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  • gas2016#5086
    like the one below I also have read your comment (about mobile version). Not sure if you've read the comment from PW on my 1 star-comment but think they want us all on the mobile version. Wrote that I uninstalled and will watch YouTube but for some reason they want me to follow them for a new version. No way! Don't want to waste my time on a game in which money is the key to be successful. But thanks for checking it out. Android version 8.1 Go should be good but the amount of RAM sucks if I wanted to actually play on my phone. I'm not sure about CPU requirements but PW left me some time since I also will not install Android on my pc; not the emulator for Windows but a standalone version.
    August 23
  • engrish#1692
    just read you reply once u back if ter no problem is make new toon is not go te arquivo in PWI-EN is no able to over write? if over write is no posible that arquivo name is and wer it is locate in PWI-EN? i now write to ask what name cannot be used but not read but play game now.
    August 11
    • sjampie
      Don't think this is possible since the info should be server-side.
  • joezyp#7575
    Ok I don’t remember what place I was on and I have so many characters that I can’t find them I’ve used all my old account info and I can’t find any of my characters at all and I have a very high lvl
    August 11
    • sjampie
      Well, we have 4 places now: Etherblade, Twilight Temple, Tideswell and Dawnglory. So easiest thing to do is log on to one of the servers, check if your characters are available or move on the the next server. Maybe you can remember the name of your old server if you read the next thing, easier to directly log in on the right server.

      - Heavens Tear (West)+Archosaur (west) merged to Etherblade (West)
      - Sanctuary (West)+Lost City (west) merged to Twilight Temple (West)
      - Raging Tide (East) + Dreamweaver (east) moved to Tideswell (East)
      - Lothranis (EU) + mormagamon (EU) moved to Morai (EU) but
      - Morai (EU) + Harshlands (east) merged to Dawnglory (EU)