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Missing Starship Traits



  • wirralianwirralian Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Kind of tired of logging in to a toon, check to see if traits are their, yep, check, Then change map, check traits again, and lo and behold, space traits missing, ground traits missing, active traits missing, abilities missing from tray, reputation space and ground traits missing. Given that anecdotally I have discussed this and people say this situation has persisted for years. It makes me wonder do your development team not know how to fix this, or is it a case that no one even bothers to fix a bug as wide ranging as this. Perhaps, it is time you set up a small team, to actually look at the entire trait system, and radically overhaul it, to remove the traits no one uses. I refer to what Blizzard does, when a new expansion or even a new patch is released, they overhaul the talent system, Time to overhaul the traits system, just the standard ones, I am not referring to the traits that are unique to a particular ship!!! I play a lot of characters, but the most recent problems, are appearing on my newly created Gamma Recruit Vanguard currently using the Jem'Hadar T6 Warship (non-temporal), but the problem is not limited to that character, other characters, fed/KDF/ROM/Jem'Hadar occasionally have missing traits as well
  • wirralianwirralian Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    yet again join a tfo, to find traits have vanished, making the content virtually unplayable, why give us traits, to use when the coding is so pathetically broken, that a simple thing like a map change means they get removed, Why can you not fix such a basic requirement of the games play functions????????????????????????
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