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  • anaabreu21
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    So, dear GMs... PWI is missing nice codes and Friend Referral (afk letters to invite buddies back) so... My suggestion is to bring us an Event Gold code and the welcome-back letters... In other country servers they always have Ancient Gift, but here it's a pain to lvl skies... Ty <3
  • hazuchan
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    Proposed Change: Marriage Quest Rewards - Same reward at end of quest
    The daily marriage quest reward system should be updated so that the same reward items are offered to both husband and wife at completion of the quests. For the past year, almost every time we complete the quest I get the Love Forever drop but my hubby does not. Needless to say, he is frustrated. We are both working toward the Tome reward but I'm much further along with nearly 70 Love Forever and 255 Sweet Memory. He is barely half way to achieving the tome. Is there a way to make the quest give couples both the same reward, or the reward items tradable between the couple? If I get the Love Forever, I want my hubby to get one too!

    And please, can you make more of the marriage quests happier? So much tragedy! I thought this was Perfect World~.

    Thank you,
  • kingkaido#7467
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    Not sure if anyone brought this up, but I think they should add more sets to the Warsoul Repository than just the sets we have now. I wouldn't mind the Warsoul Repository being an archive consisting of G16 set, r9r3, etc. etc. If the game wants people to farm or even buy the Warsoul Gem from the boutique shops, it's a start. It's kinda disappointing to see a g17 chaotic belt be overshadowed by its g17 necklace counterpart because of a r9r3 set bonus conflicting from obtaining the full set, as an example. Another example is wearing a Wings of Ascension mix and match with g16, but unable to obtain the full g16 set bonus. By adding more sets within the Warsoul Repository, I believe we can have an immersive, non-restrictive builds at any given level, at any player experience, regardless of wealth. If you can't pay for r9r3 and you want to still wear your WoA with your g16, now you can. Theory Crafting for specific best mix and match sets for one would certainly bring enjoyment to the game. #NowYouCan.
  • yorgojre#1045
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    We need adamantine powder in boutique pleasee!! Golds are ready!
  • dragonrage
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    Sorry but i'm a little new to PWI Reborne. My question is their a way to exspand your inventoy on your avitar?
    I have found some in game quest to exspand your Bank slots. But not Inventory slots? Please help.
    If you can buy it $$$. Please tel me how to buy it. Please give vary detailed instructions. I'm new.
    Thanks for your help.
  • alphadevil1991
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    not sure why there are stil NP chests in spend rewards instead only charge rewards, while all those ppl cheating arena scores, selling the mats and buying HS gold gettin free NP set that way, while normal players need to farm hard for it.
  • banktoons0127#3936
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    Can you make Technicians able to be Male please? And for goodness sake, give them some self buffs!
  • orthodoxiellas
    orthodoxiellas Posts: 15 Arc User
    I have some ideas for a better gameplay:
    -Perfect World

    G20 Gears

    1 armour set that is new:
    Each piece gives:
    3414 Physical and Magic Defense
    20 Defense Level

    A new weapon series those are called: Divine Gifts
    All same APS=1
    Physical and Magical Attack =5035-5111
    Attack Level =125
    Acuracy + 1000

    New Tome:
    The Etherial Fragrance
    Interval -0.50
    Channeling -100%
    HP +30000

    Flyers have equal flying speed that is 7.00 normal and accelerated 10.00.
  • clinthulk2#4360
    clinthulk2#4360 Posts: 1 New User
    Hello every one have you ever noticed that every one is fixated on Good or Evil,Heaven or Hell,Angel or Demon and in PWI's case Demon or Sage now PWI took a little step to perfect by now allowing you to convert from Demon to Sage or from Sage to Demon but still the same story of Good or Evil how about a new caultivation where you can use both Demon and Sage skills we can call it "Dark Angel" or "Dark Sage" or even "Demon of Light" if this goes threw and happens then PWI will become one of the vary few games that allows such a thing so what do you say PWI how about ending the same old song and dance and shake things up a bit to take a giant leap to Perfect Excellence thank you for reading.
  • warmachine2#6904
    warmachine2#6904 Posts: 1 New User
    Why don't we have some Ice shaped perminant weapon fashions? I personally would love to have a scythe made of ice or looks like it has ice shards floating around it or some thing of the sort. Since we have multiple different fashions and such for winter, i figured why not have the weapon fashion look the same?
  • orthodoxiellas
    orthodoxiellas Posts: 15 Arc User
    Hello, i have an idea about adding a mini game to perfect world:
    Orbs of Power

    Open world game, go to missions on foot. (Can run. Mission direction displayed on the mini-map.)
    Online and offline multiplayer available.
    You are a ninja.
    Stealth kills available.
    The only item is the shuriken, you start every time you get a missionwith 10, can kill if headshot.
    Can do the same missions as many times as you want.
    You can choose your uniform's colour and your mask.
    You belong to the Sakinos Ninja Clan and your leader Sonson gives you missions. (Go to him to get a mission.)
    The enemies have 50 Health and deal 5 dammage per hit.
    The bosses have 150 Health and deal 10 dammage per hit.
    3-hit combos available by player and enemies have 2-hit combo.

    There are 7 Orbs giving different skills and effect to weapon.
    Can equip 2 Orbs at the same time.
    The Orbs are:
    Light Orb
    Fire Orb
    Thunder Orb
    Wind Orb
    Ice Orb
    Stone Orb
    Holy Orb

    The Skills are:

    The Skills deal dammage equal to total attack dammage to a single target.
    Healment heals the self for 10 Health.
    The cooldown for Skills is 2 minutes.

    Can upgrade the Orbs using money.
    Lvl 1 +5 dammage to attacks
    Lvl 2 +15 dammage to attacks Costs 1000
    Lvl 3 +30 dammage to attacks Cost 5000

    Maximum starting Health is 100.
    Starting attack dammage is 10.


    1. Thiefhunt
    Find the thieves those stole the Orbs and get them back.
    (You get 6 Elemental Orbs.)

    2. Fatal Roads
    Thieves carry stolen jewels in the night. Kill them to make them yours.

    3. Whispers in the Night
    There are rumors of some people meeting and trading goods in the night.
    Find them and trade with them.
    (In this mission you can upgrade your Orbs.)

    4. The Secret Jewel
    Up on the mountain of Vosporos is a cave of bandits. Kill them and take their belongings.
    (Here you get the Holy Orb.)

    5. The Corrupted Guard Chief
    Rumors say the Chief of the Guard Station takes money to allow illegal tradings in the night.
    Take him out to remake the situation normal.

    6. Erasing Duty
    The Naomi Ninja Clan are found responsible for kidnappings and killings in Negtion Town.
    Erase them with stealth.
    (You fail the mission if they see you.)

    7. Final Extermination
    Some heretic called Pappinos is teaching lies against our clan.
    Get rid of him to be able to rest in peace.
    (Samurai guard him on a mountain. Samurai deals 10 dammage per hit and have 100 Health.)
  • mysticalconumdrm
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    update or change the daily sign in rewards
    just something simple
    I personally have no need...nor want...teleacoustic..fantasy fruit....sutra power a few more
    and would much rather have during the month
    gold scratcher card......Ancient Gift....Shining pill......blinking poultice...
    I checked and didnt see any of these available in the Boutique

    anybody else have a suggestion on what can be replaced or updated in the daily sign-in rewards
  • cheriberryex#8626
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    Please expand mailbox...
  • widowdee
    widowdee Posts: 89 Arc User
    Fix bugs like the edgerunner embrace when sitting on his mount with his lady.
  • yoshuhita
    yoshuhita Posts: 1 New User
    I'd like to suggest adding an in-game guild leader abdication feature. The leader has so much power in the faction, that even the director doesn't have. I have seen entire cations die, purely because a single player (the leader) quits the game without passing over lead to someone else. It'd be really cool if players could vote to abdicate the leader if the leader has been offline for too long.

    Who takes lead if this occurs? Well, the director of course! or the next highest ranking player in the guild. If there are multiple players of that rank, it can either be random, whomever logged in most rescently, or who of that rank has been in the guild the longest. Or, it could go to a vote!
  • xmeowbabyx
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    edited January 2021
    I'd like to suggest you change the 60minute limit on Glacial City title quests, and not make them charm **** you so much that you keep dying cos you cannot heal. I can't imagine how a nirvana 3 person can do these titles, when i'm struggling as a full r9 3rd +12, I have never died so much EVER! it's not fun and just a waste of charms, even worse is you cannot progress with the chain until this is completed. So R.I.P to getting the other titles, what the hell kinda gear you need for this? it took me 40 minutes just to kill the 2 deacons in Sacrifice for Life only to be kicked out of instance with Astarina half dead, because the 60 minute time limit was up, It's like a ridiculous quest to complete. It's not fun at all. I have spent over 10 hours trying to do this stupid instance, and keep failing everytime. This could at least be a group dungeon.. but solo... this is way too hard to do by yourself. This should at least be a group instance, this would promote fun with people from other server, if we could do this together.

    Another suggestion is in the Codex you should have an ability to hide all fashion you have obtained, so it let you know which sets you still require, because at the moment you have to scroll through ever section and write down what you still need.
  • loffen
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    the 3 bosses at the last title quest is 2 har for most ppl only the most op ppl can kill it int not oky i sended ticket and got a replay i sended ticet as a 12+ diety stone wiz got no chans 2 kill the bisses bicos of channeling and the replay i got wos


    Thank you for contacting player support. Apologies for the delayed response due to the volume of tickets in our queue.

    I appreciate your feedback/suggestion regarding the Sacrifice for Justice quest (overpowered bosses). I will surely forward these details to our development team so that they can look into this further for review and potential adjustments. If you have not yet done so, it would definitely be helpful to our team if you could share your thoughts as well on our official forums to supplement the information I have already provided them. Posting this on the forums is also a good way for other affected players to pitch in their ideas and experiences.
  • orlanda12#0525
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    SUGGESTION: Make a mini boss version of the First Boss in UPD please. It's really hard to find help nowadays. Been stuck with my cultivation quest for it for a freakin' month now because no one wants to help! Tideswell server endgame players don't want to help, jesus christ!
  • katerina022753
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    Can't log in today. I updated yesterday after maintenance but today it wants me to update again. Then the patcher errors out, goes into a loop of trying to update. I tried Arc repair as suggested by someone but it errors out too. I have submitted a ticket (at 14:34 ET today, still not answered at 22:43 ET tonight). I tried live chat but all they could do was apologize for the problem and submit a ticket. So here I sit all day waiting for answers that don't come.

    Also, will there ever be a force log again? It is pretty bad to be in an instance with a squad, disconnect, and the whole squad has to wait for 15 minutes or more for you to be able to log back in (when log in works that is.). We used to have the ability to force log. Why does it take the game so long to recognize that an account has disconnected?

    BTW, that Support Email [email protected] doesn't work either. I submitted something to that email before and was told it doesn't have anything to do with PWI and to stop sending them emails.

    Man, I just realized this thread is very old. Guess this will be ignored too.
  • natta#0716
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    Few suggestions:

    1- Expansion for account stash.
    2- Bring new codes more often

    3- These items in boutique you can only use once per character. Should be something in boutique saying if you used already or not. Sometimes, you play on a few different toons and you can't remember if you already used or not the item. End up buying it and having to send ticket to solve the problem of the non-tradable item that you can't use again.

    4- When have Spend rewards event, the one where you spend and receive rewards in mailbox depending of how many golds you have spent, should have like a bar in website you could see how many golds you already spent in the actual event. it can help us to know how much more gold we need to get next tear rewards etc. and it probably not even hard to do.

    5- I like it now how every day 1st we have couple fashion included/changed in boutique. could add 1 more fashion set, but this one would be like a results of votes from pwi comunity. You would get like 10-15 diferent fashion names that are not actually in boutique and make a poll every month in comunity, so most voted one would be set in boutique in next month. it would be really lovely from GMs and also we would know we are heard somehow.

    6- The teleport to spouse skill should be upgraded, so we can teleport in other maps too, not only main map. Same as the summon skill of psychics, should have an update cause new maps.

    7-we NEEEEEEEDDD an upgrade in Undercurrent Hall (UCH) instance or a new instance that gives more of the barbaric blood. That pink blood ... we get almost nothing if you see how many of them we need to the new passives. its insane we can only get 6 a day from the instance while we need 150 of them each level of the new passive....we have a way too many passives to level up so the ways to adcquire this item should be updated too.

    8- Players apex sky should be able to enter AoS(Altar of saintess), even if not daily to get... cause it is getting too hard to form squads lately. Some friends could actually help everyone to complete their daily instance but can't enter anymroe cause they are apex.. the game don't have alot active players so it just make our life harder to find help to this instance.
  • shanna#7128
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    It would be great if you could allow a Y/N decision to change the auto-sort button for both the bank and the inventory bag. Several times without meaning to I have pressed the auto-sort button for both bank and inventory bag. It would really help if there was a choice of Y/N to confirm whether pressing that button was intended. Thanks.
  • balassar
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    My Apologies for if this has been brought up and talked about, but sense PWI has moved to the Silver Coin for in game currency, has there been any disscusion about adding vaule back to open world drops and what not? now that everything in the game can only be traded for a none tradedable currency it seems over kill to leave DQ's and other open world drops at 0 value.
  • shadowshergood
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    Mine is just a little request. Is there any way to get the little tigers by arch forges to stop spamming local chat? It gets quite annoying.
    ADDer at play.... Expect Delays and Malfunctions.b:chuckle
  • crazyvivi
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    Looks like no ones doing DH much anymore would it b possible to have the shards for culti, place at the front of the instance like in iu, so people wanteding the shard of the east to go dig. Been wc for many days and still no reply from people doing dh. Since that new instance open no one does it anymore. Would greatly appreciate it if this could b done. tyvvm
  • venodevil
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    1-Can we have faction safe extenion stones?
    2-Why is it possible for Wildwalkers to buy Barbaric Blood and Primordial blood Crystals from boutique when every other class cannot buy them?
    3-Where is the rest of the Christmas fashion and why is the 2020 female fashion 25 gold and the male 22 gold?

    Thank you
  • plushie666
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    venodevil wrote: »
    1-Can we have faction safe extenion stones?
    2-Why is it possible for Wildwalkers to buy Barbaric Blood and Primordial blood Crystals from boutique when every other class cannot buy them?
    3-Where is the rest of the Christmas fashion and why is the 2020 female fashion 25 gold and the male 22 gold?

    Thank you


    I dont think they will ever do that, just make alts for storage if u maxed your storage capacity.

    My veno had no problem buying all the blood packs from the Boutique and open them.
    So my guess is all classes can do it !

    I think more Christmas fashion will come when its Christmas.
    About the gold difference, maybe female got more parts in the set?
    Must check it myself.

    Have a nice day
  • 1.) Give us TTR Keys or Mail Them to US please. There isnt enough US players for us to not have TTR keys, there's 8 hours of farming time. We use 20 minutes and we got nothing left to do.
    2.) Add more fashions to your market, there isnt enough.
    3.)Can you bring back +12 guaranteed item for Tome.
    4.)Increase drop rate of every boss in game.
    5.) Instead of 2x, 3x, can you increase to 10x, 20x? for New Years.

    Final Suggestion. Please Reward Us Useful Items in game, not items that we just trash. (Bring back a way to farm in game).
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    If possible an active moderator should delete above's message since it has nothing to do with PWI. Thanks.

    thanks for removing
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    Removed it, thanks.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • shadydawg
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    How about adding some other rewards for XNW.. Like say some g17 materials give out certain amount of mats depending on what the nation placed and have the materials bouned to that player.. Maybe something like that would get more people to participate in the event and maybe get more people to participate in it.. And even maybe lessen those who brings alts to farm it so they can really focus on their mains to try win the whole event.. Maybe even add some TTR materials in there aswell and again make them bound to the player so it wouldn't really affect the market in game atleast i hope it wouldnt