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Combat Changes - Launch Live Issues



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    ene#5785 ene Member Posts: 85 Arc User
    try to fix the cleric arbiter. Can't get both stats (advantage or critical) to get critical, you have to give up the batiri and use the hell pit glyph (+ 5% critical + 5% accuracy) which doesn't last forever.
    All dps can manage 4 stats, the cleric only 3 (unless he doesn't use the things mentioned above).
    HR can cover 5 stats, even the CW.

    Despite the cap DOES NOT DAMAGE, a SW without a CAP managed to distance me by 20 million.

    From first dps to tomm, I can't even get into the rankings.
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    gorfeld#3849 gorfeld Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I hope this new patch comes out soon. I started a new Barbarian and made it to level 10 without too many problems but at that level you usually only have to fight one group at a time. Took my level 39 paladin to the graveyard which is way low for him and couldn't take out one mob without dying. What fun is that?
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    hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Ok, spent the past few days doing Sharandar quests to complete the Campaign before it is killed (for the boons an the satisfaction). I have all classes and paradyns of charaters. They all have level 80 crafted Cobalt/Velvet/Basilisk equipment, mostly epic mounts with Prosperity insignias when possible. QM and DH slotted, Orccus/Flower Artifacts. I am using Rare Wererat or Kinku Archer or Uncommon NW Guard Archer depending on stance (melee uses archers, Kenku goes with TR because it stealths). 19Kish IL

    1) Quickling 'event', what used to be a minor interruption by some pesky little rats is now a major mob spawn issue. Usually 2, sometimes 4 will attack, usually just as you finish a group (or two) of powies and your encounter timers are still in cooldown. It is so bad I find myself hiding on a hill watching for them before I go to the road to pick up my loot after a battle. Very nerve wracking for a useless reward.

    2) Arcane Reservoir - a pack of 4 powies now spawns in the second room (after the commander and troll) after you kill the powies in the room. Sometimes before you finish (on a timer). If you go into the next room, they will pause and then join the Commander/Troll in the first room (I always sneak by the mobs in the first room while they are fighting each other). In the room with the circular walkway and two groups of Powies, if you avoid the second patrol and go over the bridge to kill the Commander/Troll in the next room, you will not be able to loot the skill node afterward. The game will keep you in combat mode until the patrol of powies you avoided are killed. Everything else has been scaled up, it is all about killing Whithers first or die.

    CW, Assassin, Barb Tank/DPS, Warden, Hellstorm, GF Tank/DPS all work reasonably well. You need to focus on not aggro'ng nearby groups, watch the Quicklings and kill the whithers quickly, but it is doable (more stressful than it was, but doable).

    Paladin - Divinity drains superfast and all my encounters are waiting a 300 sec timer ... constantly. Since I cannot attack while blocking (unlike a GF) I am constantly spamming potions and slowly dodging around.

    Clerics - The areal fireball seems to vary in effectiveness. The repel-like AoE is handy, the lightening bolt seems to do more damage. The healer is a bit slower, but the at-wills work well. Very dependent on the Companion for damage.

    The biggest factor is the stress of playing, the need to focus constantly makes playing the game for more than 5 hours at a time very bad for my nerves (Adrenaline drain). Not practical for a daily/weekly repeatable quest scenario.

    I would challenge anyone to do the Gnarlwood Caves or the Quickling Siege mini-dungeons solo.
    I can't even begin to imagine what the Cult Prison boss in WoD or the final battle in Spellplague Caverns is like now ...

    All of this should be playable with level 60 Bounty Gear from Rothe Valley/Whithering Caverns/EE and R5 enchants and green companions/insignias.
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    haludor#3628 haludor Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    It's nice to know that they (devs) read our comments and issues, and that there is going to be an update. But what if like to know is, do they even okay they game? Do they feel they this original combat rework was good? Do they also see as we do that it need a lot of work? Giving us a one sentence of we're making changes, isn't feedback to us.

    I'd challenge them to post a poll to see just how many people would be willing to loose any progression made this last week and revert back to the old game mechanics.
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    eversummer#1666 eversummer Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    as of today's patch,
    the rings from Bel & Mog/Garyx are back to giving too much stats, like in preview before combat rework went live
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    astolfo#6568 astolfo Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Trobriand ray(red field people use to wake scorpions) doesn't hit where it should. Even if you can see on the ground, it will follow the player with aggro making it unavoidable.
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    kough#3586 kough Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Master Expeditions runes that deal corrosive damage over time deal them in 100k damage every 5 seconds. This seems high for current health levels

    Rings of condemned+5 and ring of brutal fiend +5 stats not updated to current format [combined rating is at 440 while total stats are at 16.5k defense and 6.6k crit sev and 9.9k crit strike]

    Mount stats in Your Collection are not displaying correct values
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    kobaldkite#0581 kobaldkite Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I don't think my issue is connected to the last patch, but I'm leaving this feedback here just in case.

    Back in 2018, I completed three campaign tasks that have boons listed in rewards. Then I took a long break that lasted several years until now. When I go back to the game several days ago, I had zero boons instead of three.
    I contacted customer support, and among many other things they told me to post here.

    There was many updates between 2018 and now, I know, but better safe than sorry.
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    khaozhunterkhaozhunter Member Posts: 63 Arc User
    Tenebous enchantment bug on fighter:
    Tenebrous enchantment doesn't work with heavy slash, i tested it for 5 min and it procs 0 times, but if i use reave it works fine.
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    polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already but the Protector's Camaraderie Insignia Bonus still states "When your companion attacks, you gain Armor Penetration and Defense" in it's tooltip
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    auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 395 Arc User
    Accuracy is extreamly hard to cap please change the barbarian overpenitration feat to activate if power is capped
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    codetellercodeteller Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    enemies in mod area from before avernus need to have their hit points reduced.
    dread ring mobs at 70k to 120k way to much when similar type avernus enemies have 80k-120k health
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    khellebkhelleb Member Posts: 17 Arc User

    i recently returned to Neverwinter after some months, and prior to the combat patch i loged in 2 of my characters. the rest 6 were loged in after the patch.

    on those 2 loged before i have all 21 Companions i had. on the 6 loged after the patch i 'lost' 16 Companions on each character from 21 total, and only 5 Companions stayed in Companion tab in Character Sheet.

    i lost such Companions as Stalwart Golden Lion, Ghost, Redcap Powrie, Dragonborn Brawler, Lillend, Combat Medic, Assassin Drake from those of Rare/Epic levels. and all of the Commons/Uncommons, most of them are easily re-acquired, but not those Rares/Epics :(

    i opened a support ticket and the guys wrote me to post my experience here on the forum.
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    tamtoucantamtoucan Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 64 Arc User
    A suggestion for maybe lessening the impact of changes such as the combat rework would be to post videos of dungeon playthroughs. Especially at the dungeon cap IL. They don't have to have voice, maybe just show the char sheets of each player in the party.

    This won't of course appease everyone, people will still complain they don't watch videos/read blogs/forums/etc, but right now it's hard not to watch your healer fail at the LOMM Bore worm, or your Tank fail at the TIC first or second boss and think "do these guys even play the game or are they just changing stuff and looking at the death/win stats?".

    It would also help with people's ideas on how to spec builds. I know a lot of creators put a lot of work into this stuff for us players, but here we are several weeks on preview and now on live and it's still really hard to get info on how to spec a healer/tank/etc build.
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    admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 612 Arc User
    Frozen Artifact from the Tales of Old event is not applying the +5% Defense buff to me and allies.
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    im not sure if what im gonna say is a bug or deliberate, but really, i knew that change apareance on gear costs AD, but now fashions too?? REALLY??
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    quinurthquinurth Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Was asked to add this here. Character no longer has arms or torso after using change appearance token after the last patch. May not be related.
    Looking for guild members
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    ziggerlinziggerlin Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    At least in the Well of Dragons and possibly elsewhere, some Black Dragonclaw mobs (one dot) are fairly easy to knock down UNTIL they receive a buff (which makes them appear larger), at which time they become almost impossible to kill.
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    hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    I noticed today that -

    Mod 19.5 merges all Companion Types into one pool for the purpose of Bolster.

    Why does the Collection Tab *still* have them organized by pre-Mod 19.5 categories?

    Someone needs to come up with a better way of organizing many many Companions. Since the Tooltips *never* had the category on them, it was often a guess anyway.

    How about ... alphabetizing them?
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    polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    Today's patch got right of the 25% discount for the Expedition Pack of Fairy Finds which in the blog post says would be on sale until February 9th.
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    hamsterhero99#6999 hamsterhero99 Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Air Archon still does too much damage...
    Upgrading companions doesn't do anything for Summoned active companion, running around with green does pretty much the same damage, as mythic.

    Mirage Weapons - Clones do a LOT damage, doesn't look right... compared to others.
    Wand of Elements? was removed from Tradebars Store meaning, farming Elemental weapons is extremely hard now. Could that Wand be put back in TBar store?

    Bilethorn Enchantment: currently classes with high DoT attacks i.e Warlock can proc this many times, making them far stronger than others without this i.e Barbarian/Fighter. Shouldn't Bilethorn work only on actual hits, rather than all the Damage over Time ticks?

    Sigil of the Cleric seems to be giving random stats (almost 5000 stats) on Mythic. Green->Orange is correct

    Primal/Barovia gear, including rings is not available anymore in game. Any chance o bring them back with some other means to get them? i.e Bazaar, Campaign store for AD, Professions? The other "weaker" gear from those campaigns is still obtainable.

    Avernus Hunts:
    Most hunt marks i.e Red Lady etc. Do almost no damage. Needs scaling up.

    Trobriand Cone AoE attack keeps moving after the target ... is that intended?
    Scorpions have strange HP/level values, the first group goes down in 1-2 shots, the next ones survive 2 full rotations sometimes.

    All Dungeons:
    All Bosses do little to no damage, while the mobs do a ton with combat advantage. Looks like Dungeon Bosses don't have Combat Advantage active at all times (except ToMM/Zariel) shouldn't they be harder than random zombie group at the start?

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    kough#3586 kough Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Greater Red Dragon Glyph still reads armor penetration
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    forumaccount#7167 forumaccount Member Posts: 180 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Sometimes when I exit an instance I just die during the loading screen and after the loading has finished I'm dead. I'm not sure if it's related to the combat rework or not but it hasn't happened to me before. But I also changed 70% of my build so it could be related to that.

    So far it has happened to me after exiting Phantasmal Fortress in Dread Ring and the House in Vallenhas with the hostage quest.

    It only happens really rarely but it's pretty annoying when it happpens after I've just used a potion that doesn't last through death or the forger's box with a pretty long cooldown.

    Edit: I think I figured it out and I don't think it's related to the combat rework so I made a seperate post here:
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    asmodaria#3996 asmodaria Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    > @quinurth said:
    > Was asked to add this here. Character no longer has arms or torso after using change appearance token after the last patch. May not be related.

    I also had this problem in December. Does it look this way, too?

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    pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User

    > @quinurth said:

    > Was asked to add this here. Character no longer has arms or torso after using change appearance token after the last patch. May not be related.

    I also had this problem in December. Does it look this way, too?


    That is different in appearance but probably the same bug with changing appearance on characters created before the designs were updated at mod 4 or so. If you try to change the appearance of those characters without starting from scratch, using a preset and modifying from there, it bugs the upper torso of the characters. (only seen this on female characters) Typically, it has added a permanent brown shirt to the character.
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    vortex74vortex74 Member Posts: 6 Arc User

    on my Barbarian i found some bugs concerning equipment bonuses:

    Bound Greaves of the Successor

    tooltip says plus 5% Combat Advantage for other contributions, but it raises ratings about a value of 2000
    tested on dummies and normal infight


    Alabaster Greatsword & Alabaster Sword Knot Set

    Critical Strike isn't raising the ratings or other contributions
    tested on dummies and normal infight

    and i'm unsure how the Feat Overpenetration works
    i capped the ratings for Power and Accuracy at 50% but in the Buff WIndow (upper left corner) wasn't shown if the feat is working or not
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    ravenspurn#2982 ravenspurn Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    Most skirmishes in general have no Healer nor Tank, but the mechanics have changed to at least require one Tank.
    I know the Tank and Healer element was removed because of wait times, but imho it's better to wait than end up with 3-5 failures in a row because there is nobody to take the hits.
    The Pot increase has allowed most players to keep in the fight, but with no focus, the Mobs are concentrating on the highest DPS.

    Throne of the Dwarven God:
    The party is getting wiped as soon as it walks in by 1 dot mobs and back in during the first phase.
    The Thoon Hulks are Killing players when they are run over. If you attempt to dodge the mechanic, the line stays, but the mob moves with you after it's been set you have no option but to stay in place.

    Prophecy of Madness:
    On the second Phase with Epic tears, with a party of 5 DPS, it's been seen more than once that the party just wipes.
    Often the result is Bronze.

    The Runic Corruptions are insane to say the least.
    Attempting to farm runes for MEs, WEs, and FEs is fruitless, the drop rate is quite low.
    Using 15-20 pots per Corruption, in addition it's not the mobs in the Runic Corruption, it's the mobs coming into the Runic Corruptions from outside, they are not altered.

    As the are no 2 stat Companion Gear in Stardock or Avernus, it's RNG as to what you get from Zok the Merciless.
    If you did not purchase the milestone buyout, you do not have access to the 3 1100 ilvl companion pieces.
    Thus you are stuck with Stardock.
    This brings me onto the second issue, the native mobs in the area are killing off the mobs before you can get to them in some cases, requiring you to exit and redo the entire instanced area again.
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    lordhagen#9257 lordhagen Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Please check, if wizard-fireball is buged. Only the first target get damage the other mob around get no or verrry small damage. It is not pretty to be a wizard in NV. With same equipment other races make double of damage. Does any Cryptic-Member tested the wizard live in the last months? Please make it ... and you will see what I and a lot of other players mean.
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    seekey#7769 seekey Member Posts: 179 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    I'm not sure i should write it here but as a ranger i have experiencing a few trouble with every ability that using grasping roots since the combat rework and i read a few bug reports about same or similar issues while i was looking for the one that could describe my problems correctly.
    Cordon of arrows has a long delay to apply roots or the moving target(s) will "slip through" the roots and avoid the AoE damage even if they passing through on the designated location.
    Constricting arrow has similar problem as the target and/or additional target(s) "slip through" the roots.
    Hindering shot also affected by the rooting problem and the Commanding shot as well.
    Additionally sometimes this abilities canceling the action in midway and doing 0 damage, yet they go on cooldown.
    I'm mostly playing as a hunter, but i have a warden build too, so i can say this grasping roots problem affecting both of the paragon paths. I hope i'm wrong but i do think it is a mechanic issue. The rangers need those roots and the abilities and not only for damage dealing but for defense as well.

    I also have a different kind of problem and i'm not sure i can describe it properly but ... maybe an example helps.
    Sometimes in fights it looks like i'm draging the enemies with me. Another day i fought with an icegolem and it used an attack that effects it's surrounding area, so i was trying to walk a little further from it. When i reached around 30' from the golem, it started to “glide” on the ground, at the same distance from me and in the same posture (like it was a statue), following every further step I took in any direction. Only a dodge solved it in few seconds later.

    Please look after this 2 matters.
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