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  • it is crazy that they have not realised by now, players don't want things rushed they want it right... and would rather wait few more weeks than this each time!
  • my issue isn't about missing "things" as such... it is more about being told game changes are necessary to balance the game, make things more equitable, yada yada instead it seems things like this keep happening which merely seek to make things more inequitable. i am starting to wonder if Boris Johnstone is secretly…
  • well what a surprise. didn't get the double claim last Tuesday or week before, some people got the free knox box today didn't get these either. Congrats on another job well done.....
  • Find the whole event distinctly underwhelming. The talk was of a revamped siege and I just don't see it. I don't mind grind but this continuous direction of rinse repeat rinse repeat just shows a distinct lack of imagination and passion for the game. If devs have run out of ideas why not actually listen to the community…
  • ahhh ty vm.
  • Whats that got to do with the price of fish?????
  • bit late but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqwPD12XmO8 200% speed
  • @op, not quite getting how you can comment on a journey for new players when you say latterly you used resources from your main tunes, i am assuming high level enchants, runes etc... that does not really reflect the journey for a new player without these resources to fall back on. I would agree that there are some things…
  • op... lets see if your humming the same tune when your in midst of a mob getting trashed, your responsible for healing your crew and the sweats come-on, reckon you will be mismashing 9/10 of your tunes. no skill at all to memory, the skill is in where and when to fire each skill/ tune to chain em. no other class has to hit…
  • first instance yesterday logged out and back no joy, tried going in via arc rather than shortcut seemed to sort it
  • couldn't imagine anything worse than having hopped-up adren junkies bunny-hopping around mobs... don't understand what this introduction would achieve accept p*ssing people off, i guess next we will be requesting strafing... having flashbacks to playing enemy territory!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • play any game and the shouts about rng are the same, yeah not great but what makes you think they would or even should allow the new bis to drop after 20 runs? that would simply mean a depopulated dungeon/ trial etc. the problem is not drop rate it is the lack of variation in a dungeon/ trial that make players want to be…
  • the problem is it is not a bug for all, came back to game after 8 months away started bard char and went through no issues with the lbox quest. the amount of tickets generated generally is huge and after update more and i would imagine the numbers must be astronomical after the introduction of new class... hope they get to…
  • hi, please can you hyperlink to the actual notes not another hyperlink to the notes?
  • This only started for me after UM introduced and accessing ME's. Now prolly every 10th dungeon/ trial transition and occasionally mid dungeon transitions ie: lomm where you have the spores and then drop down the portal I remain in wonderland.... occasionally get a double timeout where i timeout, log back and time out again…
  • I have been having disconnects for over a year, usually when transitioning into a dungeon. Goes to login screen with the message "you have been idle for 15 minutes", even though have been constantly playing for a number of hours. Try logging back in and usually it will try for about 30 secs then take me back to login…
  • not sure what your concern is... first its the additional damage of companions then that you want to turn them into a Barbie studio doll... does it bother me players with these companions do so much additional damage? nope, gets me through the repetitive rinse repeat of never changing dungeons to cap ad. players are…
  • yay have acc back........ Thanks cryptastic for sorting so quickly :+1: :)
  • omg x never realised that was you tanking everyone in forum rofl! just want quinn and grizzle-chops back :angry:
  • this is what i see when i enter profile through avatar pic..... this is what i see when i enter profile through link at top left of page. doens t make sense!
  • no mate checked and rechecked...even went as far as copy and pasting email from forum to game log in.
  • well i can see all my old posts so the arc side is obviously ok. @sandukutupu: don't use same pw, it is unique, don't use FB or any other such guff. and not sure why they can't recover my account if i can evidence who i am and that over the years i have been playing it is my email account they have been corresponding with?…
  • Hey. yes i was in woo.....been ill for some time so guess dropped from roster.
  • personally i don't think it can be denied that the game has gotten stale....after a certain il game play becomes defined by the mad dash to get the new shiny shiny.....thats all that was left, and i was no different. the same dungeon mechanics over and over, for what? this wasn't the fault of the player base it was the…
  • Yeah quite a few peeps reporting the same; we did a 4 x run last night and i could only open 2 chests across all 4. think peeps are saying to leave the junk and they remain active....? though you shouldn't need to do that.
  • this was glitch....tyrant spewing out hundreds of hulks and zombies over and over.....there was so many there was zombies in zombies.......lot of fun though :+1:
  • update: it is also not awarding other random things from chests....e.g. open chest on completing says ancient curio then nothing in inv. sigh
  • Thanks for getting to it quickly, but please answer question above...if extending by one day does this mean those that got the token will have four after? If this is case then all should be awarded the token they did not get
  • same here...required skirmishes run and no token,,,,,pls credit players accounts,