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  • Weird that this posted more than once, but that was the issues thing mentioned in my other thread. Go figure. Maybe one of the Mods can merge the threads to get rid of one?
  • That's what i thought at first, too, but it's misspelled IN game and he was making puns about Vitruvius in the reveal/details post.
  • I have no interest in a "Chance" at a ship and I have no interest in a ship that isn't account wide.
  • Random bug, then? Same and CAN Verify. I wasn't noticing it until it was brought up but game hopping DOES seem to be the factor here.
  • Just a fun additional note, but when asked about this on a livestream Kael said that he had no clue what I was talking about. When checking the blogpost in question again, it was indeed written by Kael. The Conspiracy continues...
  • If THAT were the case, you would think they would have avoided naming a primary character Yeet.
  • I'm glad to hear that but do you know what happened? I would be curious to know so i can avoid it later on down the line I'll have to check that but it's been happening EVERY time i log in to STO or CO, regardless of when i logged into one of the other first. Knowing that it might be one causing it to the other, i will…
  • Khitomer in Stasis is the only map that really does it to me. I'm running the game on a 4k tv screen with a 3080, and it has no issue doing ultra on any other game, so it's weird that cryptic's games seem to be the only ones that have issues. I'm guessing its a texture issue, given what IS and ISN'T doing it here and in…
  • Between the multitude of bugs, the age of the game clearly on display, the lack of content, the strict lottobox monetization, and a few bad eggs with the staff or mod team, and the general lack of vision, I WOULD NOT be here. I love Star Trek, I DO enjoy the base mechanics of the game (both space and ground), I am an…
  • As an LTS player, I would never say no to all the more rewards and unlocks, etc. Frankly, with the direction the game is currently in, I really don't see them doing anything to improve the LTS rewards any time soon. Heck, I'm of the opinion that they need to go back and really update what's already there, updating old…
  • HA! Just my luck, that i post that and it goes right up the minute or two after, lol
  • Weirdly, yes AND no. It was the same power and the same item but then it stopped on the item. It replaced them both for a week but then stopped replacing the power when i put in a different TYPE of turret. As for the item, i originally swapped from the Tardi TO the android but it didn't replace the tardi, it just removed…
  • I was a little surprised to see that it's still down an hour later. Any word on what's going on?
  • As a side note, I'm having the issue where a single item is removed from my utility slots, and one of the ground abilities is being replaced. The weird thing is that it's ONLY happening on one character. It's always on log in and occasionally at map transfer. They're both items I swapped out not too long ago, so it's weird…
  • I've been hit this week or so with a weirdly specific thing. On my engineer, she has a single item removed from her slots and a power replaced with one I had earlier. I don't USE load-outs but this is such a weirdly specific thing. It happens on login and the occasional map transfer but it's ALWAYS those two things.
  • I feel like the Devs are MASSIVELY out of touch with the community and this quote is really another great example of it. I like how the ship looks but it just isn't worth what they're asking. I just can't get behind the predatory mobile game monetization model, more so when even the community manager is throwing out the "…
  • It might just be the way the new forums are set up then. The only way i could find it was digging through the personal profile pages. It took me a solid minute just to figure out HOW TO EVEN POST a new thread, after they swapped over, lol.
  • Does that include letting your kid play on your account, even if you're still active on it? I.E. letting them have their own character? I don't have kids, but i can only imagine how many trek fans would do that so their kids can play, too.
  • Fair point I agree that Torp boats are the perfect reason for a sci to have 4/2. I forget which mine it is but there is one that goes in the front arc, i just don't recall if it's on a cooldown with the torps. Depending on the sci build, Iso plasma isn't a bad choice since it would be there for more of the confuse or pull…
  • There's the android combat pet, as well, if you really needed to max out your android team but it's a pet and not a boff.
  • I've been having some new issues this last week. The UI in the 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock range have been disappearing randomly in combat. So the teammates and target icons are just gone. During one TFO, a dialog window refused to close or continue until the lady had finished talking. The sound has randomly been going out as…
  • I've been getting this a LOT lately, where they just randomly disappear in combat. It's not just the team windows but the targeting info, as well. Basically, everything from 9 o'clock to 1 just vanishes and the only thing that brings it back is spamming the escape key.
  • What was the ability? I used to Drop kick for more than 10k. NOW, i'm lucky to hit 6k on a crit, so it's VERY likely they nerfed yours.
  • I'm a bit of a mixed opinion on this. Given that STO is doing, possibly, WAAAAAAAY better than NW, they might be more reserved swapping to the NW way of doing the lockbox. I wouldn't mind the rate improvements but more so, i like the idea that unlocking them builds to a guaranteed reward of actual value. That would be a…
  • It always irks me when things don't work as stated, or at all in a lot of Cryptics cases. It would be nice if more things did what they're supposed to, or if the numbers were more accurate on the info notes. Regardless, this was a great spot and I'll have to look into it on my own sci build, so thank you.
  • I know mine have been nerfed on numerous occasions. I would be a bit disappointed if they did it again without saying as such. Is this a new thing since the last big update?
  • I'm not a huge fan of Cryptics monetization model, in general, but these bundles just make me lose more respect for the company. I genuinely hope no one is EVER buying these at their full price. More so, when the CM becomes "that guy" live on stream telling people "you don't HAAaaave to buy them". At what point is Cryptic…
  • My patches have been the same speed as always, though map transfers have been taking longer than normal. Regardless, good luck and hopefully you get the issue resolved.
  • You would think Vulcans would be a preferred species given the fact that they're smarter, stronger, more durable, and resilient. As much as i would hate to see Cryptic's monetization of this, It would be nice if they added themed packs for the character creator. Packs like Augment, Assimilated, Cyborg, Symbiotic, etc. The…
  • Except that it's not because he DID say it in a live stream. And there is a BIG difference between Major bug fixes and them fixing a recurring bug that comes up two to five times a year. Patch notes are great and all but this game has way more issues that aren't being resolved. Minimal basic maintenance to keep something…