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  • krzywozgryz
    Are you kidding me? 1 year with bugg, and you nothinkg do with that, i write too you about my fashion lower body bugg.
    June 10
  • canuck1


    May 3, 2021, 20:21 PDT


    This was the video from the live stream.

    Near the end of the video at 1:14:08 Julia Fredrickson announces canadadude1972 has won the mount.

    I was not sent a code or given a reference number - I was just told to email [email protected] which I did the same day I won.

    I have attached a photo showing my twitch screen with my name in the top right canadadude1972

    I have sent 2 emails and have not received and answer or the mount.

    I am @canuck1972 account
    May 5
  • fuxion#7775
    Thank you for the update around PVP system finally getting some attention ..its 10 years overdue and soo awesome !!

    I believe you guys are gonna rock this if i see what has been done with last two mods on PVE front :)

    This is a good day !! Amazing wonderful news really !

    April 21
  • evanb4455
    Hello, my loot from chests from dungeons is bugged and i am unable to receive loot from any chest on now three of my characters. What occurs is that is consistently shows the loot from the dungeon that it bugged on and does not allow to me reroll any new chests as it is stuck. For example i ran a vault of stars on both my tank and ranger and at the end of the dungeon it allowed me to both reroll and take my chest, it then proceeded to not give me anything while taking my keys and rerolls. I then went into a different dungeon and the chest showed the loot from vault of stars and continued to have the greyed out reroll icon and continued to give me nothing. I though this was just a bug from VoS, however it recently affected my cleric in a lair of the mad mage, now showing the corresponding loot in any content i run on the character and not allowing me to collect any loot. It is currently affecting three of my characters and I have no idea how to correct it.
    April 20