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  • A long time ago when the mission first launched it used to be just Kazon, then they did the first of several repositioning of the mission within the story flow and added Malon and Hirogen. The dialogue never got updated, pretty sure it was listed as a bug years ago and like many cosmetic bugs will likely not get fixed.
  • Restricted words are not just 'naughty'. A number of ship names are reserved, such as Enterprise - which is why you see Enterprize, Ent3rprise, Enterpryse and so on flying around. There is a T4 venture class and it could be that which is preventing the change of name.
  • You taken on and advanced or Elite Queue and been blown up? Looks like a ship injury. Open up the status screen and go to your ship, see if if shows Injured! down the bottom. if so click that and if you have the components hit repair/repair all. Should fix it.
  • Happened a few times to me. Both on the last and next to last island. Just hit the 'Regroup Bridge Offers' button when not in combat. Might need to spam it a number of times to work. That should sort it.
  • Well as they say, here today. Gorn tomorrow.
  • Twice in a row, once on round 9 so got lighning'd to death and once on Round 16 in a damn good group.
  • Good to know. Couldn't find any mention of it.
  • I have the same problem, on a KDF Joined Trill. Sphere of Influence completed but did not complete the Endeavour
  • I've the same issue, same console. Tried for a day to get it to work, then had a thought. There is an Enhanced version on the Chel Boalg T6 ship that was the Wonderland prize a few years ago, it only states this in the Rt-Click more details text on the item. Unpacked the Chel Boalg (never bothered as I had the console from…
  • Getting PvP right is always a pain as there are often too many variables and trying to mechanically break it down is fraught with complexity. We don't know what the engine for this is, the Glicko Rating System has been mentioned in this thread and is a likely candidate based on the information given so far (which isn't…
  • Same here regarding Risa, no entry point displays. Tried it on a high level and rolled a new char as well. Both get nothing but one of my non-TOS characters loads on in fine.
  • Same on a new character here, done it twice and still no joy. Like others defeated officers stand up as if ready to continue. Just tried the mission on replay with my existing character and same result it's definitely Broken.
  • Hmm got the Invalid skills issue, despite clawing through the slow way to 50, where they were were valid. Going to see if levelling fixes it. My non TOS characters have no problems. Also after running through the Tutorial again Mears also has a modern rifle, not the Type3.
  • I'm in the it's intended camp for a few reasons. 1). Romulans do not suddenly change to their Allies transporter FX when they join that faction nor if they use an Ally style ship instead of a Warbird, same for 'non-aligned' ships like the bug. 2). Any non-faction BOFFS you have use their own FX, most noticable for Romulan…
  • Ah, checked them, they looked right but there was a little note bottom right, Skills Invalid I am now able to spend Specialisation Points after respeccing. Thanks for that, can be closed.
  • I get the same, almost as if you are so secret they don't want to acknowledge it. The Espionage advancement does not work, I'm KDF allied and it shows me at 3000+ CXP. No title, no DOFF no nothing.
  • Same here change from one map to another and get 'Inventory Full' Playing Rom/KDF
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