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  • the only thing that could actually make me grind this game is if devs actually focused on the character itself and actually made enchantments and boons relevant and a big part of your char. I loved back when you could feel much more powerful between a lesser lightning and a perfect/transcendant one. they could do another…
  • neverwinter ... you know the drill. 1 step forward, 2 backwards. I learned the hard way. I come back every ~2-3 mods now, see what's up, play like a casual, then leave. After all, there's no point in burning myself out. I just think this there's not enough people working on this game anymore. Reworks are interesting, but…
  • Being critical is a qualifying argument, not the opposite whichever level of criticism. Starting from that, people at end of the road shall be fine as well, right.
  • on a side note, scaling is a problem, but the real problem will lie in whether or not players will accept to be challenged/have an increased difficulty compared to pre mod 16 but with same junk rewards that do not compensate for the difference.
  • if there is one thing i am 100% sure is that there has never been and will never be any substantial class changes in between mods.
  • It's to make the transition between beta-mod 15 gwf to barb 16 smoother
  • what's your point ? a dps and a tank with nearly bis equipment being able to 15 minutes a third of FBI ? no class comparison ? is it just class bashing ?
  • I don't give a HAMSTER about your rant on rangers that's not the reason i quoted this part of your post I specifically quoted this part because there are people like you spreading false information saying clownesque things such as "oh well x got listened, they got changes so they're fine". I'm not saying a nerf by itself…
  • Actually the changes went 2 steps forward but 5 steps backward First week had almost no changes, everything was messy Second week got changes and the majority is bad Third week there were nerfs But I won't blame you for not reading correctly.
  • On what basis. You're the only on the whole thread complaining about barbarian damage, which isn't even your main, and a mere 14k one. then go ahead, prove yours point with an ACT comparison.
  • Get out of this thread and give feedback to the warlock one if all you can do is crying about sw and complaining about barbarian damage being too high which is apparently only your case and supposedly just a frustration against gwf
  • 3 defense slot for barbarian, that's a slap in the face. Until now they were mostly dps and will remain in the majority dps. Why 3 defense slots ?! at least put in universal slots for the freedom to chose between dps and tank
  • feats granting effect for using one specific encounter are horrible ... They don't offer possibility, they force you to use it because otherwise it's a waste having to chose between pairs of feats without using them ... feats with overall class effect are the way to go ... Basically right now the encounters viability are…
  • devs often got criticized for ignoring feedback and having ideas not aligning with the community, however we have to admit right now you're doing a great job of doing the opposite so I thought it had to be said as well. So keep up the good work :)
  • I agree with barbie in the sense that it would be a great QoL change. Currently BF kind of incentives smashing the keyboard in order to land the maximum amount of encounters and dailies. It would be QoL in the sense of thinking on timings and having a rotation flow that isn't such nervous and more thought and smooth.
  • Actually if you read the thread and the context in which barb is in you wouldn't have posted this in the first place It seems quite a fair amount of people are late to the party and don't understand all classes are subject to changes and barb is on high priority because the class rework wasn't finished ps : depression is…
  • @asterdahl what's your take on overload enchantments ? combat time before disappearing is even more painful than black ice. Kinda sad it's never been looked at because if reworked and without combat time it had potential.
  • Your mates either did not attacks, or you used artifacts/companion (sellsword hi) damages bugs. There's no way you were top dps, because it's been tested several times gwf was one of the last if not the last dps by a big margin.
  • I'm posting here again : Classic runestones stats got hard nerfed and should be looked at. Because : • the 3 classic runestone only give ONE stat and they're very low • bonding don't give any power anymore • power share is gone • on preview all rank increase (such as 14 to 15) only gives very little stats per level (+60…
  • I know all powers need their damage to be hard buffed, but punishing charge sucks. Barbarian has more than enough tools to increase its mobility, therefore making the concept of having charges on punishing charge very clunky and in the end more annoying than anything since you spend a bunch of time repositioning. Make it…
  • the weapon damage % got hit heavily and also are affected by crit chance. The difference still is huge.
  • about the weapon enchantment : we've gone full circle now with the enchants, first mods all enchants were bad and vorpal was the only standout, then all enchant got scaling and vorpal was bad and now all enchants are somehow good and bad but vorpal stands out because all enchants are the same. The reason behind it is the…
  • check lifedrinker on preview, and for bloodtheft, is situational bis : 10% chance to life steal 50% of damage dealt, 3 sec cooldown (r14)
  • well when I meant %increase it was %increase to existing stat (understand it as a multiplier) but we need to get a base damage increase everywhere first to see how it goes. by the way i'm very disappointed to see these powers still exist in the game: • Reaping Strike • Steadfast determination • Mighty Leap • Restoring…
  • it's confusing does that mean we'll be able to swap weapon/armor enchants ? I don't know why runestones stats have been nerfed. Classic runestones stats should be seriously looked at : • currently all rank increase (such as 14 to 15) only gives very little stats per level (+60 from 14 to 15 really ?), resulting in a R15…
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