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  • (Quote) Okay, you can go away now please? I thought you may have picked that up, but i see you're the type of needy person who needs me to make things clear: You got reported already for spamming a thread as you are now, and now it is flagged as y…
  • (Quote) I can confirm I haven't done anything yet aside from the rocket building and i received everything. Perhaps your first run at the tfo may have gliched for you. Glad to hear you received the item(s) now.
  • I am wearing the Klingon Fed badge and I think it can use a big remake...Namely, it looks a LOT like the Terran empire badge so i don't think its very good no offense.
  • (Quote) Well if everyone had your pessimistic view nothing would EVER change. I am afraid you don't know me :-) I never give up. As the galaxy has seen, there is ALWAYS a way to get things going, and THAT is always inclusive of RESPECT. Namely, for …
  • (Quote) Well, we shall see. I still am very opposed to the idea of NO good bridges ugh so lame man. Not very encouraged to buy this ship. I am a hard core trophy person and interiors are very important to many of us. How can we hang our trophies in…
  • (Quote) I own a NanDi and it, of course, has a D'Kora bridge :-(
  • (Quote) Yes but the T6 Definately has advantages like 5 wep slots in front, and i am wanting to see the Energy Monopoly where you use aceton beam or overwhelm regulaters to drain power from your target and feed own subsystems...also the swarmer mis…
  • We got it fixxed. I just did the mission after letting the devs know, in detail, what was happening.
  • They listen see? Now we have the T6 Quark Class Marauder. Thanks Devs! https://arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11386413-quark-gets-his-own-ship-in-the-infinity-lock-box%21
  • (Quote) LOL OOmax *ferengi lobes tingling at thought* Yes Ferenginar would be the hot spot for finances. Seeing as it was made law by the grande Nagus that females can wear clothing and also make profits (more profiting ferengi means a greater econ…
  • (Quote) Every single player in game ye. This has been an ongoing issue for far too long. I have submitted tickets to GM's only to be told it will be fixed and yet has not been. We need to elevate this to their bosses' attentions or something as I d…
  • (Quote) No see, in game, we have latinum accolades and they're gained by winning dabo. You must win enough to buy all trophies. The trophies are displayable, theres a pile of latiunum bricks (the biggest one 500,000 GPBL) and various other florr an…
  • :((Quote) See? Many of us wish to see this mr and misses's devs :-P (Quote)
  • I think the foundries were taken away because people were using them for looting and gaining certain things transferable to the holodeck. It is speculation and a theory. No matter what, its gone, hope it comes back, but it has to do with SOMETHING …
  • (Quote) I appre3ciate what ur saying, but it looks like there are several of us in this thread alone who would love to see ferengi ships developed better. Cool! And I think you've made a most excellent point - We need to form a united federation …
  • (Quote) here here
  • (Quote) HECK YEAH...with my Rommie (R'Asha), it sucks that i have this super cool Khophesh and the D'Ridex, but yet when i go on my ship i have a green house in a Khophesh? lol I was hoping for an interior akin to the Scimitar from Star Trek Nemes…
  • (Quote) Yes..the irony. And Nog, although a Ferengi, embraced starfleet and was very sincere in that, yet he maintained his identity as a ferengi still profitting and using his lobes - in the context of starfleet (cant be tradng in illegal goods, p…
  • (Quote) here here
  • (Quote) Oh nice! Yes I love Rom and how he is so socially awkward but a genius, and how he came to be grand nagus. I am also very fond of Nog.... Am a pretty big fan of DS9, especially the Dominion wars, and Martok and how worf handed the mantle t…
  • (Quote) Perhaps, but it doesn't negate that we should be able to put up our Latinum trophies :-) It is VERY ironic that a ferengi (all about latinum fyi) can't even display it on his own ferengi ship. lol Also, we have our own Dabo table, ferengi…
  • (Quote) Thanks...yeah it just makes sens - latinum, ferengi ship...lol
  • I saw it. Thank you, I appreciate the insights. Am still hoping that it can be adjusted. Perhaps even a Zstore ferengi ship.
  • Yes, but you must use it in PAYPAL... Link the card using your paypal account. If you don't have one it doesn't take long to set one up. Just a simple email confirmation.
  • Yes, but you must use it in PAYPAL... Link the card using your paypal account. If you don't have one it doesn't take long to set one up. Just a simple email confirmation.
  • I think I have it solved... I noticed that it states on the System Requirements it must be 64 bit.... although windows 10 I have is 64 bit, the graphics card is 32 bit. Updating now....hopefully that works.
  • (Quote) Intel(R) HD Graphics i3
  • Cuz ur OCDing over it and it doesn't matter what term he uses... Its the context in which it was used... Keep it simple... Personally, I think it's trolling to be sitting there getting snippy about saying the wrong word...lol It's not even a wrong w…