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**Toward a Better Bajor: Proposed Solution for the Planet's Problems**



  • jodarkriderjodarkrider Member Posts: 2,097 Arc User
    risian4 wrote: »
    This is not true. M'Zowla, my Caitian main, saluted you once on Defera and you saluted him, with honour even. The q'apla emote :)

    Well, again - not my character & I try to be nice. Just because I don't like this & that, it doesn't give me right to be utterly rude/mean, especially when not deserved at all. I'd not make a Caitian character personally, ever. But - if someone says 'hi', salutes, or otherwise interacts in game with me, I usually return the favor, unless I'm afk or the person in question is being annoying about it. We don't have to like the same things to get along and have fun in the game together. :smile:

    [10:20] Your Lunge deals 4798 (2580) Physical Damage(Critical) to Tosk of Borg.

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  • nickodaemusnickodaemus Member Posts: 711 Arc User
    protoneous wrote: »
    Can you elaborate regarding this ERP thing? Is it an acronym for a special in-game ability? Why does it make people cough? Is there a training manual available for it so your boffs can do it as well? Couldn't find it in the STO wiki.

    Those who participate often refer to it as "Elite Role Play" not erotic..but that's what it is. Adults only, supposedly. The word "erotic" is something that can cause controversy or activate filters.
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