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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • shantiel316
    Its 8:13 central time here, does it look like the server will be up soon? Thankyou
    July 11
  • magicalus#5522
    Hello, I have a few questions :)
    Will the Polish version of the game ever be resumed? I know that the current situation in the world is not favorable, but at the same time more people are sitting at home. Because they have nothing to do, many Poles will play computer games and probably many of them would like to play Neverwinter if they could do it in their native language.
    When choosing a deity, would could choose between good/unaligned or bad? Choosing a god does not have a major impact on the game, but adds to its atmosphere. Probably many players would like to be able to play the drow worshiper Lolth, or a character with a Cyric tattoo (as far as I remember, one can choose it in the game), worshiping this god. And besides, could you introduce the option of not choosing any deity if you want to play an atheist?
    And thirdly:
    Could enter the option of playing the "evil" character, and thus additional dialog options, for example, entering into a deal with the demon instead of fighting him, or refusing to help some NPC. After all, it happens that player characters do not always act quite lawfully or morality, for example when they rob someone innocent. And such an option would certainly add pleasure to the game to those who do not always want to act nobly. It would also be a nice nod to fans of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, where the player always had a choice between acting like a villain or a hero.
    July 8
  • rawchelle
    I gave it a fair run before judging. But stacking an abyssmal RNG on another RNG? I couldn't tell you how many mobs I've farmed and how many maps I've opened. I've spent almost every evening since release just farming and when your mates receive their mainhand on their first map? I'm happy for them, but honestly, its just defeating. I'm ready to put the game aside beyond completing my weekly currency cap.

    The RNGs should be limited to unbound items, in my opinions, so at least you have an option to farm currency, such as AD, to purchase in the AH.

    There's a guarantee programmed into the refinement process after so many attempts. I'm not a programmer, but I can imagine using similar programming to guarantee one of your class weapons after opening so many maps. This at least cuts back on one of the RNG's, and setting a goal to achieve, and end in sight if you will, while still being at the mercy of only one RNG god.

    TLDR; Double stacking RNGs=Frustrating, defeated.
    July 6
  • hobbynob#3578
    error code 31
    the game or download will not go any beyond this point
    June 30
  • vendrick666#8823
    Love NW, got the wings(seductive shirt)for my DC, bought 5000zen to support you!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    June 27
  • vendrick666#8823
    Love NW, got the wings(seductive shirt)for my DC, bought 5000zen to support you!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    June 27
  • spartan3121#9063
    Any word on when we will be able to open our mount packs ?
    April 3
    • loneokie#8365
      This is a question I am wait for a clear answer on as well.
    • fluxie#9149
      i dont know about you but i refuse to ask anyone when i can open my mouth, believe one way or another ive always got it packed in
    • jj737#1281
      me to
  • bawkru
    been trying to buy zen for about 16 hrs now just so i can get the legendary pack from the zen market and have had no luck i sent in 2 tickets ( since i split the cost between 2 cards ) and i haven't had any response yet or from forums ... by the time u probably get this it will be to late sadly
    April 9
  • jj737#1281
    you cool be bff
    June 12
  • thewanted#5847
    A request to improve Dps-Cleric
    Can you guys please make Angel of Death available at 20 stacks & increase the damage done by 1- or 2 % while activated.
    Gaining burning judgment is a pain in the azzz, let us gain it faster, also divinity goes really fast so makes Forgemaster almost useless, please increase our divinity a bit.
    June 1
  • thewanted#5847
    Can anyone pls explain me scaling content. I managed to cap my armor pen, accuracy, & critical up to 85k. What are the caps to queue for Req or Trial 68k or 80k & What's the cap for Tomm 80k?

    Do I need different loadouts with different caps to can play old content, make my character weaker?, thanks in advanced.
    May 31
  • cikipoki
    Hi.Will there be any news about fixing Bel bar on the Russian server?Before the update, the bar was stuck at 64 percent for 4 days,after the update,everything was reset and stuck at 0 percent.No matter what you do, the bar doesn't fill up.
    May 22
  • irishchick3309
    Is it intended whilst killing insurgencies you have to be the player that kills it i.e. last hit on it before you can gain a % of you absorbed magic.

    If intended then it is nearly impossible to gain your 20% cap per day. Given that you have to wait for an hour to attempt this and even with that literally a few mins later Bel bar has been charged again. So having waited for an hour I gained nothing during the insurgency phase.

    If not intended is a fix being worked on for this?
    May 16
  • ruigat911
    May 15
  • deanski07
    I have the green amulet,went into portal to insurgency solo,there were other people there,but i helped kill the mobs then the boss,got 0 charge. So then Bel was up and i went in and killed him solo.Now i cant find any portal to insurgence to go into to try and charge amulet which is still at zero charge.
    May 14