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  • firstblood#1267
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    Male Fashion

    Really wish they would make cool male Hats like The fedora worn by Indiana Jones, or the Hat " monster hunter". Van Helsing wore, aslo make them dyeable and without the added junk, just hats!! that would be Awesome
  • redhead#9872
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    i am still new but maybe a pet for all the classes that pick up coin and thing the player want.
  • heerohex#3018
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    i am still new but maybe a pet for all the classes that pick up coin and thing the player want.


    Something like this has been put into action now. Just to note as well Suggestions are not reviewed from this thread any more.

  • zentfamily
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    Feature allowing us to link Skills on chat.
    Display channeling on character stats window.
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  • spytfyre
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    devonius wrote: »
    perhaps have a way to make them at least as the other classes have of making there demon/sage skill books. Please, please take a look at this disparity that psychics ( and I assume assassins) face with trying to get these skills.

    i agree as a player for so many yrs its difficult to get certain books to upgrade skills i.e. sage/demon Twin Strike and punture wound and a few others i have seen over the past years
    there being no way to get these books unless you farm a specific instance or pay out the nose for what should be common skills as you only need to be lvl 89 to learn them but need to be 100+RB2 in order to even get in the instance in order to have a 1:100million chance for your book to drop and a 1:10 chance to get said book if it drops and thats with cooperation from the 2% of honest/non greedy players wich on tideswell server thats like 40 people total out of the 300 or so that actually play the game
  • ceejhay95
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    Good Morning Maam/Sir.

    I may suggest that the Cross Server TW can able to do advance an a bit hour cos the time is super late here... that time here is sunday 2am here.... im just hoping that can be advance xtw hour like 5-7 hours advance than normal xtw hour... I hope this suggestion will be granted but if not its ok :) Thanks Master :)
  • heerohex#3018
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    The x server is locked to that time to prevent data loss.

    Same problem with xnw time zones. At this point it's not going to work due to this. Sorry.
  • zeeedx
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    Sooo, how about bring the point in "farming/grinding" back?
    If I was a new player to this game, I would never keep playing.
    I mean, u get 100-1000 coins for quests, 0 coins for selling Potions, 1 coin for every mat and barely 500 coins for dropped gears. There is no way that u can farm/grind enough to go + on ur farming, since u have to repair, buy potions (unless u have a charm), straight up bs in my opinion. Bring the game back to life!
  • flickness
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    about charge is there any other means of charging for philippine players?
  • mayiawolf
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    Its really hard to actually find dungeons when you are lower level without help (low lvls can spend a lot of time and tele's trying) and some players like to go through a dungeon without having to have a high level person help them. Maybe something like a system/button the option to join a random dungeon, or select the dungeon you need, and let it show our wait time, and how many more players you need till the Que is ready.

    Some things would be nice to account stash or fix
    -Mystical Pills
    -Sky Drake idems
    -Holy Pills
    -Ice Cloud Blade
    -Floral Music Dress
    -C-A cards

    It would also be nice to not have to pay for a fee with Homestead upkeep, its already a huge coin sink.
    and think it would also be cool to have our own banker or AH person inside our Homestead or some basic NPC's maybe, like Blacksmith, Merchant,ect.

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  • omaks5
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    How to buy gold via the auctioneer after the current update? Coin cap is increased to 1 billion coins, so now players can buy 5 times more gold at a time, than before the update.
    During the long time the demand was greater than supply. Even with the coins limit (200 million) players often received a refund at the auctioneer after 48h time expiration. But after this update the time limit on the purchase of 48 hours remains the same... In most cases all the money now will be returned after the expiration of these 48 hours...
    At the same time when buying 245 gold (max possible amount at a time), the fee is almost 20m coins, which after 48 hours do not return...
    Is there some opportunity to increase the purchase time limit at auctioneer?
  • bluedragon54
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    1. I don't know if anyone has suggested this before but I'll give it a shot. It would be REALLY nice if venomancers had a special place to level up their pets. Like, maybe some sort of daily quest to do with their pet. It's a huge pain when your a higher leveling trying to level a pet from scratch since all the popular spots for venos to level their pets, are too over crowded.

    2. I would also like to add that it would be very nice if everyone in game could have an extra 5-10 pet slots. You acquire a lot of mounts and pets in the game and quickly run out of room. I for one enjoy collecting mounts and pets, and as a venomancer myself, I run out of room fast. I have less space for mounts because of all my wonderful pets.

    3. Now this suggestion will most likely NEVER come to life... However, I and many others very much wish the Untamed race could choose into the animal of their choice. Example : Deer veno turns into a deer. Evil veno turns into some awesome bat like creature. A Lion barbarian turns into a lion and so on. Seeing that there is already tiger, panda and fox form I imagine this will be impossible to do.

    4. Bring back the Dragon Quest system. A lot of Dragon Quest items still drop and they are very useless. It would be fantastic to see the system back in the game or get rid of the drop completely as they have 0 value. It gave people something to do on the side. Saving up Dragon Quest points to get a fun little prize like a all class pet, for example.

    Thank you and happy gaming! :)
  • motherhen
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    Considering DawnLight Halls requires a feather to enter-like AEU as BH gives a jade to enter?
    Shouldnt we ALL recieve a feather also when DawnLight Halls is BH for that day????
    Would make much more sense considering its being given as a BH.......
  • phaedrae
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    To be able to set a specific hotkey on each shortcut of all the bars available.

    Hello, I have searched through the previous suggestions (even necros) and have not find such a request. This would allow us to have a direct shortcut for each item and not scroll through the bars to finally click on the wrong pot or anything.
    And we could use left hand pads as it is the case in almost all online games now.
  • yoabu#2667
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    phaedrae wrote: »
    To be able to set a specific hotkey on each shortcut of all the bars available.

    Hello, I have searched through the previous suggestions (even necros) and have not find such a request. This would allow us to have a direct shortcut for each item and not scroll through the bars to finally click on the wrong pot or anything.
    And we could use left hand pads as it is the case in almost all online games now.
    I second this. It's just so awkward and sluggish having to click skills and items on your hotbars. Cycling through skillbars is too slow and inconvenient, basically defeating the purpose of hotbars.

  • sinu5#6751
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    i have some suggestions regarding the 3v3/6v6 ranking thing ,
    i think it would be better if it was a kinda a separated game , like another arcgames game that is free to play, but instead of a mmorpg , it's a moba type of game.
    for the details , i don't think it's gonna be complicated , kinda like , you start with enough money to buy 1 out of the 12 classes , then you make money by playing games to buy other classes and maybe different sets of gears (before starting the game you get to choose with class to play with witch set(offensive set/....etc) and maybe a set of fashs too that can be bought with money..etc).
    i think this would get more players and maybe encourage them to play pwi to experience mass pvp and the mmorpg style if they are into that.
    i hope you find some interest in my idea i know i'm not the first one to think of it i just wanted to throw it out there :)
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  • crazicuki
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    I have seen it reported and complained about in forum for the entirity of the Lycaeum of Cultivation existance, so I am going to try reporting here as well as having submitted in tickets to support, the instance is auto fail ...seemingly, no matter what. The first wave is vericose scorpions 99% of the time, and still says broken dolls, then it also gets the wrong debuffs from the puffbird and or refuses to let an npc activate at the proper time, and it has given me 7 firefoxes in one many problems, and I have had time to practice over and over, watched videos, etc, it is not my errors doing this, it is made to fail even according to fourms. I have tried and done exactly as the quest is saying to, and I have tried according to what actually comes up instead of listening to the quest, neither work. We get the minimum 18 ferals each time. Please get this fixed venoes have enough to do as it is with leveling pets taming pets, and now also the handicaps to the class during the rebirth system that you can not tame animals level 101 if u are 100 rb1 or 2, you can not use the pets you already have at rebirth until you again hit a certain level, and that is on top of the other things that you can not do such as certain dailies and cultivation, and high level instances. And I love this class and game, but am so over new expansions and things like this stay broken for years.
  • goldfinch47
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    Option to allow theme music to finish playing when entering another zone.
  • cefre
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    Option to Skip video / animations. Like travelling in UP and let use the teleport in transformed form like tiger or fox even with violet dance
  • whipmaihurr
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    Flyer slots please along with wardrobe bag increase.
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  • tundrahag
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    hi i have an idea. barbarians can carry girls but venos cant carry any one in true form... lol wouldnt it be cute to ride a veno? maybe an idea update to put a cute saddle or item in boutique to allow venos to carry males and females while in true form? i mean after all we were ment to be rideable battle fluffy killers. i would love to carry people around in my super fluffy status XD also wepon fashions just an idea. but maybe barbarian and venomancer fashion wepons for true form? like a ball or a butterfly to catch?i live in true form so my item do not show and sadly i cant carry any one either "insert sad face here" lol and last but not least.... an npc to purge gems and shards that you can keep or switch to another piece of armor with out the gems/shards being destroyed.that would be the most helpful npc to many many players and they would love it i know i would.
  • nunuator
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    Best idea

    Let us roll 1 stat on a starchart that we have since rolling 8 or 10 stat charts are hard enough and a player honestly rages at the stats on a 8-10 stat chart.

    pdef (roll for any of the stats available but keeps the rest of the adds intact)
    physical penetration
    magical penetration
    magical penetration
  • limit1#4879
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    Auction / Bidding on Boutique skills sugggestion per day.
    let us .. the real playing players decide which stuff gets on the bidding per day.
    clearly pwi doesnt know the facts. they keep putting pyschic skills on bidding clearly no one plays them anymore. (twilight temple.) there is so much freaking spirit blast already. pls. lord. get the freakin Sage Twin Strike, and Sage Puncture wounds and the demon counter part. clearly people are still abusing this. they bid 2 gold and they are selling it for freakin 100m each wtf. they really dont know the problem. we dont need useless bound mounts we can't sell good lord. just this please i beg you before i quit this game.
  • biotene
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    create better feathers in game as a cleric reaches different cultivation to make them have greater defense, we weak **** as it is against physical classes... have paper feathers for first cultivation, grainy feathers for 2nd an so forth to the last cultivation as platinum..
  • biostrain
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    I think it would be nice to get a way to reroll the new R8 instead of having to farm Quicksand Maze constantly.
  • rustyrocket
    rustyrocket Posts: 1 Arc User
    I still would like dq coin to be put back not everyone can farm mats like tt or lunar. I myself was farming dq's for my gear and to buy stuff from players that i wanted;.
  • sweet3oy
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    Why run skills's sin got sage and demon version and bm skills (run) doesn't :(
  • nickitusik
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    Good afternoon,
    Option to save name in vendor shop.
  • michaeljz
    michaeljz Posts: 2 Arc User
    1) Please fix the rubber banding issuse on the Arch ramps when trying to run down them you go over the same spot like 6 or 7 times and can only stop it by getting on your flyer. 2) change the timer on the morai divine quests from 3hr. to 1 1/2 ( 90 minutes ) . 3) make it so you can't be on a mount or flyer when at the banker. 4) make it so females can embrace males to get them out of places where you fall in and need assistance to get out instead of using a teleport incense ( lion head ) , males can get females out but females are not able to help males out if that happens to them. Thank you.
  • bluedragon54
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    How about banning duel clients? I can't count how many times I try to do jfsp and someone in the squad isn't paying attention becasue they are playing another instance with another character. Or they wanna add ALL their toons to an instance.
    Idea for factions: How about adding a feature where once you join a faction ALL your toons are in that faction without taking up so many slots. Example...You have a special character account name or "Family name" so when you join a faction every alt you have is in the faction and instead of having a character name listed it tell you the family name and what character you're playing.