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  • Yeah I remain unimpressed. FAW has such a heavy acc penalty now that I am wary of using even the level 3 version. But sure if you're shooting at immobile gates and transformers I guess it would inflate your numbers in unrealistic ways that just doesn't translate to the rest of the game.
  • There is zero chance I will ever buy one of these. None. I have maybe 20 characters now, all of which do get played, so there is no point to me even trying to prioritize which characters get such things. This upgrade isn't needed to perform well, nor will it add significant performance improvements (especially not for the…
  • I agree, its ridiculous, but science does have plenty of mundane abiltiies too, the medical tricorders, tachyon harmonics, and so on. Most of the space magic is actually the newer stuff not their original "sane" abilities. Cryptic couldn't quite figure out how to make science fit sensibly for whatever reason, as they added…
  • I don't disagree that T5UX can be quite viable, and never claimed they weren't, but it is in the same way a used 2008 Toyota can be quite viable. That's totally fine. But you shouldn't be paying the same $15K for that Toyota when it was priced as a new car in 2008 either. T5U ships actually lack capabilities that T6 have…
  • I can't say I understand that either. A full MW spec is obvious, however the trait has never impressed me. Its useless if you use torpedo spread normally because FAW 1 is easily a huge nerf to DPS for the huge acc penalty. And, if you have a ship that isn't using a torpedo skill, why are you equipping a torpedo? It seems…
  • The word used is depreciation. Arguing against decay is a textbook definition of strawman argument. The fact is T5s are not the same value as they were prior to T6 ships. That value has sunk even lower since then due to all the free T6s that have been offered over the years, even the bundle deals that include various T5s,…
  • There are a lot of abilities to choose from. If you don't like them for any particular reason, you don't need to use them.
  • You get it in the 25th century when you talk to the temporal agent outside Quinn's office. Phillip Cray I think? Just follow the missions as you get them and you will get it.
  • Yep, I am a fool, it seems. That is fine, I can spend $$ elsewhere.
  • As much as I see your point, I'd be really surprised if a ship like this isn't cstore. It is a current year (for STO time) standard Federation design, and looks like a very good ship to see all over the place actually representing the game and time period. I was also surprised about the stupid Inquiry, of course.
  • You don't have to fight a single Vaudwaar to finish that mission. Just beam down talk to the general and move on.
  • If you're having that much trouble, then skip it and move on. Come back to it later when you have better gear.
  • For some reason the writing of that scene bothered me. Can't put my finger on it though.
  • I can't say I pay attention to popup windows. I've been on the internet long enough to know they need to be immediately closed. On reading this complaint it took me a long while to figure out what people were talking about because of the fact I just close it reflexively.
  • I don't see this myself. I use the wide dual beam bank from the Disco rep on a number of ships and it does BO just fine.
  • Not really. Celsius degrees are pointlessly large, being approximately 2 Fahrenheit/Rankine degrees and make precision more difficult and confusing especially with rounding involved. It is also just as arbitrary.
  • I picked the Mirror Defiant, but I'm sitting on it for my future AOY character. (Yes, for those of you who think I hate ST:D, with the reward offering huge selection of rare ships I don't have, I picked a ship from ST:D)
  • I don't know off hand if it would be factored in, but it is the issue that cat 2 probably also multiply crit damage, if all cat 2 bonuses are applied together. So it would be base damage*cat 1 factored in, which gets multiplied by all cat 2 bonuses. On the tooltip you'd see a premature bonus from cat 2 because if you crit…
  • Lets not have some stupid political vandalism movement represented in game, even in jest.
  • No, you don't, unless the equipment offers a cat 1 or cat 2 bonus that the other piece does not. Cat 1 is fairly easy if that's the case, it is already added into the tooltips. Cat 2 is more difficult to separate out but isn't actually an issue if the equipment your swapping does not have a cat 2 bonus on it.
  • Yes its hard to count to three, but you still only get to pick one option.
  • Okay, so take D, your tooltip damage per second. We can call crit chance C where its in decimal form and crit severity E, again in decimal form, not percentage. Don't forget E should be greater than 1, so if you only have base crit severity at 50% (or whatever it is,) then E would equal 1.5. C is going to be less than 1, a…
  • Why would anyone pay dil to make a foundry mission? Those took a LOT of time and energy to make decent, and that is time you aren't able to earn any dil yourself.
  • I'm not sure that complaining about lethal radiation makes sense when we are shooting it and many other ionizing energy beams at enemies to kill them.
  • The solutions are straightforward. Make dilithium worth spending for all players. Ships, weapons, traits, consoles, etc. in the dil store. That doesn't take time to research. It does take time to make. Changing existing systems to require dil where previously they were just inherent parts of the system is absurd and based…
  • Well this is a blindingly stupid idea. Why did anyone think this was a good idea to change existing systems and make them into dil taxes? I basically never use the tokens except when I have 1 admiralty slot left and the TOD is 2-3 assignments back in the queue. And for endeavors I skip the bugged tasks and do almost…
  • It doesn't really matter who is responsible, the problem keeps occurring and is unquestionably sloppy work. More effort at proofreading especially critical information like dates and rewards is necessary. I have to say, though I'm entirely baffled at where those dates came from. Three days? It clearly wasn't copy pasted…
  • This really isn't a new player thing. The zone is badly designed for a single player, even one who is equipped reasonably well. Its actually more of a problem in the lower region close to the city because there are so many groups massed together there with very fast respawns. Once you get out of there it is mostly a lot…
  • I'm not trying to say supply isn't an issue, but its a relative thing. This level of supply could remain completely unchanged and the dilex could fall down to 250 if the demand for dilithium went way up because people now want to buy things from the dil store. Look at this from another perspective. A factory produces cans…