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  • Marketplace update just posted in the News so expecting servers to be online in 30 min. max
  • The real problem is the way someone is playing. Autoculti means you can get hit and take damage but if you actually take some time to play you make profit. Silver coins of course. But hey, no need for gold if you play. Then there are people who can …
  • Okay, a late reply this time. Happy gaming!
  • Since you haven't change anything and no one replied on this post I think you managed to get online again. If the problem still exists you could check your firewall since this isn't really a problem of elementclient.exe.
  • The only option we have (in PWI) is changing the volume and you've already done that. I can't get/simulate the same problem except for changing the music files. Maybe you can check "App volume and device preferences" (in Windows) to see if…
  • Did you check Library (here in Arc, on the left side of this screen) ? Right click on PWI, choose properties and choose 32 bit or 64 bit. Arc will start the version of your choice but after every Arc update the settings should be checked again. Bori…
  • Insulting others only happens in save zone, lol. Personally I don't read world chat anymore. It's faction chat only but of course there are people who whisper me with questions like 'are you Russian?', 'can you give me a mount? ' and (while they are…
    in REALLY Comment by sjampie April 14
  • Add a few things like: name of the leader and/or (possible) website. When you've done it try to find another location: Guild Banter. It's here, right in this forum. You should have looked there before you posted your message here in General Discussi…
    in Guild Elite Comment by sjampie April 13
  • First of all: welcome back! The servers merged but your character is still available. Just click on the arrows below in the screen. As for the server merge: click here for more info.
    in Old character Comment by sjampie April 5
  • (Quote) We had 2 server merges in the past. When you log in on your old account check if you can click on the arrows. The characters should be there. As for the last server merge: it was announced in August 2015: * Heavens Tear + Archosaur = Ether…
    in Old account Comment by sjampie March 22
  • Hi Sam, Is this problem solved? If not there could me multiple things. First one would be maintenance. No one could connect to the server. Maintenance happens every week and we even had maintenance on Arc a few days ago. Second one would be a slo…
    in Need help Comment by sjampie March 21
  • When using Arc just go to this forum post: Official Announcements -> New Blessing codes 2020. When using an Internet browser: https://arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi/#/discussion/1210398/new-blessing-codes-2020 Latest code was written in News and s…
    in Arc codes Comment by sjampie March 21
  • (Quote) A few years back we didn't need Arc to start PWI so yes, problem didn't exist.
  • (Quote) Totally true however on TS server every character that is 'white named' will stay in save zone. That's including the ones who spend thousands of Dollars on armor, weapon, skills, mount etc. and most of the time I don't see any PvP activity. …
  • No, the account is still here. You just have to use the accountname + password to start Arc. If you don't remember your password you have to wait for customer support to reply on your ticket. You need your (old/used) e-mail address for it.
  • Even in 2009 weekly maintenance was common. Servers are up so have a nice gaming time
  • (Quote) no, reading the forum rules. Maintenance today. Want more info? Just check the news here in Arc.
  • (Quote) only 1 detail: pet bug. It's one of the insects. Lazy bugs always want to be healed.
  • Think because Perfect World Entertainment still need employees in Redwood City and Amsterdam. But we don't need news about Friday Marketplace Update or Sunday Fortune Bundle, do we? Same goes for the facebook pages. Deviantart pictures are the best…
    in NEWS Comment by sjampie February 13
  • 12094, the amount of minutes I waited for Arc to start :D
  • (Quote) There is no need to give the info again. If there is no maintenance just close PWI\Elementclient.exe, go back to Arc and start PWI again. Arc will do the rest.The actual issue is simple: sometimes we need more time to start the game but the…
  • I think there will be an option in the future to change silver to gold but we need a boutique item for it. But you wrote 'Not being able to change silver back to gold'. Didn't you see a message when changing gold to silver? Also a comment on 'no mor…
  • (Quote) I started by removing all the Corona beer out of my fridge. Easier to have them all near my computer
    in IDIOTS Comment by sjampie January 31
  • Influenza (flu) killing more people each year and that name was used too on all servers. Nothing to worry about since many of this so called 'idiots' play PWI just to pk others. It's the same for other characters, named after drugs, hurricanes etc. …
    in IDIOTS Comment by sjampie January 30
  • In addition to above: once we get an update for Arc- like today- it's possible that you need to change the settings again.
  • O, I tested it and it worked. I don't know about the branch type and code (yet)
  • (Quote) yes! you found an answer by making that quote. Congratulations!
  • QQ threads like this should be closed or moved since support isn't needed. Think this is why you didn't get any comments. Single player options aren't needed since you already can play alone. As for the factions: they are only needed if you want to…
  • Didn't want to leave any comment on the forum but here's your answer: You didn't follow the quest line. Go back to Celestial Vale and find the quest where you will be summoned. If you have an elf-like character you can also buy a white or black flye…
  • Press G in game and you'll see factions that are recruiting. If you can't find one you should see _Undead_ in that list. Easy going faction that accepts anyone. And no, I'm not in it but helped some members in the past.