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  • I said and stand by my statement; that CoH: Homecoming returning was the worst thing that could have happened for all of those projects, the ones which were never more than vaporware and the real ones. Who needs a successor game when the old one, but better is now right there and free to play to boot?
  • Mine was too. I'm still getting notified of this thread, but my post is gone. I suspect it's because of what it had in it. I wonder if I'm going to get shadowbanned next? I sure don't have any notification of wrong doing from a mod or anything. Rest assured you aren't shadowbanned. I see your post.
  • Doing this to vehicles after all the negative feedback you got about the changes is so wrong you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm ashamed I ever believed in this game or this dev team, now. If only Jack Emmert were still here. Say what you will, but at least he took responsibility.
  • Did you use the website or contact from in-game? Using the website here is much more reliable. They have never failed to respond to me about any issue I have had.
  • A friendly reminder that one of the oldest, and still best role-playing super groups in Champions Online is still here, and we're taking applications again now! Read all about us right here!
  • She mistyped. The Patriot event is running for two weeks.
  • Ha. Thanks.
  • Am I shadow banned? Sure feels like it with how often I seem to cap threads. Someone answer meeeEEEeeeeee.
  • And if you ever subbed at all, you can get the Premium Pack in the Bonus tab of the C-store ( I refuse to use it's new name) for no cost at all.
  • We've had a number of mini feature sunsets lately. It would be nice to see a few sunrises. "See you, Space Cowboy"
  • Further comment. I logged in on Christmas Day and was dismayed to find the game almost completely empty, and no Clarence to fight. Staggering the event out over weeks really doesn't make sense for this event, since the entire holiday themed fight now takes place AFTER the holiday is over.
  • No it isn't because the volume of event currency drops is so low. I spent some time yesterday and noticed that when I randomly got any currency, it was rarer than when an event was normally live, and only one currency at a time. If we could get multiple drops off of each mob concurrently and the chance of drop for each…
  • https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/418/453/9bb.jpg
  • We should have known THIS year, if they are going to spring this on us now.
  • Re: Event currency changes; Frankly, this is stupid and it goes against the entire point of events. When the devs designed the events, it was stated up front that players don't need to feel pressured to "get everything" each time the event comes up, because it will come back and the currency would always [and I'm stressing…
  • You? Man, same here! So, I actually attended a tabletop RPG game convention in Houston in early 2008, and Steve Long was a featured guest that year, and he ran Champions. I played in that game, (as Ironclad) and was then voted best role-player at the table, because I role-played Ironclads extreme overconfidence…
  • Hey, Kael, whatever happened to this? I really don't mean to come across as rude, but it's been two months now.
  • It wasn't JUST the XMPP sunset, it was the usual BS on how it was handled, lies told to us about getting back to us to answer our concerns, Bad Community Representation in general. I can see pulling everything to no longer support a company that can't even be bothered to do the bare minimum to answer our concerns. You…
  • Hey, @kaizerin , did you guys get Bill Roper to come back and do the voice work for it? It sure sounds like the same guy, but I wasn't sure!
  • Because you specifically told the OP that you didn't even bother reading his post. That is super rude and dismissive. Obviously you read mine, though, but then, it was just a single line. Also, nice assumption. I don't use Tumblr. I'm not even sure I spelled it right.
  • So, you're the Kanye West of these forums, a rude jerk. "Hey, that's great and all, and Imma let you finish, but..." Don't be that guy.
  • Well, yes. I am specifically mentioning this for the people who may have left the game over this annoying issue. They can return now.
  • It's galling. Just unbelievable they won't even make the effort to engage with us honestly or directly any longer. I hate to say it, but I miss the Old Cryptic, pre PW. They may have been.. er, Cryptic at times, but they communicated with us. and lies were rare, and when they happened they were miscommunications that were…
  • Sadly, I wouldn't even expect AmbassadorKael to bother to return to the thread he promised to return too.
  • ...It's like I'm not even here.
  • In my experience the device version of the thing is a maintain instead of a toggle, for no good reason.
  • Everyone in this thread be aware that in -game settings has a simple option to restore sorting by creation date. Just log in to any character toggle this back on, and you are good to go once again.
  • So, Ambassadorkael, where is that update with additional notices or clarifications? This time, try being honest and upfront with us, instead of leaning into that same line of .. Bullpucky you guys pulled when you took away Subscriptions. None of us are buying this "safe and smooth", by the way, hell even perenial troll…
  • Yeah, BBB was 4rth, I had a mental hiccup. I think the guy on the cover you are talking about was Titan. Yep, it was Titan, A man trapped inside an alien suit of battle armor. Source; https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/83329-the-guardians-project-lets-build-the-original-champions/
  • I wasn't trying to be a jerk, I really had the impression that you were basically completely lost, from the lack of information and general tone of annoyance in your recent posts. For the record, I currently use Arc, not in prgram files, and my screenshots folder is located in; This PC > OS > Arcfiles > Champions Online_en…
  • I'm getting the impression you think that deleting old costume files saved on your computer would also remove them from your characters; it does no such thing. If you want to remove a costume from a character that is already made, you have to just overwrite the costume with a new set of changes. save it or not, that's up…
  • I recall from the lore in the setting that the Lemurian Rebels all regained their natural forms by pledging themselves to the Bleak Ones, their soul-eating ancient monster gods who ae currently as trapped in Qiiphoth as any of the Kings of Edom. From this I can only surmise that they must be doing the bidding of the Bleak…
  • Anything before 3rd edition didn't have Defender on it, as 3rd 'Big Blue Book' was the one he and the rest of the second iconic Champions team debuted. I started playing champions midway during 2nd edition days, but purchasing the Big Blue Book of 3rd ed. won me over as a fan and turned me into a GM for the game. Plus…
  • No, you're totally wrong. It was a long time ago, and Poz isn't around anymore, but way back when he was in charge, I found and put together 100% replication steps for a bug that enabled us to call our Contacts remotely, back when the game was new and we were supposed to run back and forth like in Old MMOs, to lengthen…
  • Congrats on the wedding! For future Reference, this area is named "Sakura Park", there was a contest held back during the old Champions Beta on the public forums at the time, and everything. The contest winner got into the beta and something else too!
  • Yeah, DwarfStar was one of my favorite characters back in City of Heroes, and I believe the name was first used [to my knowledge] in a Gurps Supers IST setting book, or the base Gurps Supers example Characters section. Great name.
  • I'm getting this too
  • I don't suppose a Black Friday sale on Lifetime subscriptions is likely to come along again, eh? Eh?
  • I'm talking about the old Atari made Champions Online time cards. Arc dooesn't recognize them as valid codes, and I tried.
  • They do not work as Arc codes. Customer service has informed me that those pages have been discontinued and now I have to contact customer support and they will enter the codes from the cards for a player's account manually.
  • The manage subscriptions page is no longer there. I still have game time cards and I cannot enter them now. Halp!
  • I appreciate the thoughtful replies both of you gave my final paragraph. However, and this is important to me; any combat as simplistic as to boil down to nothing more than a DPS race, such that your example makes sense,such as the majority of MMOs combat systems, simply isn't good enough for what I'm really looking for.…
  • Totally agreed. My entire guild just had a collective "I'm so done with this event!" rant on our private discord over this one, stupid change.
  • Why are the Trick or Treat grab bags now bind on Pickup, instead of bind to account? I can understand wanting to curtail auction house marketing of them, but preventing players from using them on their own alts is... well. I'll hold my tongue for now, but at this stage my entire guild of players just had a mini revolt in…
  • ...Sorry I bothered to make a long, thoughtful post. Nobody gives a ****, as usual.
  • Are you paying for and saving the costume?
  • Well, let's see. I'll just mention games I've been playing the last year or so. Someone upthread mentioned Saints Row 4, great game, SR 3 is also really great. The critically lambasted but technically quite fun unofficial sequel, Agents of Mayhem was only screwed over because the Dev studios fans wanted more character…
  • Yes, there is a bug which I believe is related to either accidentally going anonymous, or whitelisting all chat. If all chat is whitelisted, you'll only see chat from people on your friends list and in your current characters Super group, and current teammates. it will treat everyone else as if you are /ignoring them. Try…
  • And when exactly was that?