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  • sirkus1313
    Would it be possible for Cryptic to get their act together? I know things have changed and I get that things need to be fixed, etc., but in doing so you are upsetting people to the point of leaving the game. I find this sad because it is a good game. I have enjoyed this game for about 7 years now. I have muddled thru the changes some have been just great, some have been hard to get used to. The companion thing that came out today has now made so many mad that I am afraid I will be losing some great players in my guild and the alliance I am in. Things fall thru the cracks......someone forgot to mention it in patch notes.....whatever the case is...... changes happen. I do agree that more transparency is needed and that things need to be fixed. Also, you can't expect ALL classes to be exactly the same cause they are not. A bard isn't going to do more damage than a rogue or a barbie. I wish you luck and hope people don't leave. Thanks for listening.
    September 23
  • ebonmoon13
    i've been getting a black screen at the character selection...to make a long story short...i did a driver cleanup of my gpu...intel hd graphics...2000,i believe...when i got my computer to run again...it was using the basic intel graphic driver...i logged on to never winter...and it loaded...and when the dragon/cryptic screen was showing...it showed loading on the bottom...it never flickered...and the character screen appeared and it showed everything...but it was choppy...i updated my intel driver to intel hd graphics and it went back to showing a black screen on the character screen...i don't claim to be an expert...but it seems something is preventing the textures from being completely loaded...i can't even imagine what...just thought i'd let you know...
    September 9
    • strathkin
      STO had that problem or one very similar that started May 25, and it just recently seems to have been resolved in the last few weeks.
    • strathkin
      It also effected Nvidia card's as well.
  • paddys92021#4825
    Hi not sure if this is a bug, but currently on xbox since the release of m21 it is not possible to apply reinforcement kits on armor or jewelry. The kits state the item must have a minimum level requirement of 35 but with the update thats not possible, and so the kits will not let you apply them to any gear. Wondering if there is a fix planned for this and if so possible time frame.
    Thank you very much, have a great day.
    August 31
  • terribadone#0720
    Is there a reason we can't get the pvp queue to pop. It says avg wait time not available and my friend was in the queue for 2 hrs. Is there something we have to do to unlock it or is it just get lvl 20?
    August 29
  • hawkrider#5517
    Hi i've been told to report a bug on forum but cant figure it out but since mod 21 went live i've been unable to move around in combat, yet out of combat i can move around perfectly fine so am just posting here to make other's aware of a combat bug.
    August 27
  • charles#6691
    Hello, with this last update it seems that some of the graphic are much worse. Examples would be above NPC where an exclamation point would be now has a very large yellow box covering half the NPC. When activating encounter powers, my toon and a large portion of the screen is covered over with a large blank spot that lasts a second or 2 making it hard see anything. Is anyone else seeing this?
    August 26
  • grumpy#9072
    Hi there, when is the fix happening to allow Bards to access campaign store weapons eg Mirage, hell bringer? The campaign stores just show as empty it really is spoiling playing a Bard
    August 26
  • ohhhsodankyy#6945
    I don’t understand why you guys would bring back the best Barbarian transmute (greatsword of the shadow wolf) back to the game and make it bound to character and also make it to where you can’t replay the adventures on older toons been around 5 years waiting for y’all to bring that sword back and when you do you pull this smh ggs ggs
    August 24
  • softwolftr#5468
    After patch i cant start my game. It says Unable to start game client...
    August 24
  • kireivo#1613
    Hi, Arc Games Support told me submit this bug here, so lastly i got an issue with rogue ability which is Bait and Switch. When i use it being in stealth mode it should refill the stealth bar and make my clone, but when i use it while making a roll it doesnt do anything and got an cooldown.
    August 14
  • rhobar#5303
    can you fix this in module 21 we have no task gather chomponents in maze engine champagne

    August 9
  • rhobar#5303
    can you fix this in module 21 we have no task gather chomponents in maze engine champagne

    August 9
  • gputz#4291
    Where did my coalesced magics disappear to? One Char lost over 3500.
    August 8
  • theironbuddha#9449
  • raven2wolf#0654
    when will the game be back up and running? because I'm on the east coast
    August 5
  • nitocris83
    nitocris83 earned the 1,000 LOLs badge.
    You received 1,000 LOLs. The more you post, the more people like it. Keep it up!
    August 4
  • beyondempty#3179
    Still broke and the gaming relationship with arc is still a regrettable experience
    August 3
  • rhobar#5303
    can you fix this in module 21 we have no task gather chomponents in maze engine champagne

    July 31
  • inyawayupdeep
    do they know more people than not cant get the crafter this year to make the saha ball, it isn't showing up in the workshop, been chatting with 3 others and only one of us has a crafter
    July 30
  • fghgjfg2fg54581
    So why did we get an exchange for Experience boosters and not Tomes of Experience?
    July 28