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  • Captain Jellico ( Ronnie Cox )
  • This ? Issue ? means as much as a person here claiming to be a female Nothing Zip Nada Every character in this game is what it looks like for role playing purposes Aliens are Aliens make your own story up for yours A Human male is a Human male A Klingon is a Klingon On and On Who they sleep with means nothing just like the…
  • every time you twist that key or open that pack you get a 1% chance or less to get the grand prize 1 key or 10,000 its a 1% chance each time 1% 1% 1% Feeling lucky ?
  • Everyones character and that characters needs are different , You may not spend a dime on lobi Gear or may be a human with a low Crit chance CrtD may not be good for your character for many reasons your CrtH may be terrible and depending on how you play may stay that way for a long time If you craft CrtH X 3 weapons and…
  • This proves you do not understand the game at all.....That level 2 gear you scoff at is the most powerful gear in the game ! that mk-12 loot or rep gear is the weakest :P join a experienced fleet and learn the mechanics of the game because right now you don't understand I am not trolling you just stating the facts
  • If you think items are over priced do this Grind up and craft the items then sell it and is that worth the price it cost you in grinding time to make the pricey item buy the item for your real money then sell it for ec is that worth it ? How much is your time worth in EC ? How much is your CASH worth in EC ? If you think…
  • In total agreement There is ZERO End game content in STO no base building , no exploration , no diplomacy with races we cant meet...no need for food air resourses for building...no player economy no territory control basically put your rat on the wheel and keep running is what STO is all about
  • no items bought with cash in the game no tech trees no rep skills This would sell and make money for a price PvP with Stock ships that are BALENCED with there own gear and weapons This would sell
  • Supergirl is A teenager , Blond and blue eye's................Period Jimmy olsen is a white guy nerdy and comic relief...........Period Changing canon doesn't go over well.......Just look at JJs mess This new supergirl will suffer the same as ST has lowering its potentional popularity when if they wanted to add more…
  • If you did more than 3k DPS maybe your battles would not be so long ?
  • Trinity has no place in a space combat game Nothing about star trek supports it Trinity holds this game back more than anything else
  • To many players A Fed ship uses phasers.....................Not AP not plasma It uses quantum or photon torpedo's Klingons use disruptors This is about weapon procs not builds you fail to see the point or your intentionally trying to cloud the point For PvE the phaser proc is ( Worthless ) that is the point and it should…
  • ISA Tac officer ( Caption ) weapons locked on Cube defending the transformer Sir Science officer ; Sir the Pegasus blew a generator , Nanite spheres are warping in to reinforce the transformer !! First officer ( Caption ) we must Destroy that transformer before the Nanite Spheres get withinn repairing range or the mission…
  • space combat is way way too fast Way too much DPS for players , NPCs way too weak makes for super fast Fighter plane type combat not starship combat With the game speed so fast who has time to stop and type in chat ? Then on top of that lose your DPS trying to repair someone If you use auto fire you cant heal anyone !!!…
  • Quoted for truth
  • phaser proc adds Zip......nothing might as well not be there Ap proc adds 20% CrtD Adding CrtH to to phasers then tie it to being mounted on a Fed ship with a bonus to the proc rate would go nice to giving Feds a equaling to the Rom SRO's advantage something along the same lines for photon torpedos Give the C-store ships a…
  • The phaser proc is the bottom of the barrel nothing else even comes close to it massive lack of nothing
  • If you think the items are too expensive Build them or buy them yourself :P
  • OP I find this quite funny I play a infected advanced with 4 members of my fleet they are from all over the usa and some in Europe We are on teamspeak and every one of us experience terrible rubberbanding I play the same in a 4 man pug I ask in chat if they experience the rubberbanding 2 or 3 respond yes they do So to wrap…
  • That's the problem Their should be no Best Mod They should all be of equal value but do their jobs in a different way you should be able to pick which mods you want It appears game balance is a concept cryptic doesn't understand too well There should be no BEST Mod
  • I hate to beat the corpse but this game has no end game content That's what it needs above anything new once you fill your spec tree its like Game over..run the same stuff over again? make a new toon run the same stuff over and over again make a delta run the same stuff over again !!! like SWG in the first 2…
  • None of the above open sandbox startrek exploration/colonization /territory control anything else is a waste like what we already have We need end game content not more grind content
  • nothing wrong with open world pvp at all as long as you have to turn it ( On ) As long as the player with it on can see that it is on pvp is a totally different game that PvE is the only thing the same is the looks of the ships we had this in SWG and it worked well and no one complained because the player turned it on…
  • Giving away free t6 ships or even some of the op T5s compared to 2500 zen ships was one of the most bad business decisions cryptic ever made I guess you see things like this when managers pull the wool over the eyes of absent owners and the game suffers for it
  • they haven't said one word........................ come on Trendy give something up already
  • Also add in a 10% speed and turn rate reduction per damage/ minor up to a max of 90% Add fire and smoke heck make the UI have lighting , smoke and flames in it too Each ship destruction a 75% chance each weapon or system in the ship will take damamge it might put a dampner on pure DPS builds
  • I agree Its getting to a point where we need a options tab where all abilitys need a box to turn animations on and off Some of these animations look so cartoony there really downgrading the game too What good is it to have superior graphics on a ship when you add these cartoon effects in ?
  • I CANNOT believe cryptic keeps doing this to themselves over and over To retire the pearls without causing much Fuss You tell everyone this is the last event to use them , After this event there gone forever You can send me a check in the mail for this advice too
  • A Exploration holding set up so players can colonize new worlds build player citys use diplomacy with new races Star Trek stuff