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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • kerare#5654
    hi can you please direct me what it takes to actually get thru to customer service? tried on forum /in game link/even link thru google? i purchased a "full buyout event hell pit -got 21 of first token 1 last token 0 flames tokens ...did the package change, not actually what i read or again not a FULL buyout or missing more fine print? i cant look now to see,as its removed from option to even show it. but once again ticket sent shows does not exist? no ticket at all after again confirmed sent, and like last 5 other issues in game about money spent/account issues, my last now so done , i EXPECT no reply or action to correct yet again. as to date that has been my only customer service experience! no service exists lol,so in game link /forum link or thru internet what magic wand do i lack.
    November 29
  • aryasvitskona21
    Is the faithful initiate ever going to be fixed? The one you can buy in the zen market gives outgoing healing that says faithful initiate's wisdom. Whereas, the in game epics from the auction house gives defense while saying cleric's wisdom.
    November 22
  • coolgeek357
    Change that. When visual disabled it acts like you have no items in the appearance library for that slot. do not know if this is by design but is confusing.
    November 16
  • coolgeek357
    also lost Cape of Catastrophe I must have this back. I goes back the when the game was in beta and reset.
    November 16
  • coolgeek357

    Have a bug to report and help to request. I was converting items to the appearance library on my wizard, Champion Mage head piece (not available in game now), dragon born head piece and fools crown etc. They have not shown up in my appearance library. :'( I would really like to get my Champion Mage head piece back as it is part of a set I have kept.
    November 16
  • cubfaced1#6271
    the traveling performers breathe fire doesn't burn or catch opponents on fire.. also when in battle he doesn't move much. plz help .. i'm on xbox live as nimrod29045..
    thank u for your time
    November 13
  • borast
    FYI - your announcement regarding the Flash Sale...
    Apparently the sale will be longer than you thought? 6 years longer?
    You had it listed starting Thur 31 Oct, and ending Fri 31 Oct...and the next time *that* happens is 2025.
    October 31
  • teamstephon
    i'm having issues with players that are causing me problems after they wont stop making fake tickets about me and after getting one on my pally and getting one on my Rogue that i'm noticing how they will not let me play for how annoying it is for how i would like to see there fake tickets get deleted
    October 29
  • demonmonger
    October 21
  • aandrethegiant
    Can we get some love in this thread? Thanks in advance Nitocris! https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/comment/13129413
    October 21
  • yau9
    @tinman11#8388 is hostile attitude racist ,misogynistic and death threats, also send you pictures of his pms. Thank you very much
    October 15
  • ysbethedinn
  • ysbethedinn
    Hi Julia - I have a serious issue with a player making serious death threats toward my guild leader and andother member of my alliance. I have screenshots and the like but I am unsure of where or to whom I should report these issues. The threats are quite graphic and severe and are more than troublesome. Both women threatened are obviously quite concerned. The player making threats is
    October 15