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  • obielle
    Hey, just letting you know I'm working on building a Patch Notes page on the wiki. When it is done I'll message here again with a link so it can be posted onto the forums.
    October 25
    • heero200
      Thank you!

      I was hoping they would post the patch notes. Ive been away with limited access to the net so not really been about. Ill poke someone in a few days also if we have not had any patch notes.

      If i can help let me know.
    • obielle
      Okay I finally managed to finish the patch notes on my end if you want to make a thread linking to them. This is where they can be found: https://pwi.gamepedia.com/PWI_Wings_of_Rebirth/Content_Update_Patch_Notes

      I think I had to read through 10 or more PWCN patch notes to make it, so it took a really long time. Probably the most I've ever had to translate lol
    • obielle
      Oh, and the game version for the content update should be v1139. I don't know what version it was for the non-english clients though.
  • magicsabre
    Please, let me know, if thread "Perfect World International. Pros and Cons" is approved already.
    October 18
    • heero200
      Done, your post count is rather low. So the filter goes mad. It's been approved.

  • gracie2
    The last ARC maintenance has left me unable to play PWI. The update failed and would just continue to try and run. The fixarc would not run. I contacted arc support and followed their instructions. I uninstalled arc, deleted all arc files, restarted computer, turned off firewalls, every time I try to download arc I get the message "download interrupted check your internet service and try again. Any suggestions?
    September 29
  • enbysra
    I just apparently charged 90 gold between these 2 charge reward "events"... Kind of annoying, being these are like only days apart. Any chance of getting any points at all for the charge rewards? It was in 3 purchases... 50... 20... 20. If not, i'll cope... but figured I'd ask. Thank you for your time and service.
    September 18
    • heero200
      I can't give you an answer here sorry, your need to contact Support if you think you should have these.

  • reckon1#2674
    Hi, I'm new to arc and PWI. I was wondering where I can sign up for PWI?
    Please Reply Thank You.
    September 13
    • heero200
      You can use your arc account to log into pwi.

      You do need to start pwi via Arc anyway so log into arc find pwi in your games list and click play. The launcher should start and will check for patches. After its done click play and it will log you in.

      Welcome to PWI! As well.