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  • Thanks for the reply, the token remains in my inventory hoping that ARC will do something.
  • Appreciate the come-back but as I mentioned above NONE of the ship categories recognized the token and as stated above when "clicked on" states that "can not mount the item" for any ship.
  • Re: Ticket #91140 Use of older T6 Token: Can not use this token, it is not recognized and when attempted to use, response is " can not mount this item". ARC says it looks like a bug and will pass this info on BUT does not tell me if I wil…
  • Sorry to bother you guys again but I'm not sure if anyone answered this question or if I posted this in the correct place. Please excuse me posting it again. "Greetings All, Is there anyway to get rid of the broken/retired accolades that remai…
  • Greetings All, Is there anyway to get rid of the broken/retired accolades that remain in the Accolade List? I have about 12 that just sit there. They are some of the "Defender" accolades, STF MACO, STF SOTO and "Rookie" accolade…
  • Do I understand this right? You have to get 22 specialization points before a captain can train a boff in level III abilities? Also have other manuals like call in artillery II but can't seem to find where to use/train those. Thanks for your help in…
  • Can someone please answer this, as I have seen conflicting answers (even on the blogs): I have a current MSVR. Will I get a secondary deflector slot automatically or only the new ones that are won or purchased? Thanks for the help.
  • So, this is my first post and the first of this type of game to play. I am, by every standard an older guy and, therefore bring a different perspective to this conversation. I am a life long Star Trek fan and that is what attracted me to this game. …
  • Somehow I managed to fix my skill point blockage. I can't tell you exactly how I did it but this is what I did do. I am at the Vice Admiral (51) level and my skill points were frozen at the commander level. I had 1000 points but my bridge crew kept…