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nitocris83 Community Manager

Please ensure that any messages left on my wall meet the forum rules/standards. Messages that don't will be removed.


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  • phoenix#5013
    Good Morning Julia alias @nitocris83 .

    Is there any chance to ged an interview for my guild Kriegerhaus der Germanen als guildspotlight to post it from yourside on arcgames.com in german and english speaking forum?
    please give me fast response.

    Many Thanks
    greetings Munic alias @phoenix#5013
    October 16
  • jim5769
    I completely missed Milestone I, and am still working on Milestone 2. I bought the Reforger's Blessing for Milestone 2 because it said we could complete it at our own pace...how will progress for Milestone 2 work after Milestone 3 opens tomorrow? Do both progress bars fill up at the same time?
    October 13
  • jjmm4
    Is there any plan to fix the abysmal chances for getting the Battle Worn Metal Rod to drop. the RNG for boss to appear and then the RNG for rod to drop is extremely low chance which is very aggravating. Please greatly increase the chance for the boss to appear and this Rod to drop even if you didn't do the most damage and/or get the kill shot. You could fix these drop rates and/or allow it to also be purchased from the same vendor as the other rod. Thanks
    October 12
  • kings7711#4652
    Julia I won a verdurous lion mount on reddit from a contest from Enyo u/Yopuka and the code was used by someone else it got taken somehow before it got it to me and I am unable to claim it. I was just reaching out to you to see if there is any help I can get with this. Thank you for taking the time. Respectfully.
    October 10
  • fuxion#7775
    Chris ,

    Why has the Clingy Chest Piece bug on Whisperknife Rogue not been fixed ?

    The core PVP community has also spent money and earned the right to have a fair fight right ?

    Now you have BIS players getting wrecked by low item lvl Rogues because of the bug .. its absolutely disgusting to watch and really not fair towards players...

    Why has it not been fixed ? Can you please just fix the bug ?

    Please ?
    October 8
  • nova#2476
    Please fix the wizard class, I know you guys are planning on improving the Thaumaturge paragon, but the other one, Arcanist, still underperforms almost all other dps classes by a lot. It is also very glitchy, with some class features not working. In addition, literally almost all the feats are useless for endgame.
    October 8
  • ruigat911
    When will the reward change tokens be issued on the russian server (or is this a privilege of the euroserver only), or are we passing by again, as with the donate promotion?
    October 6
  • da99ykane#3759
    I have posted multiple support tickets for this issue. They keep closing them as resolved but the issue is not resolved. Account Infernal War Machine Legendary. Is on my character Kane the Giant none of my alternate characters are able to get it from the claims agent.
    October 3
  • bresaady
    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this. Companions have a way other then color to identify their rarity when inspecting them, they show bolster % and max rank. Mounts on the other hand do not have a way to identify their rank besides their color (unless it's legendary or higher) as there is no bolster % indicated when you inspect them. Is this something that can be implemented for players who are colorblind?
    September 30
  • fuxion#7775
    a transmute (zen) store would be great ! which includes older campaign/mod weapons and armour (Transmute only) and maybe a place where fashion can reside too .... everybody wins ?
    September 29
  • fuxion#7775
    I could add more text below .. Apologies

    I would be forever thankful if you can run this past the devs etc

    I will really even pay zen just for the transmute ... but i would rather kill myself than farm a dungeon tht has such a bad drop rate on reagents for weapons tht no body in the game will ever use

    makes sense ?

    Thanks so much

    September 29
  • fuxion#7775
    Hi Chris

    I hope you doing well :)

    I im over 30k item level but just want the Sunset Shield (offhand) for my Fighter but after watching videos how to gather the reagents to restore the weapons which i have (Unrestored) in my inventory .. i almost drenched in disappointment tht somehow this was made so extremely grindy .. the sunset shard drop rate in castle never is absolutely sickening ...why ? im sure theres noone in the game tht is aiming for these weapons atm being 5 mods ltr etc ..
    If Mod 14 castle Ravenloft was the current mod it wouldve taken 2-3 months to get these weapons ..like why ????????? someone really missed something here ..
    Can you please ask cryptic to enable us to at least get the weapons for transmute only in someway ?
    or increase the drop rate for the sunset shards cause i have spoken to guildies tht used to run castle never back in the day and they said the next mod15 came along before they had enough shards to restore the weapons
    Please can you ask and explain?
    September 29
  • fuxion#7775
    Can we please have a server in Africa ? Ping to Europe and US is really bad ...
    September 24
  • fuxion#7775
    Hi !


    please gives us the confirmation that this is the way the game will be moving ?

    Cause if that's the case its awesome

    Pls ignore the dumb farmers

    September 24
  • wickedwar1ock#4166
    Is xbox servers having issues, cannot connect or stay connected, or stay connected. Been having issues for aboout 3 hours now, east coast florida player here, many friends in game are having the same issue as well. done all steps, reboot router and modem, hard reset xbox, quit game and retried and still nothing at all.
    September 17
  • grisha02
    Hello. I would like to know why you will not make a common server for RU and EURO players if you have abandoned translating news posts for RU players or making a transfer from RU server to EURO, and there is a lot of things not translated in the game itself. Wouldn't it be easier? If not, why not translate news posts for the RU server, I don't think it's that difficult.
    I really want to know why you do not communicate with the RU community or we are not so important to You? It turns out that we are abandoned, we can't activate bonus codes, we can't get various rewards from your streams, what is the discrimination?
    September 16
  • onasforp
    Hello! I just want to confirm with the dev to ask; If i bought the bundle for 500 zen + 10 Preservation wards, would that not qualify my to get the First Time Buyers Pack? I asked Support and they say it doesnt qualify, which doesnt make much sense but I just want to confirm it with you.
    September 14
  • kirito#2218
    Юлия(судя по подписи в одном из постов), добрый день. Я понимаю, что это скорее всего не вы решаете, шо да как делается, но:
    1) может быть для русского сервера, хотя бы посты будут по обновам на русском. Я не думаю, что это такая проблема, перевести текст, с учетом того, что вы делаете обратное, а то в переводчике читать Дзен-пучки честно говоря глаза ломает.
    2)Собственно по поводу перевода в самой игре понятное дело, что вы давно забили, ибо даже в Андермаунтине недоперевели, но надеюсь вы услышите меня и будете что то делать
    3)Все по тому же поводу с "Дзен-пучками". Во-первых, если наш регион(Российский) менее платежеспособный, это еще не означает, что на нас нужно забить. Во-вторых, я фотошоп, это программист, если вы починили эту проблему на евро и америке, то для российского региона и подавно сможете, я не думаю, что архитектура сервера на столько разнообразна, даже скорее наоборот, одинаковая. На крайний случай, сделайте через обычный донат выдачу подарков к покупке
    September 12
  • nwureech
    September 12
  • coolgeek357
    I filed a ticket for this Sunday but since it is not fixed I would bring to your attention. It seems that purchase of the same Zen bundle cannot be done. It is removed from the cart automatically. Please fix. I would like another 42 slot bag and need to add some bank storage.

    Stay safe.
    September 9
  • blackwolftundra
    hi nicrocris83 is there anyway we could get a vendor for Undermountain so we no longer have to do ME for 3x everyday cause after having overflow seals of the deep that would like to purchase some transmute while companion gear in 1010 cause after not seeing anything from obaya that she does get kind of annoying when nothing good comes from her for how i haven't seen one one artifact shield from her and how she made me buy the burnish one and hope you can do some changes to Undermountain to make it better
    September 9
  • mallofin
    oh yes, chains drop rate is lousy as well, kind of hard to progress with out the required lure components. I experienced the same RNG issue with the dented rod from bel as well as the lesser rods to build the artifact. I dont mind grinding but not seeing any results is pretty disheartening.
    September 7
  • mallofin
    Is there a way you can change the RNG tables? I have yet to get a trophy to drop from the red logo marked mobs. I have killed several with no luck on drops , consequently I cant finish the initial hunt quest. I have attempted it on alts but with the same results...nada!
    September 7
  • xzedx#6678
    I am sorry bother you but i don't know where else to look, I am on Xbox and I purchased 5000 and a 42 slot bag days ago and still have not received anything. Its a bit ridiculous at this point $50.00 is alot money and at this point Neverwinter has just stolen my money.
    September 6
  • scelly1
    I cant find the zen bundles on the arc side.... :(
    September 5
  • crice#2134
    Hello and Happy Friday. I was wondering if a selection for the Neverwinter Console give-a-way had been made yet and if so, where the results could be found. Thanks very much.
    August 28
  • urtew3
    hi nitocris83 i have been getting bored of the Master Expedition for how obaya isn't given me any of the transmute drops that i would like to have and after making a post about ME and seeing others make one as well can we not have any of this stuff on a merchant so we can just buy the pieces we want with the seals of the adventurer or deep without having to pay alot for it ?
    August 27