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  • (Quote) this is what I came here to say; Neverwinter has a gateway system that's actually useful and kind of fun. I'd settle for just being able to run certain doff missions in STO, and reputation/fleet holding projects.
  • (Quote) yes, it is mandatory I'm afraid.
  • OMG you guys there's actually an entire Memory Alpha article on beards, and it goes on for like two or three pages: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Beard We may as well close this thread and all retire, we'll never equal that level of boring
  • (Quote) Leaving aside for a second that Vulcans and Romulans have copper-based blood, and Klingons don't*, and that therefore this transfusion couldn't possibly actually work: many people couldn't get blood transfusions from their actual siblings; …
  • (Quote) that sound you hear is the spontaneous appearance of a mighty Fortress of Nerditude. I am unassailable within, but it is lonely and cold here.
  • (Quote) That's true - but his half-brother Sybok was full Vulcan, and had a thick beard. Edit: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Sybok
  • (Quote) Or I guess actually he had a type of beard the name of which is likely to trip the forum profanity filters.
  • (Quote) Mirror Spock had a goatee; Vulcans and Romulans are basically the same species.
  • (Quote) not an ideal solution, but you could spring for the eyepatch
  • I quite like the Federation intel escort and science ship - they're both fun to play. I'm less of a fan of the cruiser, which feels a little too lightweight to do the usual cruiser things - being able to cloak, and having intel tricks up your sleeve…
  • (Quote) Right, they really should have just left it completely unexplained.
  • Because I am super helpful and kind hearted, I made a custom Aenar mod for you! To install and play as an Aenar, simply turn your monitor off.
  • (Quote) Some of my favourite parts of STO are the bits where they TRIBBLE around with time travel and/or alternate realities. The first time you go back to TOS-era and see that the Klingons appearance has altered to be like the original show was aw…
  • (Quote) None of the important stuff mentioned in the (admittedly vague) article sounds like that. Rewards described as toon-specific include a temporary Dil-gaining trait, and various strengths of temporary boosts while the event is running - nothin…
  • (Quote) I have a whole mess of alts, and I have only paid for stuff on two of them (my original main, and my current main). I guess I just don't understand what people are complaining about - their own shortcomings, or that the game isn't delibera…
  • (Quote) why in blazes would you do any of that for an alt? not one thing in this event requires any of that.
  • (Quote) Right in the news article, of course: (Quote) While the rewards aren't directly named (other than Temporal Insight), there's absolutely nothing there that requires extra inventory space, extra boff slots, or new ships. Given what we curren…
  • (Quote) Right, but none of that stuff is necessary to get any of the stated rewards for this event. I kind of doubt most existing players will bother with the DR character they create once they've earned the account-wide awards. While it's true th…
  • (Quote) the character slot is free, ships you have previously paid for will still be available, and nobody is forcing you to make this new character your main character - there's no reason to spend money whatsoever. personally, I can't see what th…
  • I don't really see the problem. The main rewards seem to be account-wide, you get a free character slot, and playing through to whatever point of the plotline is required (end of Breen episode? it's not clear to me from reading the article) probably…
  • (Quote) oh dear - really?
  • (Quote) Probably, if it turns out to be real. Why not wait till that is established before berating Cryptic for a response that they haven't made yet? (Quote) I don't mean to belabour this point, but you are still incorrect. The two words, although…
  • (Quote) That's actually a fair point, but the fact that I used my mighty intellect to correctly interpret the meaning behind one inappropriate word choice doesn't mean that other, lesser, people could. If I have a flaw, it's that I'm too helpful.
  • (Quote) that's weird, because - as far as I can tell - it shouldn't ever try to reload a loadout unless you're clicking on one. I periodically have one that's a bit out of sync with what I'm using - say, I've replaced an overload with a fire at wil…
  • (Quote) and I was asking you what promises you were referring to; you still haven't actually mentioned any. (Quote) when have they ever done something like that before? by which I mean, actually refused to reward legitimately purchased items? I'd …
  • (Quote) really? I've not had any issues with the loadout system, since they supposedly 'patched' this issue. I don't like not being able to delete them, understand, but at least you can overwrite and rename them. I don't think having saved loadout…
  • (Quote) well, that's certainly raised the bar for paranoia around here.
  • (Quote) That's not how you use the word 'belaboring'; the word you want there is 'laboring'. Perhaps you should stick to using plainer language, since you're obviously not accurately getting your point across. You accused Cryptic of breaking a pro…
  • (Quote) and that - assuming it happened, since this is the only person I've seen complain about it - is quite obviously a bug.
  • (Quote) your words, and the context they are in?