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  • It's hardly problematic to accommodate that though. The Data/B4 stuff in the Path to 2409 isn't used in any missions aside from that tiny cutscene at the very end of Survivor. Just change the text in the Academy lore missions and remove that cutscene and we're set to go. Of course if Spiner is saying he will only do VO if…
  • I really wish we could get these kind of cross-series character interactions in game rather than just blogs.
  • Ditto Science is bugged on it. You treat each person but it doesn't update the tracker . Can't go back and treat it again so impossible to achieve the accolade.
  • They should rebuild the available tab to be like the episode tab, rather than show it by mission giver. Minor missions can be grouped by type and kept down the bottom while demoted episode arcs will be shown at the top under their group name. They can prioritise the more important arcs (they can kick yesterdays war into…
  • I haven't had it pop for me, but I've watched the video on youtube of it and I have to agree with antep01, it is very underwhelming. I terms of pacing and engaging you it feels closer to a red alert. Unless the rewards are really good, I doubt I'd run it more than once.
  • Not exactly on random, but I assume the introduction of random led to its removal: waiting time for each queue and how many people are on it. I know adding random makes it slightly unreliable, and you don't want a long list of n/a, but if I want to try a particular queue I'd like to know if I'm waiting a minute or an hour.
  • It's good, though it needs a bit more adjustment to work. 1. Clearer tab names than "Episodes" and "Available". Like "Main Story" and "Side Missions" - or if you want give it some Star Trek terms like TFO, name them "Priority One missions" and something-I-can't-think-of-right-now. Or A-story and B-story. 2. If you don't…
  • A very good point. Has anyone with Bajorian, Cardassian or Ferengi characters encountered any notable unique dialogue options in these missions so far? Just wondering as I've noticed a few based on commendation ranks, but my high level races aren't really relevant in these stories.
  • I did a thread on this earlier (but vague title, sorry). If you are near the satellite net, it holds you at red alert. Just move away from the planet and it allows you to speak to Kira. edit: "Engineered for War" arc - two extra Jemmy missions listed which are unplayable right now.
  • Ops is magnificent. It is stunning! Just want to make that clear before I go into another list of super minor comments. * As codyrocks above, the lower pylons have been stolen by the Hur'q. * With all the ships there, it is very crowded but none are actually in canon docking locations. Maybe some could be moved nearer to…
  • 1) Fek'lhri revamp, provided it remains Klingon lore heavy and doesn't get watered down as a cross faction thing. a) If they do try to make it cross-faction, then the Feds should have Dax with them as a good cultural bridge. That and Quark, as a comic sidekick (if we really want to mess with the tone from the original).…
  • Small correction on my previous note about refugees. It actually seems like the Ennis refugee is duplicates across two locations. Edit: Also, you can see from the windows that all three pylons are intact, despite the plot mentioning the still damaged pylon from the battle. I know you've only just got the new exterior model…
  • They said something before about spec points now being earned from level 65 I think. It came up with the stuff about giving captains a free spec point if they were half way through earning one when the cap is raised.
  • They are cool, glad to see the Niners up there. If only we could play a game in the holosuites, the fleets could have their own team names and pennants.
  • Some kind of starting pack of duty officers, R&D peeps and admiralty cards would be good.
  • Spiritual leader. She's not head of state or government, just a space Pope. The First Minister is the head of state & government. Even if the Kai has a great deal of influence, it is unofficial.
  • You can talk to the miner before the objectives to talk to the refugees come up. If you've already spoken to him it seems to autocomplete. What species is he anyway? I like Kira commenting that she thought Odo would come to her directly. But then she has an off-screen thing with him. I really hope we do get far more time…
  • 1) I love the new animations in this mission and generally. It is really refreshing to have a bit more facial expression and variety to the characters. 2) Given they have it in their training scenarios, I'm genuinely interested if the Dominion is secretly holding onto Alpha POWs still! 3) Correct me if I'm wrong but…
  • The repair ships guy that appears in the window is not the NPC standing in the room. The Klingon chef has clearly deleted the patters for raktajino from all the station's replicators so he can corner the market. Noticed the same. It's like when they reach that point they don't know where to go. If you can knock them…
  • I had the same thing. After some messing around, I got 3 to follow me, but there is certainly a pathing error when you're going across the walkway.
  • There is clearly a lot of interest in it, even though it is doubtful it could be made to work in the game. Perhaps an RP-focused fleet should capitalise on this interest and host weekly speed dating at bars across the quadrant for single captains. I bet the promo posters alone would be a good laugh.
  • I'd just take it being held in the Exchange for pick up or relisting rather than going into your mail. So long as it cuts out a trek between the two points, that would make it a little nicer.
  • I hope they eventually find a way to do it once they finish Ops. It can't be a carbon copy as they would have been able to solve the problems otherwise, but maybe by toning back the combat or stretching it through a corridor system towards the promenade it might work.
  • I'd take more modern hair styles in particular. With the exception of Becka's style the selection is looking a tad dated (and I don't just mean the beehive). Also, while we have a lot of short styles, the vast bulk look rather lifeless and dull. Their textures could do with a comb through.
  • Heresy! How is that possible! If not the last two seasons, then at least the final two parter of course. Oh and given that In Purgatory's Shadow & By Inferno's Light might be good as we see a Dominion prison, the Jem'Hadar admiration of the Klingons, the Bashir changeling story, Garak's resolution with Tain and the real…
  • Good job I started watching through the entire show in January start to end. I'd assume they think if they said which episodes to watch, then they might spoiler some story. I'd guess good ones to watch are; The Abandoned (we know that kid is back) Battle Lines (not revisiting the Ennis planet would be a waste) To the Death…
  • What isn't in the notes, is that the 'what time is it for me' is fixed. Thanks Kael!
  • Yeah, Kael you are converting it from UTC not Pacific.
  • There is no way this would be done well enough that it would be anything more than a cringe-fest.
  • Thanks, it looks like they're really weaving them in far more than they did with the Voyager cast. I'm guessing Quark replaces all instances of Hadron in missions (and apparently the tutorial Ferengi too) - I'm wondering if he replaces Qwen too? I bet some interactions will have changes as a result of this - I can't…