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Combat Changes - Launch Live Issues



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    dazdranagon88#4986 dazdranagon88 Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    Mobs, which should be the lightest (one star), often do much more damage than mobs with 3 and 4 stars, and sometimes kill with 1-2 hits.
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    panagos#4072 panagos Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Same problems like all others here and i didn't get any Legendary Insignia Pack, the Awakened Forger's box look like buffing 2 of the other stats and not power. I am looking forward for new pats.
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    eversummer#1666 eversummer Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Castle Ravenloft

    1st boss fight is impossible : the dps check after beating first sister (and for the next ones i guess) cannot be done. way too much HP for the allowed timer. we only got it to like 75% health
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    netherdragon#0997 netherdragon Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    > @nitocris83 said:
    > Hey folks,
    > We are monitoring ongoing discussions regarding the impact of Combat Rework and are working on adjustments to address concerns. Initial updates will include revisions to leveling progression and experience, and we will continue to iterate as established during the Preview process. Our goal is to release an update today.

    Let's hope you can lower the scaling down on all enemies or at least in leveling zones and lower dungeons for low level and mid level players.
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    ressurrectedsinressurrectedsin Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I dont mind the rework to be honest. I can adjust to it. but the thing is I have more than one toon on NW. My main is 32k IL which is fine, I'm building still but can't get thru cragmre crypts(normal) But In Avernus I do well. I like helping other lowbies in the guild by running with them as I can on my lowbies but... I've noticed their item levels are not changing... If they have it's not enough. and Cragmire crypts (normal) Dungeon Level 25 is insane to not be able to get thru even with my MAIN.. and it's even a quest for lower levels.. You have to be 15K IL to do a leveling queue. But you only have to be 10K IL to do Throne of Dwarven Gods. Skirmish/Monster Level: 70. I like to focus on my main but now it's impossible to level and get the IL to do what's needed on my lowbies..I have friends wanting to play with me, starting new characters, but I deter them from it till things bugs get less buggy.
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    wubewube Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I just found out that I ejnoy the difficulty on early levels. After finishing an instance at Pirates' Skyhold with my 40ish palladin I've got this feeling that I just left a real dungeon.
    But I am kind of HAMSTER and a big fan of Souls games and I am aware the game can't be that hard.

    As some mentioned rank 1 critters are too strong. The have lower stats than the 2s and 3s, but they still do way too much damage.
    The harderst encounters are those against groups of rank 1 critters just because of how much damage per second they do.
    After playing for a bit I found out that in those scenarios where we have to deal with them the best option is to kill them one by one as fast as possible using single target encounters and at-wills. Why? Because it is way easier to survive three rank 1 enemies than four, and it is waay easier to survive two of them than four of them, and while it may seem counterintuitive to not use aoe abilities - by doing that you will have to fight with 4 to 5 enemies whole encounter. Same goes for miniboses. Most of them have mechanic that they spawn adds at certain HP percentages, while most of the bosses themselves are rather weak, the adds are REAL threat. What worked best for me was to slowly chip bosses HP bar and wait while keeping my encounters for adds summon, then ignore the boss untill I've dealt with adds. Rinse and repat until boss is dead.

    As we have ranks of critters represented in game by symbols over health bars, so I assume the system have some kind of tags for enemy types. Before buffing players or nerfing enemies HP overall PLEASE nerf damage and HP of rank 1 critters and bosses adds globally. Every game with any kind of combat in it needs different types of enemies, so please lets not have Chad adds and Virgin bosses in the game :(
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    ziggerlinziggerlin Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited January 2021

    BUUUT here's an other point.
    There is ONE thing I really like in this update.
    This is Dragons will not get ONE-Shotted by some of these "funny" (would name it differently but that could ban me) over-maxxed "players" without any other player can even land a single shot on that Dragon.
    Ebon Downs was such a case. Last week on one day I had to get four times into the encounter to finally get a shot landed.
    Really. This is good now, it takes 10+ seconds now there, and anyone can have a shot.
    And it scales also down, as I could kill him with two or three "lower levelers" in some minute too! So this is good now.
    Sorry, but THIS HAD to be said.

    This I agree with. Many times the dragon went down in 2 seconds before some folks who had been waiting for minutes could get a shot off. It rarely happened to me, but I've seen it and it is discouraging.

    I think I will like the new system just fine once the kinks are out of it and the scaling is fixed. There are packs of lower level trash that hit harder than bosses at level. I do like making even lower content at least a little more challenging -- there's really no challenge, and not much fun, in one-shotting everything on your way through a dungeon or a questing zone. I *want* those zones to be a little more challenging, and I welcome that. But it feels like there are level 60-70 areas where trash is hitting harder and killing decently geared Level 80 players than in the level 80 areas themselves. And while I think it's good to scale so that there is more of a challenge in the lower level zones and dungeons than there was before this rollout, they shouldn't be as hard (or harder) than content closer to end-game. After all, the rewards are lesser and a higher level player will certainly get no gear upgrades out of it.

    Right now it's pretty painful to play in many places -- a lot like after the Mod 16 fiasco. But hopefully once the scaling is fixed and appropriate -- lower level content tougher than before, but not massively tough for someone with (say) a 30K IL -- I think it will be fine. But yeah, there's a lot of work to be done on that.
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    kyjle6akakyjle6aka Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Please fix the ability to enable the Shadowclad Enchantment lvl 14 visual effect. Server: Drider
    1 screenshot of Shadowclad Enchantment has no button. 2 screenshot of Elven Battle Enchantment, it has a visual effect on / off button.

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    mamalion1234mamalion1234 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,415 Arc User

    The forger's box is bugged and applies multiple secondary effects at once:

    Also the forger's box has a item level of 200 at mythic that gets added to the character item level when it's in the potion tray

    It works as intentended. However the percents have been reduced.
    wrong the tooltip says you get one of them not all of them.
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    jace#2713 jace Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I was really enjoying this game a lot for the past few weeks, it was my go-to. but after this update, personally its made the game a lot less fun. I like the idea of the companion binding to you 100% but when i tried out the gameplay of a new character (because i heard it's supposed to make it a little more player-friendly to new players) It was actually a lot harder from when I was new. The update took away the fun hack and slash part of the game. I still mess with this game heavy don't get me wrong but, a big part of the fun I used to have was gone. I'm hoping in the next few days maybe there can be a good fix or something with this new combat update. I suggest maybe somehow increase the damage output or something that can actually scale your character to the enemies not ONLY just from your item level.
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    sundancewanderingwolfsundancewanderingwolf Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    I hope they fix Castle Ravenloft, currently unplayable during the first sister fight. Even super high dps that slaughter LoMM currently can't kill that crystal. Tone it down... oh and when you fix stuff, please try to delete the old broken code so it doesn't keep popping back up.

    Newbies complaining about dungeons like Cloak Tower, 15k is kinda not fair for beginning players but at the same time I get that dungeons are supposed to be hard. Newbies are going to have a really hard time making AD.
    A lot of appearance change stuff went missing and not just refreshed, completely gone from our libraries... this is quite sad. Hard to know what we lost.

    Good to see the chult stuff (almost 4 years later) can finally take dyes LOL
    I'm not seeing this new combat system as bad however... I think it was kinda not cool to not let us trade ALL enchants/runestones for ANY *shrugs* oh well... at least they let us trade power stuff for anything but that doesn't help those just coming back who still had triple stats from Mod 16.

    Still, I will say that Mod 20 pre patch is 10x better than the Mod 16 fiasco, kudos to the devs and thank you!

    Allow a choice on background for our character selection menu. Once the new Sharandar one goes up I never want it to change to anything everrrrrrrr! It's SO PRETTY! ppllleeeeeaaasssseeee? <3<3<3 hehehe
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    coolfool808coolfool808 Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but artifacts are not getting the correct item level. Pre-mod 16 artifacts had the ilvl in their tool tips increased to 300, but if you remove them only 150 is taken away from your total item level. Post-mod 16 artifacts had their tool tip increased to 450 but they only count for 300 ilvl. Also the flayed journal tool tip at mythic says 180 not 300 (it still only counts as 150 ilvl though).
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    battleaxe115#6180 battleaxe115 Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    I agree. 80th level Hunter Ranger and I lost almost 50% damage dealt on everything. I had to change every enchantment just to keep even. Yeah, it's very broken. I almost don;t want to play anymore.
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    fuzzytek#2423 fuzzytek Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    The difficulty people are having when solo playing needs to be addressed. I do see that this is encouraging some socializing to put together a decent party. People need to learn their class mechanics and interactions with others. As a tank/dps I'm glad to have a control wizard around to slow things down. Full speed these little mobs are not only annoying they are deadly.

    Perhaps there's a scaling on size of mob based on number of people in the party encountering. That however might be a significant rework to the various areas.

    I've not tried Undermoutain or Avernus yet - and likely won't without a 3-4 person party, given current damage system. Been playing since 2013. This is a really tough change for experienced players. It may attract those that were getting bored to return for a chance to best it.

    I agree with the post mentioning Dragons in Neverdeath, Ebon Downs, Icespire Peak... one-shot or seeing a dragon land dead is sad for everyone, especially waiting up to 20 minutes for that dragon to arrive. Perhaps eliminate counting hits until the dragon has actually LANDED and can be hit by a simple melee attack.
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    coolfool808coolfool808 Member Posts: 15 Arc User

    I agree. 80th level Hunter Ranger and I lost almost 50% damage dealt on everything. I had to change every enchantment just to keep even. Yeah, it's very broken. I almost don;t want to play anymore.

    Just like with mod 16, damage was reworked. You can't compare previous numbers with current ones.
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    kargarth#4204 kargarth Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Same as others have been saying in their posts of the Forum, the monsters have become "SERIOUSLY" overpowered. My lvl 43 Half-Orc Barbarian, is now getting Slaughtered by low lvl monsters, whereas before it wasn't an issue. My lvl 27 Dwarven Fighter now has over 6k more hp than my lvl 43 Half-Orc Barbarian, and they both have over 80k hp. Also, the Minstrel companion on both characters is IL100, hows that happen when the other companions are only IL10? I would hope that this gets fixed "Quickly", as I would like to continue to enjoy the game, and not have to try and avoid encounters to survive, and play.
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    tokoz#9550 tokoz Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I appreciate the effort that it took to get a patch out so quickly. Good job. There do seem to be significant changes.

    There will no doubt need to be more finetuning to balance out the need to keep fights somewhat challenging and not needing an unlimited supply of health stones to survive. It's not there yet.

    Not all level 80s have max item level. I need to be able to survive long enough to get there.

    Again, thanks for the work on the patch.

    That said. If I wanted to test your software, I'd be on the test server. It's ridiculous to be forcing this on your players. Apologize to your players, admit it was pushed out too soon, find a way to encourage more casual players to help test it, and roll back live until it's properly finetuned.
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    netherdragon#0997 netherdragon Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    The patch they rolled out tonight didn't fix the extremely tough enemies, it's still just as bad. All they did was fix some chat bugs ....
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    nghtwng92#1513 nghtwng92 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I have yet to be able to complete an epic dungeon. I did craigmire the basic one and it was more difficult than the master use to be. Took almost twice as long to complete as well.
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