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  • avadarius
    August 18 Maintenance & Patch Notes: NW.138.20220718a.9
    The Greed of Dragonflight
    It was an ingenius development to allow players to walk dragons around the stronghold. Most enemies leashes are too tight and reset if stray too far from there start location. This dragon mechanics brought guilds and alliances together to explore ways to kill these fearsome foes. Instead of putting a leash on the dragons add achievement (bring you dragon to work day/ Even dragons need baths). What is the purpose of Greed of dragonflight? To me the event is to help strongholds come together and build of resources for there stronghold builds: Influence is a fine resource, however strongboxes of materials and gears are not so most need). Players need green, blue, purple vouchers for resources ore, lumber, food, as Campaign currency. There has been a reduction in the amount of WoD currency and Fey currency players can earn.The bug was an inspired mechanic that should be build on not bulldozed.
    August 18
  • killsides
    Reptilian Extraction Quest

    This was reported in-game as I am unable to complete the quest Reptilian Extraction, upon killing “Captain Redfox” the quest does not recognise it has been completed.

    This was tried two times solo by killing adds then boss, then boss and adds together, it was then tried a third time with an additional party member where we killed boss first and still from all three attempts no avail.

    I have had a response on my ticket that multiple users are having this problem and are unable to progress through Aquisions Incorporation campaign and was advised to post to the forum to let other players know it has been sent to developers to be fixed for next patch.

    August 10