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  • You are over-the-top ridiculous, @mattachine. Completely. Read the Terms of Service/End User License Agreement. You don't own anything when it comes to Neverwinter. You aren't entitled to any money back. Your choices are the same as everyone else: Continue playing or quit. Pick one.
  • What?!? That would mean Cryptic is actually COMMUNICATING WITH ITS CUSTOMERS! And we all know that can't happen!
  • Well, ranger, wizards, fighters, and even warlocks (who are not running as a healer build) are also going to need healers and potions. I'm not sure about barbarians (formerly Great Weapon Fighters), but I would think they're going to need them, too.
  • There will be no life steal in the new mod. Nor will there be recovery or armor class (AC). New stats are being introduced and the mathematics and mechanics of the system are being entirely changed. EDIT: There will be a very little bit of life steal from a few sources. I doubt those sources will be as effective as they…
  • There are probably vanishingly few paying players right now, honestly. The upcoming massive changes to the game have put a lot of people off. I was planning to spend $600 between my account and my wife's account in June. Not anymore. Even if I continue to play the game after I have adapted to these changes, I won't be…
  • @sandukutupu I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I used to do full invocations for 17 characters, plus managing those characters' professions, and running them through all the weeklies (that give astral diamonds) every week, plus doing the SH "Support" quests (Dread Ring Support, Sharandar Support, etc). I would also run them…
  • True. And given the amount of AD still in the economy, you cannot honestly expect anyone to believe that you believe that 10% of a purchase's price leaving the game has any real effect.
  • They won't remove the time gating on any of the campaigns. If they did, it would drive down sales of completion tokens from the Zen store.
  • Yeah. That's the thing: After you've done WoD, IWD, DR, Sharandar, and others thousands of times, you're not interested in having a challenge. You just want to get in, get done, and get out. This will cause a massive drop in the amount of Dark Gifts, Frozen Treasures, and Treasures of Tyranny that I'm able to generate…
  • I would not recommend buying these recruitment orders. They're not worth the spend. As the OP has discovered, the quality of the artisan you get is completely random and, as far as I can tell, it follows the same rules as the applications you get naturally over time. This means (again, as far as I can tell) that it skews…
  • Here, maybe this will help you. I wrote this to help my guild members who are interested in doing (or need to do) Common Cause. https://heroesofthebardstale.enjin.com/home/m/49836877/article/4887507
  • Actually, things do get fixed. If you post a bug with good reproduction instructions and a description of what you expect to happen, then you'll have better chances of getting something fixed. For example, last year I discovered that one or two quests in the Dread Ring were not counting toward completion of the Stronghold…
  • You just proved @kreatyve's point: That game is NOT the same as it was at launch. There is no MMO that is the same five years later as it was at launch. None. Not one. In fact, in the EULA/TOS that you agree to for this game (and other MMO's), you specifically acknowledge that the game will change over time and accept this…
  • That makes sense. I was simply pointing out that if you collect the failed Gathering task individually (rather than hitting "Collect All" at the bottom right corner of the delivery box), the dialog box that appears shows that experience was not awarded for that task.
  • If you "collect" the failed result of a gathering task from the delivery box, it will show that there was no experience awarded. As for @jamvaru's question about it being worth attempting to gather stuff at less than a 100% success rate, the answer is yes. How much below a 100% success rate is still worth attempting is…
  • It could be coded to be better to try tasks with a nominal failure rate than it is to focus on tasks that have either guaranteed success or very high success rates. It's just more work from a developer perspective and, with only two systems designers on the team, they certainly do not have the manpower necessary to make…
  • If any profession task fails, there is zero experience earned - either by you or the artisan/adventurer.
  • Well, that answers that question for me. I've been wondering about this since I was on preview on 1 March. I was so disgusted by the changes that I haven't been back to preview since, and my time playing NW has diminished from around 20 hours per week to about 2 hours per week. I spend enough time online to tend SH…
  • Bronze Ingots are not on the list. Brass Ingots are. There is nothing on that list that can be crafted in the L1 to L10 section. It's all in the L21 to L30 or L31 to L40 section. (I forget which.)
  • There's a whole separate forum for reporting things on the preview server. You need to report it there. It's not going to get any attention here.
  • Bronze Ingots are not on the list. Brass Ingots are on the list. Nothing that is that low level (like Bronze Ingots) are on the list.
  • Since I took the time to re-run Bruenor's quests until I was able to reproduce this, then yes: I doubt this is a bug. It's been this way for the entirety of the almost two years I've been playing. So I figure that: 1. It's working as intended. 2. It's like Common Cause in that people don't really understand the limitations…
  • Or just wait a bit and they usually populate after a short delay. I experience this issue daily. If I'm not patient, I switch tabs and switch back. If I am, then I just wait and the recipes show up.
  • I very much doubt you did that quest in that specific zone more than once in a day. About a year ago, when I was trying to earn as many Alliance Supplies as I could because there were cosmetics I wanted, I tried running Bruenor's quests over and over and over just for those supplies. The quests that require you to pick up…
  • Because the deer no longer owns the horn?
  • Yep. I know why. The reason is that you've already done this quest today and so the ritual components aren't clickable for you until tomorrow. And if you're thinking "I'll just abandon this quest and pick up a new one from Bruenor", that's a no-go. He'll just give you this same quest again over and over.
  • Well, I would like to have Workshop *and* Stronghold in addition to Moonstone Mask.
  • As long as I don't have to suffer through three rounds of Illusionist's Gambit to get it, I probably will only complain a little bit. If I have to suffer through IG, that will increase the likelihood that I'll find something else to do with my time rather than Neverwinter.