in inventory than necessary, like teleport stones, teleport…
  • So why Archosaur and not Heaven's Tear? b:scorn
  • If you decide to go the r8rr way I will pray you may get high values as soon you get the rolls, the hone material seem rather rare. b:shocked 2x Garan for every hone... average materials that drop per run <- in case you are interested, 1 run is 1 hour unless your squad is strong.
  • I never said I didnt understand how physical damage reduction works. If you want that super high % it will leave you squisy to the other type of damage, and I dont think anybody would be interested in being that limited. Your build is of course lower %, its more balanced but the rolls will still be very hard, but then we…
  • You would want to read this thread http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?p=22163011#post22163011
  • ...Which still kills you... And as you mentioned, defense levels are easier to get. A person that go for defense levels will have more defense levels than a person that go for physical damage reduction will have physical damage reduction stats. Therefore I wouldnt compare 40 defense level to 40 physical damage reduction.
  • I believe it was 20k on the first day it came out (for bele). Of course he opened a lot more since. I mean, the guy have every class with r9/r999 each having a SoT or emperor, main with nuema portal.. He is a true CS'er b:victory