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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • socioloquero#1235
    when it gonna be available a version in spanish? because it´is very discriminatory, that you can find the game in every language but spanish.
    April 1
  • nitocris83
    nitocris83 earned the 250 Agrees badge.
    You received 250 Agrees. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    April 1
  • krzywozgryz
    Can you resolved https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/1259980/fashion-slot-head? I try fix this bug half year.
    March 24
  • xykoda#9836
    Can we have an update as to what istaking so long for the european severs please?
    March 17
  • niklilly#0856
    How long do we wait ... "these of us" who are on PS4 consoles? It's been 25 hours since you shut down the server - for all this frustration on our part, what will we receive as a reward for this long wait? You should put the drop rate higher than each of us with a single VIP key to receive a mythical mount.
    March 17
  • hakujin#8111
    I keep seeing updates on the console versions of the crash issue. Is there any update on when the PC version will again be available? Still can't log in. Thanks
    March 17
  • hera#1785
    Hello and sorry to bother, but i have a big problem ! Yesterday morning i received an email that informed me i was banned for botting, below was written to contact support if i fell suspension was made in error. I did, but no one answered. I haven't used any botting program, i haven't done nothing wrong, still i got banned. What is worse also my boyfriend account is banned , maybe because we play from same ip address. So what should i do? How to fix this error ?
    March 5
  • coolgeek357
    Legacy Campaign still showing Fury of the Feywild, Please fix

    Love the Owl
    February 27
  • darkwren#6162
    Please Please Please give us an option to disable all our gear slots in game it would make it a lot easier to come up with a look we like , theres nice items that cant be seen good but if we could disable visuals on chest gear foot gear hand gear so on . We already have the option of hiding our neck head shirt and pants would it be so hard to add that option to the rest and thank you ! Shar is great by the way !
    February 25
  • justmarionette#6941
    Hi, can you please write me? I have some question about game support, looks like we stuck with them.
    Thank you in advance and sorry for bothering you.
    February 20
  • ruckus42069#4940
    Fane of the Night Serpent constant crash at Fenthaza, not able to complete the quest!
    February 11
  • snipedse#6340
    heyyy just letting you know ive been crashing a ton in ebon downs and vellosk anytime i engage enemies. Ive only been playing for two weeks spent a little bit of money on here too.. I love the game but ill only continue to love it if i can continue to play! Especially when I'm trying to take advantage of the 2x XP event..
    February 10
  • jaakal#3133
    HI Julia.I have a bug with my Stats.Crit sev and crit strike and accuracy always the same.Whether i am in combat or stand still.i play rogue on XBox.This bug is only by the rogue.My other chars dont have that.Goristos helmet and the ribcage do not stack.Can you help me pls?
    February 10