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    Seriously, this is still a complaint? I'm sitting at 400k on a brand-new character at level 35. Granted, this is during 2x/3x, but still, an idea for people: When you're on the starter island, make use of your genie's experience soaking ability. I actually farmed a lot of the bank mats in the starter area by feeding my genie experience. Then, upon exiting the starter island, I sold what DQ mats I didn't need after doing my bank quests on the AH, and made 14k per stack of 5 items for the first bank quest.

    That adds up super-fast.

    I also was able to farm up quite a few of the manufacturing mats, which allowed me to get my level 2 Blacksmithing without buying a single item except Jades (suckers cost me 5k b:surrender)

    Yup. Folks are still lazy and/or ignorant and will just refuse to do many simple things that get coin easily. Because they'd rather have it thrown at them for no effort. b:chuckle
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    OPKossy wrote: »
    Yup. Folks are still lazy and/or ignorant and will just refuse to do many simple things that get coin easily. Because they'd rather have it thrown at them for no effort. b:chuckle

    And we wonder why we have inflation on the servers now.b:shutup
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    I think a farm/trade system might be good, I would use examples but they are from other games.
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    how about we get a sage pet heal skill and sage pet revive or demon pet heal demon revive
    sage pet heal adds def to pet or extra chi gain. demon heal pet attks faster or hits harder or heals more. as for sage demon pet revive no loyalty lost is something id like to see or at least a bigger reduction.
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    Starting off with instance
    I'd like to see old "dead" instances serve a new purpose.
    1> Nirvana:With how easily accessible rapture/uncannies are most people only ever come near the instance to use the forges. For this instance I would like to see it serve a better purpose. Perhaps make the drop rates in it for uncannies/raps higher and give it it's own weekly quests like SoT/Abba currently have. We have a dead instance wasting space and I'd love to see it be revived. OR make it a bh 100 instance. GV gets occasional attention to those who sometimes run it for bh100-2. Just give the players a reason to visit the place again

    2> FB19 Ocean Tusker: with the new expansion fb 19 really lost it's place besides neuma farming and that one occasional person who does cave trials. But Ocean Tusker still wastes away in his under water cavern. Suggestions: A: give ocean tusker a hp buff make him tougher and make him a lower level version of the moria ws missive quest. Give the players some reason to go confront old squidy. Or again make him a farm-able neuma boss .

    3> Shrine of Tides?: Please do something with this island. Make an instance, a world boss, a quest boss, or something, please? it's been wasting away since the dawn of the tideborns. With the newest update we got a new instance (quick sand maze) while i know the name doesn't exactly match up but i feel like some instances would have been better suited using up the wasted space on the map that's never served a purpose. It's really only become a vaction spot really now days. Or make it something similar to Secret passage.

    4> Renegade/Mist City/heaven/hell: For the most part i do see that these places do have quest lines but find a way to make better use of the the late game worlds. I feel like they've been neglected as much and most people dont ever bat an eye at them when they go. Everyone goes to heaven/hell for their culty and weeklies, and OCCASIONALLY they go to farm high tier mats.

    Side note on instance: Make people want to farm uch (under current hall )again? for some reason the instance is purely dead and isnt ever mentioned in world chat.

    5> Public quests: Rotflesh trench: Asking around i still see messages says things like THE MONSTERS HAVE RETREATED. But nobody ever does these anymore. Find a way to bring these back? Give the players a reason to do them again. I'm not saying offer them crazy exp or coins but I would really like to see people working together again yet being competitive. They use to be a lot of fun, but now nobody is ever there.

    6> Theatre of Blood: Daily quest that's NOBODY does anymore. Find some way to encourage people to return to it.

    7> Suggestion for dragon quest/items: Update them to give newer or more important rewards. Everyone complains that dragon quest items are completely useless now but has anyone actually tried doing dragon quests again? i mean its in the items description unless i'm missing something. Yes i understand theres a botting problem with this. Suggesting that either a) botting gets taken out so that the rewards cant be abused for easily. B) non trade-able rewards

    Anyone else have any suggestions for the locations/events/instances? I'm open to ideas

    I know that pwi is been expanding outwards in terms of the world, I mean we got morai, primal and that new starting area, but why not make the most of what we already have. I'm not saying you should stop expanding but please give us a reason to return and explore the older regions as well. I'd love for new players to explore the older areas of the map. I adore morai and the primal world i think they're both great and i hope that they both continue to thrive. But I'd love for the main map and the other areas to get a revamp.
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    I think the G13 Faction Base Weapon with procs are over priced at 170 mill I think. I think it would be reasonable to lower its price below 70 mill.

    If the prices are to never change then I am assuming there may be an end game upgrade pathway for these weapons in the future.
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    ARC just reset the PWI download i was doing to 0% it was at 99%
    ARC doesn't work correctly and never has
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    The page hardly ever loads...and when it does the server select doesnt work.

    been this way for days now idk if anyone else had the problem but...yea thats my suggestion..fix it so i can use my 7400 points :)

    put in a ticket a while ago too..
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    it be so cool it barbs can have a different transform instead of just a white tiger.. like a black panther and a lion for forms to change to.. i think ppl would love to choose a different one if the option was there. or even a choice at lvl100 or some think :)
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    Hello All.

    Just a quick note to say I'm adjusting the Setup I currently have running for the Suggestion Box. Main point is if you have a suggestion Please make a new Thread Here! This will allow others to respond to your suggestion and for me to gather more feedback on suggestion.

    Suggestions in this thread will no longer be reviewed for the logs.

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    ok i will try to make it simple to understand

    1. I reinstalled OS in my laptop
    2. Arc got lost and I reinstalled it easily
    3. PWI integration to arc going on for hours with no sign of progress in updation
    4. Game version still 779 and no progress in it as well
    5. Please make installation or integration of PWI to arc easy.
    6. Also provide manual updation for big updates, because my auto updation crashes a lot.

    Thank you and please consider my request for easy intsllation, upgradation and play.
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    can venos get the new pets put in the battle packs so we have a chance at the new pets to...Who wants to spend 300 bucks on one pets...not everyone is a cash Shopper and some of us would like the monkey king and for heaven sake the new pet...or can we get a new pack with NS flyers in it AND throw the moneky king and harpy in it or heck just the Demonic Warrior...Show the veno some love since most venos are quittin their toons for the new and OP StormBringer
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    Just recently returned to the game, to check out new classes & for 3 days enjoyed Stormbringer (the name lacks in creativity, but I can leave with it).

    So, I'm all excited and stuff, got a ton of quests, as much as I could fit in without losing my mind, and went for the adventure.
    Leveling up seems to be ridiculously easy at least at the beginning, and I didn't even try leveling, I was just for the quests. So, I've got to level 43 in no time. And when I came to cash in and upgrade my gear, guess what? I was to HIGH to collect...

    Basically I am stuck with low level gear on a mid level character and my quest list filled with completed quests that became nothing less but a major waste of time!

    I understand if you cannot take low lever quests, with the actual reason that the reward is simply not worth the time. But not to be able to collect on the job that is already done, is utterly ridiculous. Even in games known for limitations & endless grinding, there are no limitations like this. It's hard to find something so unreasonable...

    Seriously, this little stupid thing just ruined the entire experience for me. It's unnecessary, unfair and most importantly - IT MAKES NO FREAKIN' SENSE.


    Game Support instead of providing a solution has sent me here.... so here I am...
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    heero200 wrote: »
    Hello All.

    Just a quick note to say I'm adjusting the Setup I currently have running for the Suggestion Box. Main point is if you have a suggestion Please make a new Thread Here! This will allow others to respond to your suggestion and for me to gather more feedback on suggestion.

    Suggestions in this thread will no longer be reviewed for the logs.


    As above.

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    Since we have like 6 races now like the mystic and the earth guard who i think are represented as "the undead" How about a race about Robots, Anroids or Cyborgs I mean it is a nice way of evolution. A time for metal and technology to reign? I mean why not... b:pleasedb:victory
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    For Barbs

    I wanted to shoot some ideas on Barbs, give something more to the Barb players more happiness, more makeover. I mean I made a suggestion while back about gender stones, and now it been put into action making a Hit, so why not more ideas, but this time on Barbs. Never hurts to try.

    Options to change skin color, instead of a orange tiger or white panda for example, maybe a white or black, or green, etc, etc

    How about adding some things, like transforming for Example:
    Meaning Tiger to a Tiger, Wolf to a Wolf, Lion to a Lion, and Panda to a Panda, if you get what I mean?


    How about New Features for example: Dragon, Bull, Mammoth, Bear, Bird,etc

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    > @opkossy said:
    > KrittyCat - Dreamweaver wrote: »

    > Yup. Folks are still lazy and/or ignorant and will just refuse to do many simple things that get coin easily. Because they'd rather have it thrown at them for no effort. b:chuckle

    Farming DQ aint work aight?! Therefore either gms/devs are the folks being addressed or you mistaking here. Yes in starter area you get easy coin *zap* delete it. New area gives fast level, now we got tons of alts abusing JoJ and causing lag.

    Even though it would be simply to keep mains active. Ship over the goddam housing. We wait for ages already....

    Further: How about adding 'Make a new Thread' into the "insert-a-worshipping-adjective" arc?! No, instead I shall log in again, again, again. Verify my account again, again, again.

    So my question: Is it really so hard to make customer-oriented stuff?
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    My Brazilian friend is the Harshland server, which will unite with the Morai, ie the divergence of Brazil schedule with Europe will be 6 hours. You have to open an exception, copy the data and bring it pro Rating Tide. please
  • garuks
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    Good afternoon,

    I wonder if there is the possibility of separating (unlink) the characters of the same account, I spent a lot of money in the two characters are on the same bill, so I am discouraged to play with one, wanted to use them to do missions together. Wanted to, give my brother to the archer R9rr because it is stationary, and spent a lot, I do not like taking her account and put into another account?This gives to do in Perfect World Brazilian.
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    Good afternoon,

    I have a couple of suggestions but not really something specific in mind...


    Suggestion one:

    Change the meditation of the older races...!

    I feel like the "old races" (untamed, humans and winged elfs) dont get as much love as all the other "new" classes...
    They all have their own meditation, while the meditation for theses 3 races are all the same, and pretty much dull to be honest... I think it might be a small change you would be able to do, and that might get people to become more interested in rerolling an "old race" character as well as one of the "new races"...

    How about:

    For untamed: I'd say something "godlike", seeing its based of of chinese mythology? Can't really picture something fitting, seeing I'm not from china, but I'm betting they might have some ideas?

    (and make the veno and barb meditations slighty different, seeing they are the ONLY race that can't change genders in their classes and pretty much each class is a "race" itself... I mean, they might be both untamed, but unlike all the other classes, they don't have ANYTHING in common, I mean they can both "transform" into a beast... but one does so into a fox the other into a tiger... even that's different! It's not like it's a racial skill that makes you swim faster (like the tideborns), or the ability to fly (like the winged elfs), those are the EXACT SAME to both classes...)

    For humans: This is the race where I'm short for ideas and more honestly, it's probably the only one where I see a "see thru bubble" to be most fitting... Humans that have magic... What's a good meditation for that?
    Probably the one that they have already honestly... But to be fair to all the other changes, this race should probably have a change as well... Can't imagine something for them, but at least not being kneeled down would be a good starting point? Or maybe they could be the only ones to kneel down and be floating! That's probably the best I can think for them...

    For winged elfs: Something to do with their natural born wings? They are the only race that is "born" with them according to the story, so that seems fitting...

    (like some see thru wings protecting/envolving them or something while floating... not kneeling on the ground inside a see thru bubble)


    Suggestion two:

    This one is simple as well, and you should probably like it (or at least see the potencial in it)...

    How about creating 4,99€ (or dollars or whatever currency it is) charging options?
    Make it like 4,99€ gives you 5 gold coins. It's still more worthy to charge 9,99€ (because you give 11 coins), instead of two separate 4,99€ times... But somethimes you just need 2 gold coins or 3 gold coins and really really really don't want to "waste" 9,99€ for that...
    People PROBABLY would charge a lot more money if you had an option of 4,99€ as the minimum, instead of 9,99€...

    At least I know I would... lol
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    Please Remember I no longer handle Suggestions in this thread alone.

    The reason is for people to be able to comment on others ideas in single threads. You can use this thread to ask me questions or drill up your ideas.

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    So, I just started playing PWI a few days ago, and though I really enjoy the game, I do find a few things with the map and mini map that bug me, and can be challenging when trying to locate what I am looking for, and I just thought I'd give some suggestions for it.

    1) Instead of repeatedly clicking "M" on the map to change what it is and isn't showing, why not offer a checkbox so you could just choose if you want new quests, quest updates, etc? With the ability to choose multiple ones.

    2) Show the quests and things mentioned above on the mini-map as well, to make it easier to keep on track finding them.

    3) Give unique symbols on the mini-map for things like blacksmith, banker, tailor, etc,. to make them easier to locate as you play.

    Also, in the quest window.

    1) Maybe add a way to sort the quests (both active and new) by location? It would make it easier to decide which to accept and do first.
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    1-When is the faction rename stone coming back?
    2- When will nightshade flyers be added to the Boutique Agent rewards and gold event section?

    Thank you
  • heerohex#3018
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    pwirio wrote: »
    1-When is the faction rename stone coming back?
    2- When will nightshade flyers be added to the Boutique Agent rewards and gold event section?

    Thank you

    1. Is when they have Fixed the bug that was taking all Coin when they did this.
    2. it took them a while to add other new Races to this as well. Sure it wont be much longer but Hold for now.

  • c44102
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    Hello can we Please Get a Friends List Expansion Stone !!! Now that the servers have been merged we are meeting and making more friends. That is Awesome the only down side is that no one has room on there friends list for people. Making friends is one of the Awesome things about this game and it would be great if we can add more people to our friend list. I know it may seem like asking a lot for this stone or even just a update so everyone has it. But we truly need this to help us as players keep enjoying the game. I know there seems to be plenty of room on our friends list as is but to be honest its really not. This would help us so much I hope that this can be put in to the game soon. Thank you for taken the time to read this and think about it.
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    hey pwi ho about a gunner class with a weapon that converts to a mount when not in use
  • heerohex#3018
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    vlade27 wrote: »
    hey pwi ho about a gunner class with a weapon that converts to a mount when not in use

    Not something I would Log as I like to leave this idea to the Devs to Balance the game.​​
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    open the slots up to hold more than 10 Martial Arts Scrolls.. C`mon !!!
  • sheinyster
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    PWI should make anti stun and better channeling for Cleric. We need that. Especially for people that active on pvp. we're left so far behind, even too far from new classes. :/
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    I would like to suggest that instead of having one 6 row bar and one 4 row bar that you make them both 5 rows so they will take up a bit less space on the screen...