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  • bluedragon54
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    How about banning duel clients? I can't count how many times I try to do jfsp and someone in the squad isn't paying attention becasue they are playing another instance with another character. Or they wanna add ALL their toons to an instance.
    Idea for factions: How about adding a feature where once you join a faction ALL your toons are in that faction without taking up so many slots. Example...You have a special character account name or "Family name" so when you join a faction every alt you have is in the faction and instead of having a character name listed it tell you the family name and what character you're playing.
    There are so many people trying to make factions and not enough player base to fill the factions so theres a lot of empty factions running around. I beleive this would help encourage people to join a faction rather than create a bunch more. The people that are really serious about making a faction could benifit from this as well.

    Edit: I accidently hit Quote instead of editing the post. Sorry.

  • ghostryder76#5279
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    I think they should work on the issues in the game they already have instead of trying to take on new tasks. I mean....TT server was supposed to be down for a couple of hours. It's been all day with no explanation. Not to mention in game follies.
  • heerohex#3018
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    ghostryder wrote: »
    I think they should work on the issues in the game they already have instead of trying to take on new tasks. I mean....TT server was supposed to be down for a couple of hours. It's been all day with no explanation. Not to mention in game follies.

    it looks like they had bigger issues with the Tw server as both east cost servers where offline for a lot longer.

    Im hoping they know about the issues and are working on it.​​
  • ghostryder76#5279
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    Im fine with that heero....but....ive not spoken to anybody that has heard anything from PWI on here or FB. Im more upset for my friends. They have two days to relax. I just retired and Im between jobs so i have more "free time".
  • heerohex#3018
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    ghostryder wrote: »
    Im fine with that heero....but....ive not spoken to anybody that has heard anything from PWI on here or FB. Im more upset for my friends. They have two days to relax. I just retired and Im between jobs so i have more "free time".


    Im sorry for Tw players as well and very frustrating. I'm sure PWE will put this situation to right as soon as they can.

    Ive been busy with an event tonight or I would have been on to help with questions.

  • kokoot
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    What about nerf assasins. They are so broken OP. With them is class balance only joke.
  • zentfamily
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    Putting up this again: show total channeling on character stats window. We have interval, but not channeling.

    Also would be nice if the Homestead icon had some flashing effect when we have livestock/crops ready to harvest.
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  • mayiawolf
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    We have snow terrian options in our homestead, but there isnt a snow or ice homestead skin, for the outside, of the part we can't cross. I would love to make a complete snow homstead. Without having the outside being grass lol
  • viviane19
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    kokoot wrote: »
    What about nerf assasins. They are so broken OP. With them is class balance only joke.

    Learn how to play, and you wont have any issues with sins. When I read such comment... I want to buy that person some brain!

    Open your mind, let it **** you in kind :-)
  • jeaniepo73
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    Just a suggestion...
    I was wondering if a change can be made for our Inventory..
    Instead of having Quest Items Tab which hardly ever gets used.. maybe change it to Potions since we get sooo many different ones now.. would really like the extra bag space :smiley:
  • jennamd
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    How about a drive-through bank at the Mines? Han's Wife has very little else to do , she could run a deposit-only drive-through bank or some such. I always find it inconvenient to go into West Lag-asasaur just to clean out my pockets.
  • awareofvoid
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    Please Fix the UpHill Path Towards Center Of Archosaur From East Too West, And The Platforms At Walled Stronghold, Although This Is Not A Big Deal, You Can Afford Too Fix It. Stop Making Up Ways Of Ripping People Off And Fix The Game Please :3
  • mistressmuerta
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    Can the coding team enable you to see a targets Mana and Chi when targeting. They do it in arena even though it is just the mana. Just add chi. It's literally two extra bars below a target name when you click them. It is extemely annoying having to guess a targets chi/mana level when using chi/mana draining skills. It would also add a nice new dynamic to pvp.
  • mimiskysa#4762
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    I'm going to make this suggestion that I know other players will be making/complaining about as well. Why ruin the base system to make it locked for the pre-expansion bases that were made but yet rewarding the brand new ones after expansion? You're moving farther and farther away from the f2p players and more towards the p2p/cashers because on etherblade server; most people wont take you into Dh/UP if your combat instance is too low and even some cases with jfsp. I get that it was a thing that was more profitable for pwi's case but in reality it isn't. Many other factions are complaining about the base lockout because now those of us who don't have a huge base or players with r9 can't complete base things. So spending the 100m+ to get base stuff unlocked was pointless. Worst part of update you could have ever brought in.
  • princessjulie
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    I agree, locking older bases down is wrong.I also see no way for lowers level to help with anything in base, since all the instances are 100 RB1+ That is not fair,nor is it going to want to make players just coming in to the game stay.
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  • dylandarkk1
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    I was told also by a GM when I submitted a ticket to put these on suggestion box in forums also.

    When will pwi put g17 mats like Dull Zenith Skulls in boutique? That is all. Thank you.
  • opshrooms#2772
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    Can i ask can we go back to normal dual clienting....the game was dead enough....trolls get too much air time.....squads dont get made....
  • gravewulf
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    I have a simple suggestion, that may not be hard to do. It'd be nice if our homesteads had a audio track like the bases do. Those birds chirping is so peaceful.
  • whitefang43#7069
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    here's one. how about they bring back the ability to log in on a diffrent account withought having to go through arc 20 times?
  • josequeros
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    hello, i would like to suggest that archers be allowed to get bp as we do have GoF on g17 bows and also we are a physical DD so i dont understand why we cant get bloodpaint like seekers.
  • meg1234
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    It would be awesome if you could put back the rainbow hair colors for toons and hair style of the old classes more variety. I miss those. Also it would be so cool to have tattoos and percings for all classes and different eye styles :) Also make your own fashion o.o
  • invalid963
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    Could you make it so that we can spend our nw points for a 2 hour timed charm? The same as we can spend xTW coins for a charm for xTW. can make it from the enter npc so it is only available for nw times, or put it inside our nations base, same for xNW. would make more people go as its pretty much a requirement to have fun in pvp and guardian charms are like 8m-8m now.
  • patrickblackmont
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    I would love to see a storyline where Lore ( Data's brother ) was somehow reactivated and goes on a revenge plot for being disassembled ( TGN: Descent ). Bring Brent Spinner in to voice Lore and bring Captain Data out of retirement to help stop him.
  • dylandarkk1
    dylandarkk1 Posts: 64 Arc User
    Just a suggestion. Can you guys put Dull Zenith on boutique ty :)
  • sinme79
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    Remember the live daily code page they did for about a month during the 10 year anniversary thing? Why not make that permanent? We have been waiting for codes for far too long and all they have to do is just let us generate our own unique code and Voila! No more whining about codes. I mean either that or just give us codes monthly like they should be doing anyway. 🙄
  • outofthedark
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    on the new first time charge promo, the is already a flaw it says at the bottom that if we ever charge. we would be getting stuff, on my main account i have 40 pages charge history. i've still havn't got anything the hole day. and on this account i one page of charge history still nothing. the point is if you say your going to reward us then do so.
  • thegerbsters
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    Perfect world was fun to play as our character grows but becomes very repetitive and boring once you have finished leveling your characters, Having to wait for new content every 4-6 months is too log of a wait. My suggestion is to create a system where you combine rebirth and raising the level cap.
    1. Raise level cap to 150
    2. Increase rebirths to 5
    a. Start off with Armageddon where the wraith lords cause a cataclysmic event that rocks perfect world to the point that the landscape has changed, city's have fallen and need to be rebuild, The old gods were the only ones that could stop the wraiths from destroying everything, They had to bring down the magical barrier to a city that was forgotten long ago. Fantazma was once a city of the mightiest hero's anyone has ever seen, their might was so great they challenged the old gods and were defeated.

    All of their secrets were stored in this city and the old gods felt they needed to hide these secrets and so they put a magic barrier around the city preventing anyone from finding it. It essentially turned anyone approaching the city to go around it without realizing they had done so.

    The Gods were heavily outnumbered with the wraiths they were going to Win and so the Gods opened the way to this city and the mighty warriors of perfect world heard the cry of the gods of the city's return and what direction to find it. The wraiths could not enter only those who proved worthy by questing to the city and starting the challenge of this city, were each level was a grueling challenge.

    As you finished each challenge you would unlock 1 of 5 Doors each door unlocked provided a path to raise a level, upon reaching all five levels this would open the opportunity to rebirth yourself. Each rebirth would have to be raised to the highest level level before you could start on the next 5 levels and the next rebirth. This would continue until you reached 150.

    With this Cultivation quest would have to be available to get any new skill as you leveled. Sky levels would have to keep being expanded on.

    One of the current issues is the Pay to Play system that was Instigated when it became almost impossible to make any decent amount of money in game. This made it impossible for some of us that do not make enough money to stay competitive with those that did have the money. I don't suggest killing this option. I do suggest making it possible to reach the same level without using money but make it extremely hard and make the items untradable so you have to do what it takes and take the time needed to get the items needed. Most p2p people do not want to take the time and will still pay to get what they want faster.

    With all of this the game would again be interesting and challenging for everyone. Once the 150 level for all 5 rebirths has been reached a new plan should be in place by the time it will take to finish this. I will leave creating the in game content. This is just my 1st suggestion.

  • natta#0716
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    1- get better server engines... we having lag issues too often, log in issues...disconnect issues... force log issues cause it doesnt work... its time for you guys upgrade ur engines cause that many problems are making people quit game cause they dont wanna have to deal with ti everytime.

    2- expansion account stash could be interesting
    3- and its annoying how fashions in pwi are rarely looking good and the ones that look best they take off from the game so we cant find anywhere. Once released.. why take this out...
    4- servers are getting too small on people amount, its hard to even form a squad, takes sometimes 1h + to find people... shoudl have a merge soon or some option to contact/switch to diferent servers.... and can do instances with people from other servers....idk...
    5- If dont solve the problem of low amount of people , should work on decreasing the amount of ppl needed to open or do an instance.. maybe changing some of the mechanics idk.

  • thorntoned
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    A better explanation of what this game is would be nice. I've looked up pwi so many times and it talks about 10 classes and character customization. What is this even?? Four classes and you can customize 2? Is this even PWI or some sort of knock off?