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Combat Changes - Launch Live Issues



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    auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 396 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Scaling is definatly broken especially in the RDQ. enemies have far to much hp and hit way to hard. I play a tank so had shields but my shields fail before the dps can kill the mobs (~1mins to kill small mob). boss isn't as bad though.

    I also saw a lvl 11 ranger get 1 hit killed by a trap.

    Also ran Malabogs which wasn't too bad but took alot longer (30 mins vs 10 mins before).
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    dimerin#9943 dimerin Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Paladin tanks have some issues with aggro at the beginning of boss fights. I've noticed in preview and now also in live server. Paladins can't build enough aggro due to the lack of "Increase Threat" powers. (There is only Sacred Weapon [with his feat] that buffs atwill powers to GF at will magnitude...lasts for 10 seconds and cooldown 30 SECONDS.). Smite doesn't do enough damage to keep aggro up. I have to use all my divinity, daily and my buffed atwills and still aggro is jumping around.

    Now, with the new changes i thought tanks should focus on defense stats and actually seems to work fine on survivability. I got ,also, some offensive stats, but they seems to be meaningless on aggro generation.
    So, if i have to spend all my divinity and daily to """""keep"""" aggro, how can i survive without my tab mechanic and the new daily which garants dmg reduction and awareness? (Tab needs divinity to be activated).

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    This update could have been thought through much better before rollout- but that's all I'll say on that for now.

    Tiamat Trial impacts:
    - During first time NPC clerics channel to summon Tiamat, that phase got skipped, clerics auto-cast the summon.
    - Intentionally or not, heads are harder & slower to kill.
    - 2nd time NPC clerics correctly did their summon mostly as per normal. However clerics are now taking much damage / their channel bar decreases far more per hit than before patch. It was noted that right-hand cleric appeared to be taking more damage/bar hits than the other. Took a long time to charge the bars of both clerics. Would not have had time for a 3rd attempt at beating the heads.
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    drago#9606 drago Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    It seems to be dependent on scaling choices in individual dungeons, at least it feels that way.

    Just did a Tiamat run and beyond the fact healing needs to be on point (because you do take a bit more damage), it was surprisingly similar to before the changes. Whereas a skirmish like Merchant Prince was literally unplayable once surrounded by huge mobs. We all died repeatedly in seconds. Yes, we're not fully optimised yet, but I think it would be rare to see defence much above 50% on even a well-adjusted dps character.

    One other thing I've noticed now that everyone's playing the new version, is that being a higher item level player seems to make very little (if any?) difference once you're above the cap for that area. Damage gets scaled down to the same number for all players above the cap. And there seems to be no benefit to having higher individual base stats unless the % is high. In fact, higher item level can result in lower % if not very well tuned. I think parity to an extent in scaled content is ok, but there should be some advantage to being much higher item level, which it doesn't feel like there is?

    One suggestion would be to base the 50% stats contribution on the scaled item level number, not your unscaled total item level. It feels logical that higher stats by virtue of higher item level should pack a greater punch in lower level content.

    @noworries#8859 - would be interested in any insight from the dev side on what the actual impact of higher item level in scaled content should be? I don't think it's far off, but it does seem like a couple of changes might still be needed.
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    accipiter#3630 accipiter Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Can't understand why you guys repeating always same mistakes.
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    netherdragon#0997 netherdragon Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    > @"accipiter#3630" said:
    > Can't understand why you guys repeating always same mistakes.

    So the devs brain can comprehend the severity of the issue
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    trevor#1739 trevor Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Ruined a perfectly good game. Think you forgot about the saying if it's not broken don't <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> it. Won't be playing now until you fix the combat issues and the loadout problems on sentinel ie. Can't choose feats.
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    yoshiicapone#2520 yoshiicapone Member Posts: 26 Arc User

    I can't even play Ebon Downs!! I died from ROTTERS!!! I took down the dragon there on tuesday by myself.

    The fact that the game was at a point where solo play was happening where group play was intended is one of the reasons why combat changes were needed. No one should 2-man IC or solo'ing epic content that is not how an MMO works.

    These changes were pushed thru too quickly proving constraint around resources (and I'm sure they had to get this out before Mod20) but I'm sure they'll get to all the bugs...eventually.

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    durakannnndurakannnn Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Cant use Alliance nor Guild chats.
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    tokoz#9550 tokoz Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Can we at least get some acknowledgement that the scaling is broken to the point of making the game unplayable? I don't mind a patch going bad. I was there for the release of Shadows of Luclin on Everquest. As a Guide. Taking petition after petition and having to say, "We're aware of the issue where...." over and over and over.
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    totemkult#9533 totemkult Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Hi. So far l think l do like the changes, but the game its bugged as much it can be. Already wrote a ticket but anyway need to report that l was able to pick every single feat (Mean those powers you need to choose between 2 options every certain levels). It is not a visual bug, my powers are actually affected, but since l don't have that many powers slots it has no effect in my game (So lm not abusing of an exploit here). Tried retraining but the powers tab (p) doesn't stop glowing until l pick every single one.
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    totemkult#9533 totemkult Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Playing right now, text channels glitched. You can set guild channel or so for example.
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    reg1981reg1981 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,435 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I'm having an issue with hellfire ring on my warlock. Had no issues prior to release. It seems to take several attempts to trigger this power. Being canceled by everything else including my at-wills. In combat prior to the changes I could hold my at-will, press an encounter, have that encounter fire, then resume my at-will without ever taking my finger off the at-will. Now it seems to cancel hellfire ring. But again, it seems almost everything will cancel this encounter now. I didn't notice if the cast time has changed but it certainly feels wrong to play.
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    hastati96hastati96 Member Posts: 498 Arc User
    Batiri Shamans are so strong in Soshenstar River (Chult). They have like 5 times the defense of the other adds and they heal each other. I despair to kill them as paladin.
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    eversummer#1666 eversummer Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Companion - Jagged Dancing Blade

    The Equip Power (Jagged Blade's Insight) is not working/not proccing (chance for -7.5% defense debuff on encounter hit)

    tested on ranger, equip power on universal slot then on offense slot, comp at mythic quality

    (the similar debuff is working fine on companion enhancement power Armor Break)
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    darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,259 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Not sure if it was said, but

    Sigil of the cleric artifact is not changed, doesnt have combined rating and the stats are old.

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    desperane#4167 desperane Member Posts: 1 New User
    > @burekna2 said:
    > Hello
    > I started playing yesterday and got to lvl 30 by todays maintanance. i log on see mobs have tripled their hp, i do more damage i have more hp myself but the game as a lvl 30 character in a lvl 30 zone is unplayable. i constantly need to use hp restore items wich come at a cost, i need 3 minutes to kill a pack of monsters that took me 10 seconds yesterday with constant kiting and runing waiting for hp pot to come off cd. i do hope its not intended to be like this

    I have hit the exact same issue, last week in a level 30 area as a level 37 dps barbarian i could delete mobs, now i die very quickly to a small pack of low level mobs and do barely any damage. and somehow my friends level 30 healer does much more damage than me and can play in areas 5 levels higher than him no problem. What in the world has happened?
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    cathrosecathrose Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Barbarian Sentinel can chose all 10x paragon feats and all are working in fight (ie threat generation via jump and sentinel slash together). Same issue after retraining etc. Tested on training dummy. You released that game update too fast.
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