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  • My Dearest Mortals, You have spent so much time inside my little frosted vision this winter, and you loved it! Nothing brings more joy to my omnipotent heart then to see the little people out there take a moment out of their dreary and pointlessly brief existences to revel in my generosity. You have really outdone…
  • That was a temp problem related to an issue with his WarpDust's account. It has now been fixed, but it did cause the Dev Tracker to hiccup briefly. It should be fixed properly now.
  • Closed. More threads that miss the point entirely of how the team structures work at Cryptic/PWE. Be kind to TacoFangs. He likes communicating on the forums.
  • Spam Thread = Closed. *Readies Banhammer*
  • Closed due to Fracking. Circumventing the profanity filter and screaming at the "Devs" about not wanting new content = priceless.
  • Closed for obvious reasons. "I quit" threads are a no no just to be clear. Let alone name calling and drug references.
  • Technical Correctness has been achieved. As that has now served the purpose for alerting us to this definition of a problem, this thread will now be closed to prevent any further gambling with TOS.
  • Closing this thread as it has become infested with Flaming/Trolling.
  • With no question stated in the OP as to what problem was/is being experienced, or was left un aided by the CS team, this thread has become a back and forth of insults amongst players, and serves no purpose to improve the game or customer service. Closing thread. Q
  • I vote for Q because I am Q All who cross me will be disqualified from the voting process. I do so love your human political system. No where else have I ever come upon such a villainous system of pure evil. It's marvelous! Omnipotently yours, Q
  • Closing this thread as the OP is a currently banned user who created an alt account to circumvent a ban which is a violation of our TOS. Q
  • Greetings again dear mortals, My good friends, the Cryptic Devs are hard at work to reproduce and distinguish the various bugs that have been reported by your faithful players, and we have an update for you located in our Gameplay Bug Report section. Make sure to click this link to find out the latest info about these…
  • We hope you enjoy my Winter Wonderland dear mortals! The event will run from today until January 15th, 2015, so don't miss your chance to get all the Winter Rewards you desire. And don't forget to run The Fastest Game on Ice for your T6 Breen Shar Theln Carrier! Watch our for those Snow Borg my good captains, as they…
  • Aww yes the Brenn I created them just for you forum users! They are a warm and fuzzy sub-species aligned with the Breen Confederacy. Now go enjoy the blog you silly spelling obsessed primates! Grammatically yours, Q
  • My blog is now live for you to enjoy dear mortals! The T6 Breen Carrier is ready for your viewing pleasure! Don't miss a live demo of the ship tonight at 6PM PDT by the one and only CaptainSmirk! Blog link here: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9008423-q%27s-winter-wonderland-carrier Best of…
  • Oh and did you know he isn't a snowman at all, but a snow mugato? Frostbitten and loving it, Q
  • I have fixed my minions poor internet woes, and sent Trendy back to her desk to get the blog ready to go up, post haste! This inferior technology you poor mortals are so attached too. I'd have better luck trying to convince a 56K modem to handle modern bandwidth requirements! My latest masterpiece of Brenn shippery will be…
  • We are all Qs in Westeros. Oops, there I go again jumping across genres. The one and always, Q
  • Why what a clever little humanoid you turned out to be. I shall have to do something about that.... Ornaments are indeed what you will require, but speaking of that handsome Smirk, perhaps if you want to know more you should plan to view his Winter Wonderland Livestream tomorrow at 6PM PDT. I'll place a link here for you…
  • The Winter Weapons can only be used in my Winter Wonderland, and the Winter Kit Modules can only be used outside of my snowy paradise. I hope this clears things ups for everyone! Clarifyingly yours, Q
  • Congratulations Dear Mortals, My latest blog is now live, and it is positively masterful! My delightful minion Trendy has packed so much Winter fun into this blog that I expect most of you to explode in a fit of Holiday wondermeant. New Weapons, including weapons with cold abilities to be used outside of the Winter Event…
  • Good Morrow Dear Mortals, Prepare yourselves for my next masterpiece of blogging brilliance. I bring you details of the fabulous trinkets you mortals treasure so, all with the help of my Ferengi friends. Stay tuned as I am feeling very generous this year, and await your adulation over my generosity. Awww, to give such…
  • How dare you mortals question my remarkably refined taste in decor! That is not ice! That is the most valuable and priceless Breen Hydro-crystalline formations you or anyone outside of the Breen Confederacy have ever laid eyes upon! I am going to enjoy changing you into an ice-arachnid my little art critic. Then we will…
  • Aww you call on me again, and here I am to answer. Behold, the power of Q *blinks* Enjoy my treats everyone! Q
  • Our good Chef has gone back to work in his kitchen to prepare more confectionery delights. But never fear, he has left a familiar face to delight you all! You shall meet this savory character very soon, dear mortals!
  • You loose. Pay up now foolish mortal.
  • Out of all the obscure little mortals out there, Smirk & Trendy are indeed some of those I know. They are delightfully hard working and they adore my every syllable. Aww if only all mortals were as ready to obey my commands, I wouldn't need all this fantastic power I have. Thank me that I do. Omnipotently yours, Q
  • My reputation for being unconventional is known for a reason. But, never say I have not given you mortals what you desire. I know how important it is for you to know my whereabouts at all times on this strange little plane of existence. Therefore... *blink* ...come and find my posts now dear mortals. Oh how I have missed…
  • Why whatever do you mean? *blinks you into an Epohh* Mwahahahahaha
  • Getting reports of multiple violations of the TOS in this thread so shutting it down. Q