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  • Hi folks, I am wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way when it comes to the buying of marks etc to upgrade common enchantments with AD? To me it seems like a pointless waste of a resource that is difficult to hold on to in the first place. In just trying to take an enchantment from level 5 to level 6 I've already…
  • GWF need to have the GF rush abilities removed, plain and simple, but I doubt that will be done.
  • Hmm... This does look bad, sort a PWE wants more money move because the weekly sales, colored dyes and drop box keys are not enough I'd rather think it was just an oversight due to the small percentage of players who have actually advance a trade skill to the point of being able to create purple gear. If it wasn't a…
  • I think part of the point here is that the graphics and systems are in the game already But Only For the NPC's characters NPC's can sit on chairs. stools, benches... player characters cannot NPC's can walk at different speeds... player characters cannot NPC's can lean against walls... player characters cannot NPC's can…
  • I Could not agree more with what mystysummers has said. The Role-players, probably your best source of long term stable money, need greater support. After all, lets face it folks, the PvP shooter crowd will move on to the next shiny object taking their time and money with them. The long term player base is in the…
  • Sorry to chime in here, but the trickster rogue ability to attack and kill without risk due to their invisibility is utterly ridiculous. Rogues character as are able to consistently kill without being seen at all in PvP. This has to end. The moment they attack, they need to be visible. When they stop attacking, then let…
  • Problem is on the Mind Flayer Shard as well, seems as if something got changed cause all foundry quest connections to fail. So much for the foundry part of the AD events *shrug* The client crashes when attempting to leave "Proctor's Enclave" to travel to any foundry quest. I have been able to repeat this crash with quests…
  • This error has returned, now causing me to crash when attempting to enter any foundry quest in game with a player character, instead of when attempting to enter one's own foundry work.
  • this still remains a consistent issue, and it needs to be addressed please
  • Ok, For someone who is not in the "end game" and will most likely not be there any time soon, I still found this thread very helpful. The main point of useful information I have taken away from this thread is the value placed on armor penetration. THANK YOU. I have been ignoring that, and will not continue the mistake. The…
  • At level 49 the Reclamation quest is still impossible to do with a character and a max level follower. It needs to be re-designed or turned into a "group suggested" quest. In order to proceed in the area's quest paths, you will have to team up with at least one other PC to get through this bottle neck.
  • At level 49 this quest is still impossible to do with a character and a max level follower. It needs to be re-designed or turned into a "group suggested" quest.