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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • lobo#0863
    Hi! I have posted this on forum, but I am sending it to you directly as well, just in case if you miss it ;)

    Our guild friend has level 55 and she used to do random dungeon queues with us many times, we helped her level up this way and she was making astral diamonds to buy herself some stuff on the market. Now she can't join a random queue anymore, cause requirement for item level went up to 15.000 in new patch! This is stupid, she is level 55 and her item level is just over 10.000 (even though we helped her with it a lot), so imagine a new player, who just started to play this game and has no help from a guild, how can he/she make the most important currency in the game??? It makes totally no sense to me, to raise the bar so high. It looks like the privilege of making astral diamonds and buying from the auction is reserved to the highest levels now, but what about the little ones?
    Please do something about it.
    Kind regards!
    January 23
  • andyblum#1018
    Hi!!! I´m havin some troubles with my PC in the game since The patch delivered today...My total Item level went donw deeeeeeeply, I don´t know what happened but now I cannot fight with nobody in Fiery Pit or almost anywhere from the Evil campaigne! I have being dieying the whole time I tried to play today...can you help me with this?
    January 21
  • aodfireraven
    the new coal ward bundle sale needs to be updated with the current timeframe. It currently shows oct.
    December 2020
  • jjmm4
    Unfortunately, I just missed the Bonus Zen event for 29000 Zen for $200.00 can you tell me when that will happen again? I think anyone spending $200.00 should receive that bonus year round. it would encourage myself and others to make that purchase more often as a Perk for every $200 purchase. The lower purchasing options for $100 or less would just follow your normal sales bonuses. Thanks.
    December 2020
  • arfabrain#7502
    How do I uninstall the Preview server - I've not really enough disk space for it?
    December 2020
  • kulverin
    More grinding to get three pieces of Divine Ward armor set, then even more grinding to get Duchess's Blessing only to find that the armor pieces cannot be upgraded because

    You cannot exchange this item until all slotted enchantments have been removed

    Too bad you can't remove an armor kit from an item. So this armor set is un-upgradable unless you never armor kitted it. Thanks for telling me.

    Please get this fixed or at least reimburse my 30,000 Zariel's Favor so I can buy another fresh set and try the upgrade(s) again.

    Nito, can you imagine how frustrating it is to grind for the upgrade on my pitiful Vanguard Fighter only to get frog stomped at the Citadel Forge??

    November 2020
    • kulverin
      Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20201025a.11 says this is fixed! Thanks Nito and all the devs!
    • kulverin
      Confirmed fixed! Bonus points for not destroying the armor kit during the upgrade!
  • prodekol#5203
    Currently, players can purchase Divine Armor for other classes in the Redeemed Citadel but they become character-bound, which completely defeats the purpose of this vendor. Every other seal vendor in the game where you can view/purchase gear for other classes, those are account-bound. Now, a lot of people are stuck with armor pieces that their character can't use or transfer to an alt. Raised this to customer service, and they noted it's a bug (Ticket #359493).

    Given Divine Armor is current to this mod and is the best armor some people can attain, and many are actively working toward it (based on posts on your wall and the forums), can you provide a response regarding the ETA on addressing this and what the resolution is for those who already purchased and now have unusable character-bound items (this is a lot of Zariel's Favor that was spent)? Will there be a fix or method for reimbursement?
    November 2020
    • prodekol#5203
      Also, per customer support, I posted in the forums here, responding to someone else's thread - they already raised the issue: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/1258671/items-for-other-classes-bound-to-character