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nitocris83 Administrator

Please ensure that any messages left on my wall meet the forum rules/standards. Messages that don't will be removed.


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  • soulseeker#1880
    Where can we find the link to yesterdays Stream?
    April 17
  • rysiek86
    Good day. I posted a thread in Wizard Feedback on prewiew shard section around 20:00 05.04.2019. I saw a mistake and wanted to edit the text. After i posted it again the whole text disappeared :( is there a way to put it back there again ?? I am sorry if it is not your concern or duty to respond for such question. If theres other person who could help me with the problem Im looking forward to any support :) Have a nice day :)
    April 6
  • teamstephon
    after seeing the 2x seals come back why couldn't you guys not give us at least 40 cause after seeing that in Barovia and not having fun in this event that all it did was made me stop playing so why couldn't you guys not make up for this to make the seals better very disappointed
    March 30
  • mallofin
    I am not able to travel to the new undermountain starting location on my GWF. Toons name is Revenge [email protected] I have been able to travel there on three other characters but cant go there on Revenge. Please advise. I have logged, exited the game, restarted to no avail. Is there an IL gate or something I am missing?

    Please advise. Thanks in advance
    March 17
  • dillygirl
    Hey, I can't figure out what sub forum to post this to since there is no thread about this news article in News, but I hope you can help since you post most of the threads there. And apparently you wrote this news article.

    In the New Digital Wallpapers news article the link to the Desktop 3840x2160 beholder picture (bottom picture) points to the Desktop 2560x1600 picture instead. Can you please update the post with the correct image link?

    Now that I'm talking to you anyways, would you consider making dual monitor backgrounds? In the past, especially the stronghold background that had a knight on the right and a kid sitting on a wall on the left was very good on my dual monitors. The dragon from these new ones does not.
    March 8
  • svaba83
    Leaving here on Wall things that bother me and make me quit regular from time to time Neverwinter.
    Things that bother me the most here ingame is following. Campaigns doing it on one character then again on another is madness.After playing Elder Scrolls Online with their champion system what is shared across all characters is good.Here in neverwinter Campaigns its fixed per character sorry but i will always quit game cause it....Forced to run circles around every day again and again.Just to unlock Campaigns boons.Another one Artefact's why just WHY i must level sane artefact's again and again on each char!!!! WHY in nine hells i cannot just get upgraded and leveled unlocked purchase it from the NPC in Protectors Enclave.There is so many annoying functions that kills off playing the game.Game lacks content you breeze trough every quest in few days.Then you stuck weeks running circles doing daily missions for boons.Not to mention low drop chances and you stuck as normal player.....
    March 1
  • magekazin#3980
    Sorry for writing on your wall there, but since no one will answer any of the postings I thought I'd try asking you directly. The Yojimbo companion has a flaw one of it's attacks has it dash through and enemy and stop on the other side. If the enemy is by an edge Yojimbo dies and needs to be resummoned which is impossible in boss battles. And yes there are more then enough of said boss battles that this is a problem, FBI MSPC T9G CoDG (basically 4 out of 5 of the hardest). I saw in the past that there was a patch to fix companions with similar skills, can we get one for this companion? It only seems fair to quickly put out such a patch as this companion could only be bought with Zen. Thank you for your time.
    February 27
  • wylonus
    sorry to bother, i didnt want to post bug report for Merchant prince's folly.
    on my first run, only did for questline, we killed t-rex, i was bit slow and love exploring, when i get to chest to claim my loots, t-rex respawn near the end where i open the chest, it didnt let me collect and i was forced to kill, took me awhile solo, and went to chest and collect since my bag were just about overflow, and leave asap.

    few weeks later, after i got more expert on layout, this is report i want to let you know asap. i just sensed one pug non guilded group stayed after looting the chest rewards, they camp respawning t-rex for higher grade drops or xp grind, i dont know.
    this remind me of old water seed quest in ebon down's seed gathering with endless crabs respawning and i reported about 2 years ago and they fixed them as 1 time spawn.
    i am surprised a new respawn bug is back. i feel it would be exploit, i discuss with my guild leaders that not recommended to farm. thanks
    February 12
    • mimicking#6533
      Wylonus- thanks for the feedback- I'll have the team take a look into it- sounds like a respawn timing issue.
    • steven#5497
      with all these changes we should all think of the faCt thaT the community player base is at a major loss for the last 6 months. less and less players more leaVing the game and i think for the most part the players who where in the hunt exploit learned there lessons and you made your point known.. its been months with everyone to notice there is a huge loss of players let alone players to run CR and other content without costing alot of scrolls .. the release of the perma ban users who didnt do any videos or pages on how to do it should be getting another chance and show a bit of trust cause if think we are not worried bout this big change your wrong.. we are really worried due to the issues over the pass . to get a little u got to give a little. we need these numbers to rise cause at this point.. the game is taking a fall and is almost at a loss where no one wants to play.. ask any of your community members how they feel that lack of users are at higher levels are trying to run any good content.. this is a huge change to take in.. this would help show the community that cryptic cares about its community and players and they are not just a $money sign . hope to see this makes it to get a chance to be taken to the feed back cause you asked and im giving my feed back as in i been here for almost 3 yrs and beleaVe me we notice the lack in players.. please help bring your game back alive and make a good choice to forgive them. .. just my feed baCk..
  • asa#5821
    With the new changes coming ... ecspecially the removal of Recovery , what will be done to replace these stats ? Like Silvery Enchantments , or other Enchants like Cruels that have 1/2 its stats as Rec , and how can you be sure it will be stats we need ? Will there be an exchange system available to change in Enchants that aren't BOUND to account or Character ? Thnx for your time .
    February 22
  • pistaaa1996
    I cant get my coins today, instead i get it in my inventory which i cant open. My daily acquired is 0/45, but i have 3 items after my x5, x4, x1 runs. ticket ID #4,826,757
    February 21
  • holysmight#2981
    With all the changes coming in next mod and the removal of some resist stats. Will dwarf racial perks be changed so we’re not getting the short end of the axe compared to other races perks. I prefer to keep my pally a dwarf but the perks have always felt lacking or appear not to work for my tank. Dot resist and knock back resist really doesn’t stack up well to humans extra points. And really can’t even tell if they’re working as intended. While I understand the trees will be changed as well I assume you get what I mean. I’ve played a dwarf since I started playing table top DND back in the 80’s and any other game with the option. How about a little battlerager love here.
    February 20
  • mike#1362
    hi all just want to no when the new twitch prime is coming out it says on the 18th but that was yesterday and it is still not there can anybody let me no plz
    February 19