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  • rofl @ people who think that the stacking aspect of the skill is balanced bring multiple clerics and blow through tier 2 content with no tank - fast and ez its not balanced and it need to change
  • I have a few questions about the mechanics! I am fairly newb so bear with me please - the tanks tab move mark I have a question about how that works when you want to just hold tons of mobs threatening rush marks all targets in a aoe - so when you are pulling a ton of adds do you want to be spamming threatening rush with…
  • Is there any way to do it with like a que group of 2 rogues 1 cleric tank - etc seems like the dps never burn down the adds fast enough and everyone is running around with their heads cut off
  • its shows up as 0 zen balance on my master account :/ but I have emails as proof that my card got charged
  • happened to me dont buy zen right now until this is fixed
  • srrsly - I just wanted to spend money cuz I was enjoying the game but now I am like wtf
  • Yup same issue here - if this issue does not get addressed soon I am calling my bank tomorrow If you have the balls to take money out of my account but I don't even get a transaction confirm or anything + the balance of zen is showing up as 0 with no record showing anything you better make sure that your **** is working…