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nitocris83 Administrator

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  • wylonus
    sorry to bother, i didnt want to post bug report for Merchant prince's folly.
    on my first run, only did for questline, we killed t-rex, i was bit slow and love exploring, when i get to chest to claim my loots, t-rex respawn near the end where i open the chest, it didnt let me collect and i was forced to kill, took me awhile solo, and went to chest and collect since my bag were just about overflow, and leave asap.

    few weeks later, after i got more expert on layout, this is report i want to let you know asap. i just sensed one pug non guilded group stayed after looting the chest rewards, they camp respawning t-rex for higher grade drops or xp grind, i dont know.
    this remind me of old water seed quest in ebon down's seed gathering with endless crabs respawning and i reported about 2 years ago and they fixed them as 1 time spawn.
    i am surprised a new respawn bug is back. i feel it would be exploit, i discuss with my guild leaders that not recommended to farm. thanks
    February 12
    • mimicking#6533
      Wylonus- thanks for the feedback- I'll have the team take a look into it- sounds like a respawn timing issue.
  • steven#5497
    id like for someone to look into aura of truth in pallys.. i noticed when in omu hunting rares, or in fane getting your noche cache it will not drop your rare drop or your noche chest .. even if it shows it when opening the chest to grab the cache.. just think u guys should into it.. it only does it when i run aura of truth and aura of courage.. th anks
    February 12
  • dreadulus
    I am sorry to have posted that thread. But many are in the dark. They want to blame the company, so I was offering alternate possibilities as to why we are having these issues. I have also had to keep posting on the authenticate server thread, to keep it on the front page, as most only look there.

    I will digress, as you seem to have it under control. Again ty, for posting an update.
    February 7
  • libbyloo12#0814
    How come still can't log in ?

    February 7
  • teamstephon
    why do you guys always have to ruin the game by taken things out that was great cause after you removed 2x seals that i haven't been able to get my self armor for months so why couldn't you not just give us 30 seals of brave in river district to barovia while given us as well cache of brave before you removed this cause now i have no way to get armor now why i find this to be useless without this event
    January 30
  • tornnomar
    I have the 1 token after Friday mornings patch but am unable to obtain any more tokens past that initial token. This is on the four characters that I am running this event on.
    Corrective action is needed here.
    January 28
  • teamstephon
    i know i have done many post on the form about the dragon for how i haven't seen the kind of change i wanted to see cause when i see a players causing nothing but bullying on the dragons that i just don't find them to be funny at all when they cause a player to rage cause if you did something nice on dragons and did not allow bullying on them anymore that i bet the dragon spin would stop and bring players back to them if we did not have to see this anymore
    January 26
  • sh00th3r3#1554
    Good morning Miss Julia,
    I apologize for writing on your wall, I think I am too new to the forum to start a post, and I wasn't sure this question warranted a support ticket, but I wanted to ask you something about the Neverember Recruitment event. First of all, love the event, but as far as the Runic bag goes, in the event description it implies that it's account bound and BoE to character, however when I earned mine it was character bound already. Is that as intended? Also, same question about the Maze Engine signet, will that also be character bound? I bought 4 slots to make new toons but don't want to grind out the early campaign if it doesn't really help my main toons. I do really like the idea of the event though :) Sorry to have bothered you with stupid questions, have a good day!
    January 22
  • andorrabell
    Hello nitocris-- It's been a long time since Mod 15 release and we *still* cannot turn in +1 versions of items for the MasterWork quests. Every week I check the patch notes and every week I'm dissapointed. Could we please get confirmation that this is being worked on? There are multiple ways to fix this. I *tried* getting normal items but with enough proficiency to make them I just kept wasting huge amounts of AD to turn out +1 items no one wants to buy.

    Please, an update or something? I've bug reported the quests, I've sent in tickets.. if there is a dev comment about this somewhere already I apologize.

    Thanks for your time,
    Andorra Bell, The Holy Crusaders, Relentless Alliance.
    January 17
  • teamstephan
    since we haven't seen any fixes while changes to the disappearing armor while fashion can we not have at least not have the visuals added to the armor while fashion so we can either remove the bottom pieces in are choice cause I sure would like to see female underwear added as well to south sea and sun elf bottoms for how I don't like how they just disappears off my toon really bugs me
    January 3
  • everyturtle076#6735
    my neverwinter wont let press the play button and i can not do anything
    December 2018
  • maurice#1992
    Ok, my situation is this: I haven't received the refinement pack or the wolf mount, not to mention 1 Blood Ruby and a couple other things. Would there be any way for me to get these items? I would greatly appreciate a respone. Thank you, Jamie Banks
    December 2018
  • fuerte3
    Hello, regarding this:
    I have created only tickets in-game, but I don't see them anywhere.
    Should I create ticket in web site support?
    December 2018
    • kreatyve
      Yes, submit it via the site.