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  • the funniest part of the daily quest of the event, farm Heroic Encounters LOL, they could have made the map a queued trial zone, when entering we have the campfire and maybe some chest for ending the trial, the wood barricades is the entrance to the trial zone when interacting with it, when entering we trigger the small he…
  • incubus/sucubus damage is higher because of debuff combat power not because of their powers magnitude
  • the queue system seems to have a visual bug
  • new world latest trend of cheating bugs that break the game made it the joke, gold exploits, town boards exploits: storaged items being sold on market and when using them on townboard to complete task doesn't reduce the amount being sold on market xD, josh strife videos show lots of these broken features
  • tell me you dont make profit of selling new mw resources from charts without telling me you dont make profit of selling new mw resources from charts xD
  • @"noworries#8859" any update for the bound companions and mounts we have in inventory?
  • seems they were trying to add sharandar zone quests in there but it didnt make to recent live build
  • the could simply rework the recipies and introduce a new function to focus, like: - base focus value for that item give chance to +1 version of that item(+100 item level or +1% value), - 2xbase focus value chance to a +2 version of that item(+200 item level or +2% value), - 3xbase focus value chance of a +3 version of the…
  • a major campaign zone thrown to the trash, resources thrown to the trash tf is going on at the dev studio
  • omg even the amount of tokens are wrong its supposed to say 80 tokens to remove the coal ward bound xD
  • we are not talking about different term of "whale", you talking about a specific type of whale, i understand, i just say most of those kind of "whales" most definitly are the aim for this change xD
  • in regards of whales dumping zen on ad to zen exchange, not even on the right mind they would dump zen there, it is way more profitable to buy key items from zen store (preswards, coalwards, companion packs, lockbox keys for the resale of the drops are the most common pratice when they buy it on discount) to sell in ah,…
  • @"noworries#8859" do we have any list of items to use the unbind token as of now? the most use for this will be reward rerol tokens on all alts that players havent been using and storing them from the vip, for the coalward you mentioned, there was problem with some wards that were btc is they were making the…
  • this will break the game, cash players with max knowledge to farm items, the class they play and queued content mechanics will make more ad by selling thosen items in ah while casual players will just buy from them
  • its all connected to players using more cash to get zen and sell unbound items in auction house such as hunts gear, mithic artifacts, legendary artifact weapons, legendary belts and necklaces, change unique btc items in game, it all related to make them even more money with this unbind system, they could have gone with ad…
  • @"noworries#8859" please check taroka card description for some ideas for modifiers: - such as tank have 100% more aggro radius, - enemies damage applie poison to you, - when player uses damage with at-will they take some damage, - theres a chance werewolfs packs will hunt you, - chance when killing enemies ghosts will…
  • @"noworries#8859" on the rewards just missing the priest of myrkul appearance gear/fashion
  • with the rework of demo trial and didnt didnt thought about updating items from the module lol
  • aragons video shows that with 6 stacks demogorgon does less damage to you LOL
  • also the next step after knowing these nerfs is looking for summoned companions that have buffs for party or self or debuffs for the enemy and work on those for summoned companions
  • neither is developpers fault that pw wants them to make cashgrabs items to sell for zen, company needs the money to keep game running and pay the developpers, always look forward when seeing overpowered items being sold that they will get nerfed in the future to stay on same output damage/performance of other…
  • check the debuff demogorgon applies on you
  • thaum now became a ap gain through smolder so it can cast faster daily powers, furious immolation on aoe and ice knife in single target
  • and tiamant aswell when we spam F on temple door xD good old days
  • LOL player complain that team doesn't fix stuff, they start fixing overperforming stuff and players complain even more if you are playing the game and your damage depends on the overperforming companion for "top" dps damage, you are definitly not skilled on the class you play
  • the fact they said demogorgon wont drop the rings makes me sad, would love to see a minor rework on these rings making it drop only as legendary drops, item level improved add small combined rating value, no raw stats added and equip bonus name is the same as the ring name, the weapon set increased item level, making this…
  • i think he means create an alt char that does all crafting and has all max inv bag upgrades max bank and shared bank slots, and has solo guild max upgraded with boons that that benefit professions, guild bank slots all opened thats most max crafter in game have nowadays
  • are telling me they are recycling those appearances for future modules?
  • - the invoking could be transformed to a daily login duration, were player is active on that character/account and it unlocks the rewards and stops timer if player logs off and continues the timer if player comes back on same day, resets each day; - the old dungeons need a hardcore reward like they did in vos and use…
  • @nitocris83 any chance players with the bands from before patch updates contact custom support to remove the btc ones from their account and give bta ones?