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Operational Support Team: Now Recruiting!



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    zobovorzobovor Member Posts: 198 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    frtoaster wrote: »
    I think you should look for people with different areas of expertise:

    (a) space PvP
    (b) ground PvP
    (c) space PvE
    (d) ground PvE
    (e) doffing
    (f) the tailor and outfits
    (g) the Foundry
    (h) math
    (i) English
    (j) mathematical English

    The last three require further clarification.

    (h) If you would just tell us how the mechanics are supposed to work, then we could actually check your math. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether there actually is a bug or whether the math is just horribly convoluted.

    (i) You need someone to proofread your work. There are far too many typos in this game. I don't know why you don't use a spell-checker; that would catch the numerous spelling errors. After the text is spell-checked, pass it to proofreaders to find the more complicated grammatical errors.

    (j) Many of your tooltips are horribly written. They violate the basic conventions of mathematical English. Note that mathematical English is a different skill from both math and English. The skill can only be acquired by spending a lot of time writing mathematics, not just solving math problems. It's not a skill commonly taught at the undergraduate level, even in the sciences and engineering. It's really only required of math majors, though other people may pick it up, depending on the focus of their studies.

    I nominate you as Project Manager.

    I nominate you lot as a replacement for CrypticFrost (minus a paycheck) .
    Here's hoping for less ... errr ... confusion .

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    sch3ff3lsch3ff3l Member Posts: 118 Bug Hunter
    do graphical bugs count in as well? if yes where do i sign up? me myself still have a nasty light effect bug due to the broken rescale of the sector map (some days ago my ambassador was hosting a rave party with all light on the windows blinking (kinda funny that one was xD)...
    9gagger, starfleet captain, bug hunter...

    spocked thumb face...
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    crimp12crimp12 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'd like to know more
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    william7rikerwilliam7riker Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited August 2015

    I, Gorn Gorn Gorn the Gorn (@william7riker) would like to submit my volunteer form for this team.

    I've been playing the game since just before free to play, and have been playing religiously ever since. I kind of feel I already AM an actual part of the game. I was one of the people who had their screenshot win the contest and made into a loading page!

    I would like to become an even bigger part of the game.

    I have 51 characters (currently made. Still got open slots.) I have made so many characters in each faction, and have flown 80% of the entire lot of ships in the zen store. (And a good chunk of the lock box/promotional ones.)

    I've been finding bugs and recording my observations for years now. (Have I submitted reports on all of them? To be completely honest, I gave up on reporting bugs because of the bug report system, and how it works/is handled/is maintained. It's not very effective, and the replies we get take forever, and are usually very infuriating.)

    However, being a fleet leader, and an armada councilmen, accepting me into the team not only will get the help of one person, but that of any bug that any of my fleet members tell me about - so I can investigate, and report back to my commanders at the Operational Support Team HQ.

    Having so much experience with the game, and how the mechanics work, and my understanding game formulas, and such will benefit this operation.

    Just the idea of a team like this being set up by the game team of STO restores a LOT of my faith that I have in the game. I know that the 5th anniversary took a major toll on the player base. (A heck of a lot of my friends quit playing because it got "so bad".)

    Doing things like this, is a reminder to me that the game is now really improving, and staying through the ups and downs has, and will continue to be worth it!

    Also, I'm a huge trekkie too......

    I've got all of the software I need to record video proof, and take screenshots of any bug I find.

    ~For the New Dawn of STO!
    Once I get a solid hour of free time, I have got to update my signature, with tasteful, but useful words that the rest of the community would benefit from hearing, or at least get a good laugh out of.
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    nemesischikennemesischiken Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Heya Zero, I would also like to know more about this and would consider joining the team.
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    goldenspexis33goldenspexis33 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Id love to join, im a bit famous in my friends group for braking things
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    sqwishedsqwished Member Posts: 1,475 Bug Hunter
    I'd be interested in helping out, I can vouch for @tarastheslayer as well.
    Oh, it's not broken? We can soon fix that!

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    zeverosezeverose Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I would be highly interested in helping out I want to make Sto what it used to be and to make it fun without having bugs show up give me a phaser and show me.
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    illcadiaillcadia Member Posts: 1,412 Bug Hunter
    I'd definitely be down for giving this a try. I'm familiar with beta/bugtesting work from other games, and I've submitted by fair share of bug reports on here and I have some programming experience which has helped.
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    kasrakenkasraken Member Posts: 213 Bug Hunter
    I would like to help. I am a lifetime member and have been playing the game for several years. With a good understanding of the game mechanics here are some of the bugs I have previously reported:
    08/02/15: Catalyst show up in the required duty officer slot of R&D projects.
    Ticket ID # 50,050 Status (Fixed)
    7/22/2015: Engineering armor resistance consoles don't work in PVP.
    Ticket ID # 50,026 Status (Unresolved)
    03/21/2015: Brotherhood of the sword' Elite can not be completed.
    Ticket ID # 49,504 Status (Fixed)
    03/06/2015: Commander Bridge Officer ability on the Dyson destroyer does not update when changed.
    Ticket ID # 49,220 Status (Fixed)
    07/07/2014: Visibility of [Over] weapon proc is missing!
    Ticket ID # 45,533 Status (Fixed)
    07/04/2014: Visibility of Reward bonuses are missing from new Duty Officer assignments!
    Ticket ID # 45,361 Status (Fixed)
    06/22/2014: Reaching rank 5 in three crafting schools does not unlock crafting slot.
    Ticket ID # 45,171 Status (Fixed)
    06/12/2014: Romulan embassy duty officer's missing face and skin after trading to players.
    Ticket ID # 45,112 Status (Fixed)
    06/12/2014: Swimwear worn outside of Risa. <lots of hate from the community for reporting this bug>
    Ticket ID # 45,111 Status (Fixed)
    05/08/2014: Console Tactical Vulnerability Locator MK XII [+Can] does not increase turret damage.
    Ticket ID # 45,031 Status (Fixed)
    04/19/2014: Beaming up from Starfleet Academy displays the wrong bridge officer.
    Ticket ID # 44,909 Status (Unresolved)•
    04/09/2014: Bio-Molecular Fluid Space Counter Blast, does not destroy fluidic rift puddles.
    Ticket ID # 44,785 Status (Fixed)
    04/07/2014: Pop up for zone control points (Undine space battlezone) interfere with game play.
    Ticket ID # 44,745 Status (Fixed)
    04/07/2014: Planet Killer timer gets stuck when the “Undine will Return” timer is present.
    Ticket ID # 44,744 Status (Fixed)
    04/07/2014: Docking at a star base removes some items from your active ship.
    Ticket ID # 44,743 Status (Fixed)
    01/02/2014: Fire at will removes all abilities from affected weapons.
    Ticket ID # 44,159 Status (Fixed)
    01/02/2014: Mail Items not grayed out in inventory.
    Ticket ID # 39,516 Status (Fixed)
    01/02/2014: Duty officer does not buff your team on use of melorazine.
    Ticket ID # 44,158 Status (Unresolved)
    01/02/2014: Faulty “away team” pathing while inside the Borg (Derelict) cube.
    Ticket ID # 39,069 Status (Fixed)
    01/02/2014: Faulty “Commander Khaiel N'Vek” pathing while inside the Borg (Derelict) cube.
    Ticket ID # 39,076 Status (Fixed)
    01/02/2014: Placement of big person tray #1's fire all buttons is too low after arranging UI.
    Ticket ID # 39,076 Status (Fixed)
    12/19/2013: (on Nimbus III) Scanning for contraband at location 626 8 1372 fails.
    Ticket ID # 44,140 Status (Fixed)
    12/19/2013: Romulan embassy duty officer's missing face and skin after trading to players.
    Ticket ID # 44,141 Status (Resolved after 06/12/2014 Ticket ID # 45,112)
    As you can see from the above list(spoiler), my experience has been that Cryptic's development team has been fixing things and they do listen to their players (there is much more green than there is red in my list of bug report fixes).

    I try to check the forums before posting any bugs to see if they are already reported and place support if so. I tend to only post when required and not “add lip” to hot issues (no matter how valid) just for the sake of voicing my opinion.

    I hope I am the type of member you are looking for on your team.
    Operational Support Team
    Squishing Bugs for a better future
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    jonathanlonehawkjonathanlonehawk Member Posts: 674 Arc User
    I'm interested.

    I've beta-tested every Cryptic game since City of Heroes, so I'm kind of invested in the company... :)

    Formerly Known as Protector from June 2008 to June 20, 2012
    Please enable us to buy a token with Zen to faction change a 25th Century FED to a TOS FED.
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    xastirxxastirx Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    I see what you did there with the Starship troopers reference, Trendy!
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    jkirk13jkirk13 Member Posts: 63 Arc User
    I would like to volunteer.
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    skonnskonn Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    I'm very interested to join. While I'm not in the computer industry as a profession, I have extensive experience in print editing/proofreading (Typos can and do happen!)

    I've been a LTS for years, and would love to do all I can to help the Operational Team :)
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    charlesdonovancharlesdonovan Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Sign me on. I've been playing since day one and would love to help improve the game. Consider me at your service.
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    capemike4capemike4 Member Posts: 394 Arc User
    Though I've only been playing since September 2013 and am a F2P-er specializing in Science ships, I'd love to toss my hat into the ring...; been involved with a number of betas/alphas in the past(of which I'll gladly list them if requested, Devs), and am always wondering why bugs happen when I run into them, or mentally correcting typos when I see them.... :)
    When in doubt...Gravity Well TO THE FACE!! :D
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    firetrekkiefiretrekkie Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    I am for one really interested in joining the operational support team, I am online every day, as most players would probably say lol. I have participated in the LoR event being one of many testing out the bugs on tribble for the fun and enjoyment of others. I would really like to give my insight into helping and enjoying the fun of making this game fun for others.
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    darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,738 Community Moderator
    Hey everyone!

    I'm really excited to announce that we're now starting up our latest initiative: the Operational Support Team! I've seen a huge interest in the community to help improve the game, so the team and I have built this program. The Operational Support Team is a volunteer force that will work with our team in order to submit, review, and resolve bugs that you might find. Our goal is to stomp out the bugs!

    We will be taking volunteers from the community to join the Operational Support Team. We're looking for high-caliber members from the community who can effectively work alongside us in hunting down bugs. We have a process to assess potential candidates, and will be taking a select amount of people for the program. Members will work alongside the STO QA Team tracking down bugs by developing reproducible steps for issues. As we review the program and its effectiveness, the roster for the team will grow.

    Let us know if you're interested in joining the program or if you have any questions!


    Glad to see the great bug hunt you talked about in the live stream finally starting. I would like to volunteer for this as well. I've been a modder and map maker for games going back to 2005. Several of the levels I created remained EA recommended maps on one of their games for several months. In the over 100 maps and missions for various games I've gotten used to hunting bugs. I've been playing STO since around the 3 year anniversary and went gold member status last year. Have experienced and reported several bugs including one where I fell through the floor in the dyson battlezone.

    I have a windows 7 computer with an 8 core processor, 16 gigs of ram, geforce gtx 750 video card as some of the main features. This computer can complete some pretty labor intensive tasks. I also have a screen capture software that can be used to record attempts at recreating bugs to help in determining their causes. I also have access to format converting software and zip compression software that could be used to prepare a video for transmission to Cryptic should they wish to see a video recreation of the bug.

    Will do what I can to help. Feel free to give me a shout if you think you would wish to enlist me for this team.
    "Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again." - Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Generations

    Star Trek Online volunteer Community Moderator
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    tpau2012tpau2012 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Hello from Germany.

    I would like to Join also.

    Would it be possible to be focused on Keybinds and Controller support?

    I develope with Visual Studio for private usage, I never worked in a Dev-Team but I have alot of expierience in Keycodes, Keyevents and recently I got an PS4 Conroller and I am using it on STO.

    I already found alot of Bugs on the XBOX 360 Support.

    Maybe I would not be one aof Chosen, so I will write here a couple of things I faced.

    - The Accept Awayteam Keybind doesn´t work at all. It let dissapear the Awayteam Window and it wont come back, and alot of UI-bug´s resulting after that.
    - At Dyson Ground the Awayteam Window appears for every Transporter activity. But the Accept button don´t work so we are forced to use the Mouse.
    - On Ground RPG Keybind the A-Button is not useable anymore for Single commands, it will always Bind to the default A-Button command also. For instanze I want to have Jump (/up) and he also activates the normal A-Command.
    - The Keybind Save will only Output Keycodes as HEX-Values, so I stopped to develop a Keybindparser for Importing in my little Tool.

    I hope I can put this Video link in here, to show You a small Tool that I gonna finish soon.

    STO Keybind Dropper Preview

    c.u. Zui from Hamburg
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    bluematabluemata Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    I would really like to help in this as I think it could help me in school as I am doing game design and bug testing as part as my GCSE course in school. It would also be a great thing to do as I love the game and can't think of a better way to help other players than to make there experience better by stopping bugs in the game.
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    jarvisandalfredjarvisandalfred Member Posts: 1,549 Bug Hunter
    edited August 2015
    Count me in; it can't hurt to get my bug reports a bit more attention. :P​​
    Post edited by jarvisandalfred on
    SCM - Crystal C. (S) - [00:12] DMG(DPS) - @jarvisandalfred: 8.63M(713.16K) - Fed Sci

    SCM - Hive (S) - [02:31] DMG(DPS) - @jarvisandalfred: 30.62M(204.66K) - Fed Sci

    Tacs are overrated.

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    Build questions? Look here!
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    shay2003shay2003 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am willing to help as i also have a mac so i can also find out bugs on both machines.
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    admiralfrayaadmiralfraya Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    many will say they would like to do this, i'm no different. been apart of sto since beta and report everything I come across in detail and leave nothing out knowing anything could be important. In the past I have relayed information between the support team and the players keeping communication open, I don't have a lot of forum posts but do a lot of it ingame and through arc. I also go on tribble now and then to test things out. I'm always open to learning new things and am not afraid to ask when I don't know something and help others when I can.

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    organicmanfredorganicmanfred Member Posts: 3,236 Arc User
    Didn't really read anything but I think I understood what's going on.

    I also would like to apply to be Trendy's next boyfriend.
    Some infos about me:
    • I am near 35 and 1,80m high - I don't know what that is in inches
    • I can cook microwave meals, keep the house clean by paying someone once a year, wash and iron the laundry AND I know how to use the toilet like a man
    • my monthly income report from social care can be submitted.
    • I have a car *AND NEW* a house with two apartments
    • single and divorced since this special guy here on the forum finally dropped me
    • I am totally hot
    • My favorite music is death metal and Vol.II of "Songs of whales and dolphines"
    • Usually I dress like an Emo but if you wish I can also wear regular clothes.
    • Winter is my favorite season of the year, when the candles on the cemetry flicker so nice at night
    • I have 2 toothbrushes for every year, and the problem with that fungual infection on my toenails got slightly better
    • My favorite films on tv are Twilight, Green fried tomatos, Misery, Gilmore Girls, Psycho I-IV, Sabrina, and the Disney Happy Hour exept on saturday morning when I am at work in the local SM club.
    • I am using Old Spice to smell good enough for you, and the lice treatment works very well.

    So, if you don't have problems sharing the bathroom with 5 other people, or having a video equipment in the bedroom, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    I can also send you some pictures, if needed.
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    techloretechlore Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    if help is still needed count me in ..
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    keithsmith1977keithsmith1977 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I'm very interested! I've had a similar role on another gaming website. And lord knows I've a lot of bugs that I know about. Where do I sign up?
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    cougar1983cougar1983 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I would be interested in joining the team as well. I might not post much on the forums, but I have been playing STO and other mmo's for some time, and think that I could be constructive in my approach to bugs, and other issues.
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    zerokool4zerokool4 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I am interested in joining the volunteer team. I currently work in IT and play Star trek almost everyday and are aware of numerous bugs within the game already.
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    tarastheslayertarastheslayer Member Posts: 1,541 Bug Hunter
    sqwished wrote: »
    I'd be interested in helping out, I can vouch for @tarastheslayer as well.

    Thanks for calling for me mate :)

    Yep I'm VERY interested, my speciality is ground combat but also proficient in space combat and miscellaneous other things. Helped to find and squash bugs and issues a plenty in my time here (especially with Tribble) so I'd love to join in :)
    Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head. - Euripides
    I no longer do any Bug Hunting work for Cryptic. I may resume if a serious attempt to fix the game is made.
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    lorelei5lorelei5 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I'm happy to help hunt some bugs! :)
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