Official Feedback Thread: October Bugfix Month



  • aerthyn
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    Bug: Arcane Skill Nodes don't drop chipped mugs for the Explorer's Guild level 4 task (Not sure about the lower level tasks)
  • demonmonger
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    Bug: Unable to dye portabellos shirt sleeves (costume)

    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • spelldazer
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    Simril artifact at epic (purple) does not accept simril-only RP.
  • muminekm#3459
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    Simril artifact at epic (purple) does not accept simril-only RP.

    It doesn't work like described in the game? "Currently this item can be upgraded to epic using Simril refinement items (Lumens, [Spirit of Simril]) found during the festival, however further refinement (and upgrading) following Epic must be done like a regular Artifact of Union."
  • spelldazer
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    Where does it say that? I seem to remember it wasn't meant to work that way anyhow?
    I happened to be spammed by a simril gift in an ETOS pug the other day and had some simril rp clogging my inventory. Tried to stick in because it says that it can be used in Simril artifacts. Text should be updated if epic is WAI.
  • wizzy#0870
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    Please fix Sudden Storm and Icy Terrain not being able to hit Defiant Souls in Tomb of the Nine Gods.
  • mamalion1234
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    edited October 2017

    It doesnt say that can stack or it cant stack.
    The reality is stacks with its self more than 1 time( raerely and duration not so big) . So we need a clarification.

    Common sense would be it shouldnt stack but when i see powers like knee breaker to stack x3 times and other stuff yea we need clarification.

    p.s. and it stacks from all classes not just cw.
  • blur#5900
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    1. Tensers Combat power slow animation gets canceled if anything is used soon after activating.
    2. Teleport and CA granting companions dying at Dragon Turtle.
    3. Armor enchantment visuals. Add transparency scale?
    4. ITC activated during dodge or soon after goes on cooldown without granting its effect.
    5. Falling down from Ras Nsi's platform can respawn you at distant campfire.
  • lowjohn
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    Demogorgon Trial.
    Sometimes killing Gorristro too quickly ends in a silver reward not a Gold reward
    Whenever I see this it always seems to happen when he is killed while charging

    Demogorgon First Phase
    QoL request, pls have the game move on to the second phase once Gold has been reached. As someone who mains a tank it's irritating to tango with him for 2 minutes when the objective has already been reached.

    Anecdata: I've seen Goristro bug out when he's not charging. There was a bug (I believe already fixed) where you'd only get silver credit if he was killed by charging into a gold portal, but that's unrelated.

    And if you don't feel like tanking Demo, don't. Just let the others grab aggro, or die, after your team gets gold. Go sit at the campfire for 2 minutes. :)

  • manipulos
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    BUG: Both of the treasure chests at the end of Castle Never only reward bound-to-account rare items. By rare items I mean artifacts, companions, and mounts. In other dungeons these items are bind-on-equip.
  • lowjohn
    lowjohn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,061 Arc User

    Tomb of nine gods
    boss : Avatar of orcus.

    1.A single player can get all three buffs. ( ofcourse the dps will not take the zombies and bloody death together).

    This is WAI. How else are you supposed to solo him?

  • mamalion1234
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    lowjohn said:

    Tomb of nine gods
    boss : Avatar of orcus.

    1.A single player can get all three buffs. ( ofcourse the dps will not take the zombies and bloody death together).

    This is WAI. How else are you supposed to solo him?

    You cant solo orcus. Even if you manage to stay alive you will lose the shield for the balls from the damage you take.
    2nd you will get and the zombie buff that will reduce your damage vs orcus.

    BUT now lets talk about realistic situations the lowest damage dealer to get both zombies and temporary health abusing the bug.
  • arcanjo86
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    artifleur said:

    vida44 said:

    Last chest in Castle Never (the left one) needs special positioning for interaction.

    I believe the problem is you can't interact with the chest if someone else opened it but didn't choose his reward yet. I don't know of any other chest behaving in this way. A fix would be nice.
    yes this chest should be working like all other chest that let all players interact at same time, it semms the new team has a different metode of puting the interaction on chest, ELOL/VT/MC/ECC/EGWD/ETOS epic key chest lets all player interact at same tim, but after underdark got released all epic key chest have this horrible problem.
  • doriangreigh
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    I don't know if this has been discussed yet, there are 37 or so pages, but can someone please look into Sudden Storm for CW, it randomly does NO damage. In a game where people pretty much judge by numbers have 1 hard hitting encounter slotted that sometimes does nothing at all is a bit of a frustration.

    Fixing boss fights for Nostura in MSP is appreciated, I have no idea what causes it but sometimes the flames cannot be targeted.

    Fixing the boss fight Ras Nsi in the Tome of Nine Gods would be nice as well. Winning the fight only to get knocked off or somehow die from the boss having his last fits and finding you cannot loot the chest is a MAJOR aggravation.

    I have seen lots of good fixes coming, I hope these make it into the month of bug fixes.
  • arcanjo86
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    edited October 2017

    Compiled list from other TRs. Supported by groups, individuals, YouTubers and other individual TR players.

    Bug fixes:

    Stealth bar stops regenerating upon soulforge resurrection.

    Stealth bar stops regenerating with saboteur capstone if hit at the same time.

    ITC can be activated while dodging but does not work.

    Oppressive darkness does not give damage boost stated due to piercing damage not working properly.

    Shadowborn is triggered by DOTs instead of next activated attack.

    Duelist flurry does not count all swings if there is lag.  Including the bleeds if last swing lags.

    All powers do not proc weapon enchant(read this may be fixed)

    Delay when using smoke bomb after certain powers like ITC.

    Duelist flurry bleeds override each other and does not stack as stated.

    CC not effective at all on bosses and some mobs in chult(allosaur) low blows and skullcracker is rendered useless as it only procs on controlled.

    Bait and switch does not draw aggro over companion or caster even when stealth.

    Path of blades does not proc dot abilities, stuns, etc.

    Smokebomb will sound and go gray without cooldown clock occasionally due to lag.
    *Quote was editted by ctatumdev cause all the spaces made her sad.

    my tr when activating impossible to catch doesnt activate animation or any buff it should give, something is broken, and most tr damage encounters do not work with most of the weapons enchantments, notice lots of lagg while attacking pve stuff is basicly HAMSTER to play as tr
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  • mamalion1234
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    So my Raptor is a Epic Companion, Item level 100.
    With a Epic Eldritch Runestone Rank 8(9% pets stats to owner)item level 39

    2- epic Empowered runestones rank 9(+330 power) item level 48 each

    Rare alliance assault necklace(+383 power/+424 recovery w/radiant enchantment rank 5 for +140 power)item level 390 for necklace item level 23 for enchantment

    epic ensrcolled mulhorand sword knot(+396 power, +396 crit, +170 recovery, +170 deflection, w/ Radiant enchantment rank 7 for +230 power.
    knot item lvl 390, enchantment item lvl 32

    epic enscrolled mulhorand talisman(+396 power, +396 recovery, +170 deflection, +170 Regeneration with Radiant enchantment rank 7 for +230 power.) talisman item lvl 390, enchantment item lvl 32.

    now total item lvl for the companion and equipment attached is 1,492
    1,492 Divided by 9% is 166(165.7, round up)
    so i am supposed to be getting 1,657 total item lvl attached to my character.
    before said above is applied i am at 8,594, summoned I am at 9,986

    now 8,594 + 1,657 = 10,252(10,251.7 round up)
    which means i am 266(265.7 round up) below what I am supposed to be receiving

    that is by item level.

    now for the companion stats which are not adding up.
    before any items applied my raptors stats are
    +494 Power, +494 Critical strike, and +494 Armor penetration.
    my current stats with gear applied are

    2,156 power (supposed to read 2,829)
    547 critical strike (supposed to read 890)
    481 armor penetration (armor pen went down with gear applied, no armor pen stats on gear)
    518 recovery (supposed to be 990)
    56 deflect ( supposed to be 340)
    28 regeneration (supposed to be 170)

    at 9% to my stats i have as follows above,
    (without raptor summoned)
    20,387 power
    7,649 critical strike
    3,861 armor pen
    4,419 recovery
    468 deflect
    500 regenration

    this is what my stats are with it summoned as is
    20,619 power
    7,709 critical strike
    3,913 Armor pen
    4,416 Recovery
    473 deflect
    503 regeneration

    this is what my stats are supposed to be with my raptor
    summoned with the correct stats of raptors gear.
    2,829 at 9% = 314 power
    890 at 9% = 98 critical strike
    494 at 9% = 54 armor pen
    990 at 9% = 110 recovery
    340 at 9% = 37 deflection
    170 at 9% = 18 regeneration

    apply those to what I have before summon
    No summon / As is summoned / Correct stat with summon
    20,387 power 20,619 power 20,701 power
    7,649 critical strike 7,709 critical strike 7,747 critical strike
    3,861 armor pen 3,913 Armor pen 3,951 armor pen
    4,419 recovery 4,416 Recovery 4,529 recovery
    468 deflect 473 deflect 505 deflect
    500 regeneration 503 regeneration 518 regeneration

    So out of curiosity, anyone else's companion not giving them the correct applicable stats?
    *Quote was editted by ctatumdev cause all the spaces made her sad.

    The stats you see from mulhorand are the stats that would have if equiped by you not the companion.
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  • xxmantaraxx
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    Has the OP power Aura of Courage been looked at? I have built my character around maxing my HP to give my party members the max bonus damage from this aura. I was just recently playing with guild mates and it seams they were recieving much much less of the bonus damage that I was and each member was recieving a different amount of radiant bonus damage. The rumors I heard through Protectors Enclave zone chat was that the bonus damage was being based on a % of the party members health pool and not a % of my health pool as is displayed in the tooltip.

    Thanks for all the hard work! This is so awesome to see!

    Ara Atheanes GWF
    Traxus Atheanes GF
    Bastiel Atheanes DC
    Ellara Atheanes CW
    Keira Atheanes TR
    Sarasin Atheanes SW
    Jerkface McGee HR

  • inyawayupdeep
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    Not sure if anyone has reported this and/or I am the only one with this issue but I am unable to read the numbers on the paingiver screens as soon as they show up they scroll to the right and off the screen.
  • jumpingmorks
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    Using Adorable Pocket Pet or Lucky Tymora Coin blocks you from switching Loadouts.

  • kalina311
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    Using Adorable Pocket Pet or Lucky Tymora Coin blocks you from switching Loadouts.

    anything on timer on your tool belt breaks loadouts ... and cant be deeuipped to innovantory and put on cool down there .. granted someone can have 10 of some lower power / attack Item and keep cycle using multiples of them ... cause they are not flagged as unique(you can only have 1 ) once equipped like hunt items . so technically it is exploitable imagine being able to use 20 battle horns/ owlbear figurines . with no / little cool downs etc .....or at least imagine the devs imagining that lol .

    so if we want items on the toolbelt to be removable/ loadout friendly ... they would need to be flagged as such that you can only have one unique (clickable special item ) bound to character at a time and then they can be removed from your tool belt while on cool down.
    Then you cannot exploit a power/item etc by having multiples copies on mutiple cooldowns ..... the duplicates/ obtained as loot / grinded for / won // would be sellable or transferable to alts / storable in bank or mail etc ..

    even if fixed ..
    this also creates problems for people that already have multiples bound to one character for some redundant reason .. .. do they just go poof and disappear/ become unbound sellable ? should this be patched then with all these chain reaction effects ??

    ...or maybe new items should be created for the new and improved / loadout friendly tool belt with the unique status flag and they be able to be changed while on cool down .. and or add more tool belt slots :D

    regardless 10 min cools down on most belt items is very very very long (to lock a loadout in a dungeon while players are waiting ) compared to the boost/benefit they give in comparison to artifacts their effects/damage and their cooldowns timer comparatively
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  • chrizyfg#8136
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    These could have already been listed but...

    Mercenary Companion not proccing Protector's Camaraderie.
    MSVA boss Storvald gets bugged very often.
  • thefabricant
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    @sgrantdev to add to the report about Darkfire, Faerie Fire (the Menzo racial bonus) has the same stacking/refreshing inconsistencies, so if you change 1 you should look at both.
  • preechr#2215
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    artifleur said:

    Tank and Defender companions can steal aggro from BIS Paladins using all the threat building encounters and at wills. This has been easily repeatable. Companions should not vie for aggro with a Tank present in the group. Nor should it be able to so easily build more aggro on the invisible, unmeasurable, incalculable threat table.

    This is due to an undocumented taunt skill which steals aggro regardless of threat-levels. I agree that this is extremely problematic as soon as you have a real tank in your group and pretty much makes using any defender companion a bad idea. This skill needs to be replaced by some kind of threat generation buff. However, it isn't, stricto sensu, a bug.
    We'll need to think some more about whether we really want to change this, and if so, to what exactly.

    In the meantime, there's no good reason for "secret taunting", so I did go through every Companion power that taunts and make sure that its tooltip clearly states that it does so.
    Just for kicks, me and a 14k CW took 3 guys from our guild through Castle Never tonight that could only get in because of the item level restriction drop for private que, and we tried tanking Orcus with just my epic Laughing Skull and my Lira's Bell

    Though we had managed everything up to that point, after about 5 Orcus fails, I swapped to my GF so we could finish it

    There are a lot of complications to using a pet to tank a boss... they move, they get distracted, they will die, they lose aggro when their taunts expire...

    Back in the day our guild had managed such silliness with multiple tank pets, and while it worked ok, it still felt like a bit of an exploit... we only had one tank that could comfortably face Orcus back when he was meaner so we made do

    With a weak ranged party and several tank pets, especially if you can find a baby GF with a few points in Knights Valor, even old Orcus could be beaten without a tank, and one Lion can tank edemo all day long when a DC is controlling and healing him

    I'm on the fence...

    Quoting @tolkienbuff : "My only concern is that there may be tankless groups who Queue intentionally without a tank and use only pets to tank. If they don't have an option to allow pets to tank in groups, they will lose that possibility.

    I understand where you're coming from but I would prefer not to limit some people's playing experience but rather make a best for all style of change."

  • lazaroth666
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    Feedback: Regarding to the Tenser's Floating Disk (TFD)

    Could you please take a look to the activation time of the combat mount power? I own several legendary mounts which allowed me to test how fast it is possible to activate each one of them and the time required by the TFD is atrocious. It takes longer than the others and it has issues like being unable to cast it while using certain powers, you have to stand still too much time, sometimes it is not very responsive so you have to hit the button several times, which means that you are losing DPS and this doesn't makes any sense considering that you are basically spending a good amount of Astral Diamonds to get this mount so you can able to increase your damage output.

    Despite the wrong common knowledge that old mounts are balanced around <= activation time / usefulness =>, which tries to justify that long casting time, it is necessary to keep in mind that these combat powers are already balanced thanks to the 60 seconds cooldown. Otherwise, if we bring this theory to the mythic artifacts that also share a 60s cooldown, then the wheel of elements, the upcoming soul sight and a few others should also take much longer than 60s in order to activate them because their active power is far more useful than most of the other artifacts.

    TFD's activation time should be reviewed and optimized, up to a similar time as the those already employed by most mounts, nearly instantaneous like the T-Rex, Black Ice Warhorse, Imperial Rage Drake, etc.
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  • mamalion1234
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    Devoted cleric righteous bear your sins stack from different clerics.
    So in two clerics party the effectiveness is 20% if both have that feat.

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