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  • Please keep this at the level where players like Sharp find it challenging and interesting. But, the key is the rewards. The rewards for hard content have to be appropriate for the effort required to get them, and I don’t have a problem with the rewards offered for ToMM. I just hope they remain relevant for the next 12…
  • So far I have played through to the end of Black Lake, over all the experience is improved and a few minor adjustments in the removal of some enemies has been good. Issues I saw that are not explicitly bugs. 1) Makos just doesn't fit on the Bridge. He's a powerful enough guy that he one shots a Dracolich and then binds its…
  • I found Makos strange to have hang out with you on the Bridge. The guy just one shot a Dracolich and now he's struggling to get anything done about some zombies, just standing around watching mostly. Otherwise the changes to the intro quest are pretty good. The Appearance Tab is good, but the fashion option isn't…
  • I ended up alternating 2 of them.
  • Will the Gith race be free or paywalled? Also Githyanki or Githzerai? “Recrafted early game zones and stories” does this mean the Valindra story is being retired? If the story is changing will we be able to play it on existing characters? (Questions answered by preview.)
  • If you are not using a pre-selected group, regardless of how that pre-selected group queues, and are just queuing for a dungeon and taking who turns up - those people are coming from Random Queue. That's how the system works. I can top DPS charts simply because RA+BL is enough to wipe or near wipe stuff in the lower iL…
  • Is Why isn't there an artifact called the Fiend Folio? Will Warlock ever get a review? (eg to address the internal conflicts in the class, like getting bonus healing for having soul sparks but using that resource to power heals, thus making them less effective the more you use them).
  • You’re entitled to an opinion, just like the rest of us. But opinions are not facts. Those of us that spend a lot of time playing tank paladins at the pointy end of the game have a lot of evidence to draw from and it always looks like this; Good group = Lower Tank Damage Bad Group = Higher Tank Damage PUGs can range from…
  • > @fyrstigor said: > Their heal values or lack of burst heal isnt the problem for endgame content, only the inability to gain soul sparks out of combat is. The problem isn’t out of combat recovery, it’s in combat recovery when there are no targets you can damage. Such as the Bore Worm’s first phase with no golems.
  • You don’t do damage because: your Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Accuracy and Power are all 40k too low. Get an Augment pet that is at least blue (purple or legendary are obviously best) as a start, then get your Bonding stones to Rank 12 ASAP. Finish Undermountain. Make sure you get 9 Relics in the Expedition to…
  • So after some reading this whole thread come down to “I pug a lot and run into lots of bad tanks.” The problems described basically don’t exist outside those circumstances.
  • I get about 900 damage from a basic tic of AoV. Given it can proc every time you get hit, I'm actually fine with that. I don't run Binding, better powers for getting outgoing damage and keeping aggro. *shrug* I also don't live behind my shield.
  • Amazing how my key count went down without being able to open the final chest then...
  • Also I suspect it has to do with multiple people in the same instance trying to enter at the same time. I have seen someone else entering at the same time as I do 2x that it has bugged when I have waited 5+ minutes.
  • It does consume a key. And exactly how long am I supposed to wait? 5 minutes has not been adequate. 10 minutes has not been adequate.
  • The intent of how to play has nothing to do with how the mechanics work. Try not to get the 2 confused.
  • To be honest I prefer the Fey theme for Warlocks, but sadly Cryptic went for the Infernal pact.
  • To add further to what @fyrstigor said: When you go to class do you learn everything that was in that class the first time? Do you learn it just because someone explained it? Or do you need to think about the knowledge you were exposed to and perhaps apply it in some way that forces you to think about the knowledge?…
  • Actually I disagree with that, if people want to private queue and do content how they want I'm fine with that. Good players will take tanks, even if not technically needed, because every time a new mod rolls around you need tanks and healers to help push you to the new peak of the game as fast as possible.
  • We just need bonuses that are worth equipping. Not one of these changes made the gear anything but the hard to get RP it was (except for the raw HP for lower geared tanks). 5% Power is barely 1% damage at 100k Power, to have it last for 15s every 60s, means its even worse than that, so I just don't understand how this was…
  • Well we tend to name solutions after the solute.... But "solution to" is the wrong grammar for breaking out the chem text. :)
  • I run Paladin as one of my 2 mains, I run it as a tank primarily. In a good group I'm 4th in damage, in an average group 2nd or 3rd, in a bad group 1st. That tells you plenty about where the problem is, and its not the Paladin class.
  • Given who you are, I found this a disappointing post. For an average group of players, this is entirely reasonable content. If they work the mechanics and use the simple strategies of the trial; get souls, defend cleric, 1/3 off each head, repeat cleric and 1/3 2 more times. BIS groups might be able to do it in one phase.…
  • No, they were not. The first time I random queued into the new 10 man, I took 1 look at how hard the mobs were to kill in the first phase then applied the natural logical extensions of that difficulty to the old tactics, and cleared the trial with just me calling instructions and running at appropriate times. The only new…
  • Conversely today I did 3 ME with my Cleric and got junk, MH, OH. Friday my Ranger got her OH at last. So from my perspective the change has been positive.
  • @nitocris83 Will the Choke Chain, that many of us missed, be similarly added to Obaya’s loot table? The changes to Successor gear in no way made the gear desirable over the % Damage gear, sorry.
  • Crit Strike is used for both Damage and Healing. The difference is the cap. For doing damage the cap is a relatively fixed value based on the enemies you are fighting. For healing the “cap” is your Power. So the more Power you have the more Crit you need to get maximum chance of getting a Crit. Clerics and Warlocks have to…
  • An Alliance member I run MEs with daily got the Pearl Ring from Obaya. As the patch notes only mention the Ring it seems that we are still missing the Choke Chain, which for those of us that missed it due to being partied is a huge deal. The fact that Obaya’s loot table is ridiculously large and getting larger doesn’t help…
  • It’s ok @gonzakotwi, there is nothing to see there but hot air and idle boasting. The class needs work, not because some of us haven’t managed to make good well performing Warlocks, but because the effort to do that is contrary to the design goals we were given for Mod 16. Warlock fights with itself, and that needs to be…