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nitocris83 Community Manager

Please ensure that any messages left on my wall meet the forum rules/standards. Messages that don't will be removed.


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  • urtew3
    after seeing zone all theses years with no change why do you guys still allow spam to flow in it when there should be none cause after seeing LF5M LF10M and all the spam you let players create that you should of left all there spam in lfg for how you never chat ban them for flooding zone so what the point in having this channel if you cant ask or chat in so dumb
    February 19
  • rykkardo
    Hello! I have an idea for a storyline that would combine a few dots, take a look if you like :)

    February 9
  • fiercebane
    I was wondering if there could be an source to know the login screen soundtrack, because it is soo epic!
    i would like to have it in my audio while play the game/s if it is possible ( insert headbanging with music in background).
    Thanks for reading, have a good day.
    February 2
  • goro#8655
    Hi Julia.
    Regarding the lunar event quests I was able to reset and complete year of the rat quests on 4 of last years participants but only because I played with the order I spoke with Isse and Taishi and also because I ignored the incorrect quest status indicator over Isse's head. Note I have not shared any of this year's lunar event quests and am pretty sure I never shared any of last years either. Based on your posting it appears there is still something messed up with quest state managment centered around Isse.
    February 1
  • madrigal#2900
    todays 'fix' for slow companions has nerfed the warlock soul puppet, you attack a boss, and shadow slip around to avoid the 'red' thats our mechanic..while the puppet attacks too..only now if i shadow slip 20 feet away it breaks combat and teleports to me, then stands there like a lemon until i take damage before it engages..this leaves me the option of standing toe-to-toe and slugging it out, but i am not a tank
    January 30
  • nitocris83 earned the 100 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 100 Insightfuls. When you're liked this much, you'll be an MVP in no time!
    January 28
  • airphoenix78
    Wanted to wish you a happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do!
    December 2019