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  • Has that been tested?, Aura of Radiance seems to hold aggro for me very nicely unless its my dps. I add additional aggro w the shield perk (aura of radiance has additional aggro)...Im offline for a week so I cant check the exact wording
  • Thanks Vey, looks like I have some serious adjusting to do on crit.
  • Yes AP, armor pen... its high because of a 4000 Armor Pen mount bonus. I need to save up for the Imperial Rage Drake + 4k crit . Not sure if I can squeeze out enough crit in other areas wout sacrificing other stats that I need for balance.
  • Its actually perfect because Im a black dragonborn :) Heavy night of drinking at the Neverwinter pub = black acid vomit the next day
  • Okay, no jagged blade :D......oooooo thanks for artifact tip!!
  • Welll....guess ill wait and see if anything new pops up. I heard devs were looking into debuffs...not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing. Wish dancing shield was a non summoned active bonus :( Ill probably just round out w more defense shred, I just heard about jagged dancing blade....unless thats summoned only..…
  • I run bane (just added that above) and gifts (I hit 110-150k power)....and a couple of those mount buffs. I agree they are great. Just trying to squeeze in a few more debuffs...thinking I missed a companion active bonus somewhere and wasnt sure about Truth. Tooltip makes it look good but seems like everyone runs wisdom…
  • So in preview they are potentially lowering the damage of Orcus (to reduce one shots) and buffing him w more hitpoints. I always thought it should be this way. Never understood how he could randomly one shot me through 430k hps (210k +TW), Binding Oath and 100% Dam Res. If this becomes a new trend w future bosses how will…
  • QOL/feature: Give us editable personal housing at a protectors enclave location now that GH furniture is available. Add a storage chest for refinement and call it a day ;)
  • Yes but I will need a demon whip transmute :D
  • Aura gifts is huge. I do wish though I had a few more feat points as a dragonborne. There may have been some other great spots to drop my feats in. Wish there was a way to get more like power points.
  • Yeah thought about it....then thought, what would a chaotic neutral party member do? Heal orhers or get his DPS on? I went w purifying fire. Guess I could have split it a bit to be nice ;) I dont want to make any sad pandas but Im not touchy feely in battle ;p
  • I have included my Mod 11 (Balanced) Dark OP build. Why Dark? He is chaotic neutral and does not always do exactly what a melt team wants. ;) Too much old school 1980s D&D in me. I like to play based on alignments. It is built to solo, pve (personal dps style or team tank/buff style if they are really needing it), or pvp…
  • This is why I run w guildes only for the most part or low level PUGs. Nobody really cares -----sometimes we go fast and sometimes slow depending on dungeon, composition and IL. We try to have fun while we are playing. If people are getting angry, maybe games are less of an outlet to them and more of a chore that they feel…
  • Yes I think a happy medium between storyline and farming should always be the goal. Hard to have one without the other and remain successful long term. City of Heroes (Cryptic) was good at this. They lasted 8 years and were not cancelled due to low population, rather NC SOFT bad decision making (they lost money on other…
  • Thanks Becky, great insight. I just loved D&D so much as a kid, I keep hoping that this would get as close as possible in a multiplayer online environment. Thats why I love the tabletop campaign. Its silly but fun.
  • One other thing I wish they had was undiscovered locations. (Dungeons, caves, etc). Have some RNG equip drops when you find these spots with some mini bosses. Dig sites were the closest to that, but are very obvious ;)
  • > @greywynd said: > They just gave us one with Shroud of Souls. Good to hear, Im on console so I havent seen it yet. I thought it was just loadouts and a SH update. Is it a new zone with well written mission arcs? I love anything written by RA Salvatore
  • Jaime, great info. Just trying to get my Con Artist to legendary before I perma switch him out w my Leg Fire on solo mode. For groups though I do throw Con Artist in as summoned.
  • Managed to adjust Crit and AP to both 7k. If I adjust any further it might skew my other stats. So far 7k crit and 7k AP (both rising to 8k) is keeping mobs aggroed fairly well. Hoping for new boons down the road to increase crit again.
  • Wish these had bonuses of some type
  • veywiil#8685, what are your thoughts of aura of radiance/trans lightning enchant for aggro vs using aura of vengence on bosses? (aura of courage is always on) Do you feel its more important to keep aggro or improve the teams dps w your aura?
  • Good trade off :)
  • jaime4312, I have a variety of companions for what I want to do. For personal dps I go w fire archon, for group play melts I agree con artist is the standard. Thought this was more of a personal dps SS vs OS thread. Has anyone done a solo dps comparison summoned con artist debuff attack vs fire archon? Would def like to…
  • I stick w Oath Strike. With r12 bondings (fire archon) and solo Im at 120k power 10k crit and 10-12k AP in combat. I keep my HPs around 210 before TW and Def at 21k for about 75%resistance before using COP or Santuary. Dont really need to use SStrike to tank. Just TW, BO and Smite (trans lightning). My damage is just fine…
  • Have to do with companion dying or buffs possibly? Do any enemies debuff us?
  • Binding Oath +Aura of Rad + Sacred Weapon + high Armor Pen works very well...individually not so much. Also DPS have to learn to let you go in first. GWF dont like to follow slow OPs into the mob gtoup lol ;p
  • Thanks