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PvP - Fighting from perma stealth is not balance



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    shrewguyshrewguy Member Posts: 150 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    xippin wrote: »
    you might as well put TR's in this one too since a 5 second silence which prevents at wills as well (how does a silence prevent me from swinging my sword or hitting you with my shield or swinging my 2h sword?). Or how about the Smoke Screen? TR's have just as much CC as any other class, albeit a different form of CC.

    ITs not a silence, its a daze... Why do people keep calling it a silence? read the tool tip please.
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    callmedeuxcallmedeux Member Posts: 182 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    I run into the middle of packs and will take down a target or two and then retreat to a pot being a TR

    This is using stealth only initially once during the fight.

    So no, perma stealth isnt OP because I don't use it, and 98% of "perm" Stealth rges simply run from me, or try to.

    this is a l2p issue.
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