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Official M16: General Feedback



  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer
    adinosii said:

    nooneatza said:

    For the first time in a long time neverwinter will feel like a real mmo, tanks have to tank, healers have to heal and dd's will have to let the tank go first and do his thing and no longer be able to just "hURr dUrR mE GWF mE ruN ahEaD aNd kiLl evERytHIng".

    Good little step towards making this game into something that's not a joke.

    Another way to look at it is that a lot of the things that made NWO unique and it is being made into an average MMO - no thinking required. I am not a biig fan of what I see as "dumbing down" the gameplay.

    While I understand this perspective—and if you genuinely enjoyed the buff/debuff focused gameplay of pre Module 16, there's not much I can say or do to dissuade you from that opinion—the core action gameplay of Neverwinter will remain. I don't think adding more traditional tanking and healing gameplay on top of that simplifies it, but rather allows us to add new challenges we simply couldn't before.

    I do hope you continue to give the changes a try, we welcome the feedback.
  • artifleurartifleur Member Posts: 642 Arc User
    Tomes of experience do not work starting at level 71.

    Can we please get working tomes of experience on the preview-only shop?

    I'm certainly not going to repeatedly farm experience on each character I copy to preview just to test stuff.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer
    hustin1 said:

    The duration of the Poison DoTs is REALLY ANNOYING. Long after the fight is over I have to sit there and wait an eternity before I can interact with anything because the damned thing keeps interrupting me.

    I don't think you fully realize the increase in difficulty from taking away literally every avenue to self-heal when soloing. I'm running this with a very-near-BiS SW and I'm struggling mightily on certain quest fights. You're making the same mistake you made in Mod 6 with the killer-DM mentality and you're going to frustrate an awful lot of lesser-geared players.

    If you're struggling, please let us know in what areas, and against what enemies. It's possible that you haven't taken the time to read through your new powers and figure out how to use them properly yet, however, more than likely you've run into a bugged enemy or a zone with bugged scaling making things much more difficult than intended.

    I was here during Module 6 (I actually joined the design team right near the end of development, oh boy was that fun) and I can assure you we are not aiming for gameplay to be anywhere near as punishing as it was during Module 6's launch.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer

    No campfire in the YP ?

    What campfire functionality are you looking for? It should be possible to change load outs and do most other things anywhere in the Yawning Portal.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer

    Stronghold monsters are currently too powerful right now. Their scaling is such that I can't take any of the 4 respeced 18k class characters and solo 1 set of the mobs without using the broken artifact damage or mount combat damage on them to kill them. To kill one set of mobs on my dps setup required 10 uses of my health stone and a lot of running/kiting around them to do it. That seems to be excessive in the current setup and will cause players in strongholds who are just trying to level them up to no be able to farm any of the quests.

    Skirmishes that require the party to split up and the way that heals seem to work in small areas means that these types of content can't be completed the way they are setup. You have to go around as a team of 5 to stay alive but the content is meant to split up the team. I think all content that is meant to split the team up will force groups to make a multi healer group to get through it. The tanks aren't needed in this content as the dps can tank as well as the healer does as much damage as some of the current dps classes. Which means I would look at the following content as broken in the new way that combat is setup especially if you have a timer in the content:
    Merchant Prince Folly
    Many Coin Bank Heist
    Prophecy of Madness
    Throne of the Dwarven Gods

    Possible fix would be to remove the timer on the content and give out the same rewards for just finishing the content.

    Thanks for the feedback! Scaling is broken in a number of zones, but perhaps most egregiously in the Stronghold. I apologize for that, fixing the scaling issues is one of our highest priorities.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer
    telitha2 said:

    Did you take temple of Tiamat out? it is not in queue. It's neither in Epic trial or random. If so what about Linu's favors?

    Thanks for pointing this out, Temple of Tiamat is not being removed from the game. I apologize for the confusion.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer

    asterdahl said:

    I certainly understand your feedback, and we have had endless debates on this topic internally. For launch, we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings in queues and in campaign zones. But we are absolutely considering other improvements based on feedback.

    cut some other valid points

    To speak for myself, I can understand problems you have with implementing percentages showing in char's tabs. And I am sure many other players, if not all, can confirm that too. All listed issues are valid and reasonable, IMHO.

    But maybe there is a good opportunity now to point out other problem which exists in this game from the very beginning. We have no possibility in game (sorry if I missed that possibility somehow and I am simply not telling the truth) to see mobs stats, beside using ACT (which is possible only in PC) and do some calculations (I know we can look into fight logs in chat window, but ... I think we can agree that this is not the best solution, to say the least).
    That was not a big issue till now as there was only one stat which "effectiveness" was depending on zones - Armor Penetration. With each new mod we were able to "share" info across players what is current ArmPen requirements to perform well. But even then, please look how often "new" posts pops up in forum (reddit or nwo-uncensored too, to name few) with question like this: "why my charecter is not able to kill stuff in ...", "why I die before I kill stuff", etc. And the same answers and explanations again, and again. Until post will not "disappear" in 3rd+ page.
    Now you cancel percentages from char's stats and you are adding new stats with similar behaviour like ArmPen together with making scaling as something meaningfull (at least that is the plan as I understand). It is not good movement without additional steps. So...
    ...this is very welcome to see statement "we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings in queues and in campaign zones". Hope this won't be only a plan but integral part of mod release (or very quick fix after release, at least).
    Because of my age, I am experienced enough to know that telling you how you should fix this problem is simply ridiculous. I am lack of knowledge about system architecture, internal mechanics, implementations, code quality, etc. But as a player I am sure I am allowed to put some feedback and expectation. I hope others will follow that to confirm or simply deny with telling a reason. Thus we can find some solution together.

    What I expect is to have in game(!) ability to see mobs stats in all areas, at least. For clearability, readability and beeing player friendly solution could be nice to see apprioprate percentages calculated based on char's current stats, for each of the mob (distinguishing mobs from different zones/dungeons ofc). This could be achieved as kind of "bestiary", beeing part of the lore or collection page for example, thus I can see each of the mob together with appropriate stats and percentage estimate calculations. This can be available fully from the beginning or be supplemented during char/campaign progress (after killing some number of particular mobs for example). It is up to you how to do this properly.
    I hope you think about something like this when saying "we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings".

    And one more thing, sorry it is a bit off topic, but it's worth to mention now as this is similar issue.
    As part of the lore there exists something called "Battle mechanics". There is some short but meaningfull (although this can be done better sometimes) description how to handle battles with certain bosses like Demogorgon or Tiamat for example. I do not know if it is still maintained or how missing info could be made up as at least on my chars there is lack of many bosses description. But this, together with proposed above "bestiary", could be usefull mechnics and statistics description as part of the game.

    Summarizing, what I try to say, could be very nice if you put some meaningfull and game helping description, inside the game. It is a shame that players have to go to external sources like forums or youtube to get basic info or otherwise it is hard to progress and maintain their toons based only on info they get from game itself. It is ok to go there for more advanced info, experimentation, builds discussion, bug hunting, etc or simply because of such passion. In the past, I found pleasure in collecting data and analyzing ACT logs. That was funny part of this game too. But now, because of lack of time, I do not want to be forced to do that when I would like to perform well and I have to perform well if I would like to participate in newest/hardest content. I think plenty of other casual players could agree with me.

    PS. I wish for you and for all community there will be small number of bugs in live after mod 16 released :).
    Thank you for the thoughtful feedback! As I have replied to other posters, we are definitely considering what we can do better to help everyone make smart decisions. Long term, we'd like to offer some more options for training.

    In regards to maintaining something like a bestiary vs. players going to outside sources for this information, or talking to one another. We have to be careful with what we can and cannot include in game. By no means have we made a perfect ruling on what to include and when, by the way. But maintaining a feature like collections, for instance, requires a lot of extra development time, when often that information is readily or even more easily accessible in player maintained wikis, or is just a question or two away in guild or trade chat.

    It's not that we don't want to include more information like this, it's just that it literally means less time will be spent developing content in order to maintain it. It may seem like it would be a relatively small amount of time, but, it can absolutely add up. That's not to say that we won't be adding anything like you suggest, but just know that these are the sorts of things we are weighing when deciding what sort of features like this we can add.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer

    wow, my Legendary Artifact does insane damage now (got the dragon one that drops the different meteors from the sky...each meteor does over 100k damage each)...and just did a riq Tuern and it was just sad...boss literally lasted like 5 seconds tops, sad squash of all enemies

    As you may have guessed, this is absolutely a bug. We are aiming for artifacts that deal direct damage to be more viable, but there is a huge bug with some artifact and mount power damage.
  • haruna742haruna742 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    On live everyone uses fey and it was pretty much the most expensive enchant because it's good on pretty much any class, any playstyle, but the other enchants are good too somehow. In mod 16, with the level 80 cap you will need to grind for your gear, campaign and other stuff, would be nice atleast to make a NPC where you can trade your unp. enchants 1:1 for other (weapon ench. for weapon enchant). I have 3 unp. enchants, and all of them are gonna be pretty low compared to plaguefire or vorpal...or even bronzewood. Right now the prices on live are a mess at enchants category, and i could say the same for masterwork equipment.
    Also, if we could change class sigils at mythic version to other mythic version of another class sigil? i have 3 in my inventory since mod 12 lol.
  • snooopie777snooopie777 Member Posts: 7 Arc User

    Given that i've gotten my answer to the other question in another thread, I would like to ask a specific question in here regarding exchange as well.

    From what i've seen there will be an option of exchanging enchant>enchant which is great news, however, given that we'll be limited to using runestones on our pets, will there be an option to exchange enchants > runestones? Simply because so much has been invested into the actual enchantments on the pets, which, unless we wanna try to sell them into basically nothingness (because there will be an overflow of them in AH), we will be stuck with, with the need of remaking the runestones of the same ranks.

  • dagmurdagmur Member Posts: 30 Arc User

    It's not up yet, but you'll be able to exchange the enchants you were using in gear before for companions for runestones of equal rank.

    I 100% agree that they should just let us stomp around lower level zones instead of using this abjectly awful level scaling.

    Is it worth to change my Black Ice, Brutals or any other usable Rank 12 to Runestones for Companions? Sounds like a bad deal to me. In my opinion this was made to get (more) money from players.

    I created my Pala 4 years ago, since my Hunter would die all the time. I never played a Tank, it was more or less some Hybrid. Now being a 18k Paladin and being just a one shot to some Oger isn't fun. I have to add he is in a Level 20 Testguild and has way more Power and Defense as usually. But still is weaker as before.

    @Devs: Forget about this Shield and give the Paladin back what made the class worth to play. To me as some casual player, the Paladin was never OP but fun. That's gone. Making "some" changes is one thing, destroying the class mechanics is something else. If the class stays like that I'll say it again: R.I.P.

  • ilithynilithyn Member Posts: 452 Arc User

    asterdahl said:

    Aaaaannnnd sooo…. the Masterwork weapons and artifact gear are obsolete now. Again. Not to mention the rings/neck/waist pieces that can no longer be put on companions. Just like all the pessimists predicted with the Mod 15 professions overhaul. Why did you bother?

    The CTA weapons are even more obsolete, and if I have my IL reckoning right, so are the Tales of Old artifact sets.

    I was really hoping you wouldn’t do that. The IL boost to the MW weapons seemed to leave enough room to “fill in” spaces between them and primals, as the CTA weapons seemed to be doing. But no. The Undermountain weapons are not only stronger than MW III weapons, but *much* stronger (~30% at green).

    You could have added a Mythic level to weapons and artifact gear, that could only be unlocked once your character was level 80.

    Or just kept the level cap at 70, since Item Level long ago effectively replaced character level, and raising the cap doesn’t change that.

    There will be new masterwork recipes in the future. With a level cap increase, you're going to replace your old equipment all at once, I know this can be a bit frustrating—we don't do it lightly. However, I think it would be even more unexpected if your level 70 equipment were still best in slot when you hit level 80.
    Well, you could increase level requirement for masterwork weapons to 80 and increase item level of said weapons to be on par with new weapons.

    This way when people login theirs weapons would be automatically unequipped from theirs level 70 characters and they would have to wait until 80 to re-equip them.

    I bet they would prefer using a subpar replacement weapon from 70 to 80 than to feel that all AD spent last mod (to buy +1 weapons) only had endgame utility for one mod.
    Precisely this. I can't tell if @asterdahl is deliberately misreading or just flooded with information. No one is talking about 1-2 mod old weapons ect still being bis, we're talking about the heavy investments we've made being rendered completely useless and nonviable for endgame play at all over night. It's literally destroying every investment we've done into equipment, telling us to just start over without any compensation. It's not that weapons ects are no longer bis, we know damn well that every single mod will likely have something that's better and the ones that chases bis will go off after the new shiny, while the rest of us happily lag a few mods behind. That is something we can no longer do. We have to start chasing all new weapons ect and invest heavily, whether we want to or not, keeping older gear and being a bit sub par but still able to play, is something that cannot be done.

    And don't even start me on companions and their equipment, that's the biggest flip off of a playerbase I've seen in quite a while in an mmo. Maybe not the biggest ever, but along with everything else it's really impressive.
    Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end of it.
  • icexnineicexnine Member Posts: 66 Arc User
    Why can't I see the new feats for my character on preview server? Like the feats tab doesn't exist anymore. My character is only level 4 as I don't play on PC, but i can see my characters feats on the live server no problem.
  • wizardlvl80#5963 wizardlvl80 Member Posts: 519 Arc User
    edited March 2019

    First of all - thank you Team for such a great response time and real discussion with us here. Even though I'm not the fan of the upcoming changes, I do (I really do!) appreciate the change in devs-players relation. That's awesome and gigantic kudos for you guys.

    As for the feedback - I won't go class specific, since it's a general channel. In overall changes I hate two things:

    - dowscaling
    - new weapon enchantments

    Downscaling is just bad. I do not want to be nerfed while going to a zone I already completed. You are taking away the possibility to fast grind things from legacy campaigns. I want to have fun doing dungeons, not doing weeklies. I see lots of negative feedback here and I can't disagree with it. This is bad design and I think it's a bad asumption.

    New weapon enchantments are looking all the same. There is little to no variety now and it has been taken away from us. You guys are taking away the possibility of players' build and force your own way of building characters so you minimalize the possibility for things to get out of control. I see this.

    Nerfing everything in the game and narrowing field for players creativity seems to be the way of "balancing" in mod16. You have made the game with minimum choices and possibilities. I really don't like you guys use word "rebalance". It's straightforward nerfing of everything. Literally, everything.

  • geno82geno82 Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited March 2019

    What is with Tales of Old equipment and Cta weapon set? tales of old need 12 Days with 3hours and more playtime to become the new set. We become the set in mod 16 .. U can't give us lvl 70 equip for 36 hours playtime and say it's a nice event ... Please update the cta and tales of old equipments ...
  • dariandelforddariandelford Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    asterdahl said:

    Lets take Mod 16 for what it is.

    A Reset!

    The power creep has grown way way out of control due to poor balancing decisions made in the past.

    OK I get it, I actually understand the fundamental idea they are attempting to accomplish here. There are going to be massive issues throughout the whole process and I understand that preview has a long long way to go and there will be many changes.

    I am one of those that left due to the CW being made almost completely obsolete and not desired in any of the end game dungeons simply because other classes could do it better. To be frank I was pissed.

    However I saw the trailer for Undermountain and more importantly they were upping the level cap to 80. Kewl lets get back into the game. Now understand that I ONLY play a CW. Quite literally that is what I played in the initial beta and it is the only toon that I have. I'm just a wizard kinda guy.

    But what upsets me the MOST out of this whole thing.

    NOT ONE DAMN NEW ABILITY!!!!!. We are all gaining 10 new levels and instead of fixing said issues and gaining new spells/abilities all that is happening is the spreading out of current abilities. I mean I am so livid about this, its not even funny. I am not even going to touch on the almost cookie cutter builds this mod is now going to make almost everyone, especially the wizards. So here is my question....

    WHY NO NEW ABILITIES, SPELLS ore FEATS for the additional 10 levels?!

    Every class received at least one new at-will, one new encounter, and one new daily. I don't play wizard very much, and I did not work on wizard, so I apologize that I do not know what they are off the top of my head (and I am not in the office to check) but I can assure you wizard did receive some new spells. You might need to check the two different paragon paths, and carefully examine your spell list.

    I see that now, the "new" stuff is actually split between the two paragon paths. Which if you want my opinion is the wrong way to do it. EACH path should have at the bare bones minimum 1 new at will, 1 new encounter, 1 new daily, and 1 new feat. That is bare bones minimum. They should also be meaningful. I rushed to 77 to test cataclysm for the CW, what a disappointment for an AE spell. Will post more on that when I do my write up once I hit 80.

    Again as I stated above, I understand there are many changes. However the severely numbing down that you all have done to every class is absolutely horrible. The community as a whole has told you for years where the problems lie. Instead of going in there and changing the feats/powers/encounters that needed it. You completely re-worked every class to the point that there will be very little if ANY diversity.

    The problem is, when you remove as much character specific material as you did, you severely limit the choices players have. This is one of the biggest problems MOST PEOPLE have at this point in time. You have removed way to many choices from the players to build their characters as they want to build them, so we are now forced to build them the way you want us to build them.
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  • jehzir#4444 jehzir Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    Question: Is everfrost resistance gone?
    In lonelywood doing one of the quest for the Challenge Campaign SKT Heroics, at level 80, I have taken more damage as a tank than as a level 70 on live. Damage and Healing are not to scale based on content. Mobs do too much damage, healing powers not high enough multipliers. Laying Hands daily healed for 2000?!? Bonecrusher boss, is healing for 551k
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  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,329 Arc User
    asterdahl said:

    hustin1 said:

    The duration of the Poison DoTs is REALLY ANNOYING. Long after the fight is over I have to sit there and wait an eternity before I can interact with anything because the damned thing keeps interrupting me.

    If you're struggling, please let us know in what areas, and against what enemies. It's possible that you haven't taken the time to read through your new powers and figure out how to use them properly yet, however, more than likely you've run into a bugged enemy or a zone with bugged scaling making things much more difficult than intended.
    The DoTs and how they prevent interaction with quest objects has long been a pet peeve of mine. More to the point, some of the Undertaker mobs seem to have a poison that last for much longer than one would expect. Don't know exactly which one but maybe it will help.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
  • typic#0732 typic Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Your Stories Told deals 107511 Poison Damage to Witherer.Epic version of Envenomed Storyteller's Journal has more damage than legendary version which is 9,101
  • typic#0732 typic Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Protector's Friendship and Protector's Camaraderie insignia bonuses are pure stat increases not % increase of stats.

  • typic#0732 typic Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Artificer's Influence and Artificer's Persuasion increases only accuracy , defense,awareness,deflect and critical avoidance stats isnt affected by the bonus.
  • typic#0732 typic Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Combatant's Manauver doesn't increase Combat Advantage stat at all.Also it is stated as increase in persantage.
  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    With regards to the weapons thing, for most MW5 stuff, it's at least 2 or 3 modules old (I think Chult?); that's not *great* but it's a year. Now, that stuff got a major boost in Mod 15 to be BiS, but that doesn't mean we should have expected to reset the shelf-life.

    I imagine mod 17 or whatever will introduce MW6 (yay, something else to spend millions of AD on!) and maybe like earlier MW, you'll have to use MW5 stuff to qualify for it. That doesn't help anyone that has BtA stuff equipped of course.

    There should be some kind of artifact creation device where you put in a MW5 item, some kind of catalyst, and it spits out a level 80 version or something.
  • c3rb3r3c3rb3r3 Member Posts: 277 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    I'm posting here again :

    Classic runestones stats got hard nerfed and should be looked at.

    Because :
    • the 3 classic runestone only give ONE stat and they're very low
    • bonding don't give any power anymore
    • power share is gone
    • on preview all rank increase (such as 14 to 15) only gives very little stats per level (+60 from 14 to 15 really ?), resulting in a R15 having only 660.

    Quick comparison :

    Before : a 3 stats enchant had for total stats at rank 14 : 650 power + 2*325, rank 15 = 720+2*360 + a bonding power bonus (divided by 2 if we take into account we have 6 slots = 1050/2 = 525). That makes a 1300(/1440 r15)+525 = 1825(/1965 r15) total stats.

    After: 660 stats only at r15 which makes a difference of around 1250 in stats for a single slot. For 6, that makes more than 7500 stats lost.

    Conclusion : live runestones were fine.

    About weapon enchants :

    all enchants are somehow bad but vorpal stands out because all enchants are the same.

    The reason behind it is the fact all enchants match the same amount of damage bonus and their particularity/uniqueness got nerfed to the ground... In the end Vorpal is the winner because the reason for which some enchants were taken are now a very minor option. Lightning for example now only has a chance to strike for a nerfed amount etc.

    Having similarity is good to try to make them all somewhat viable but the numbers or the mechanic/essence of the enchants are not balanced and worse
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