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  • Oh, another thing, they were giving away 50 event gold per tier, i got 100 event gold (they sent me tier 1 and 2), and now they sent me tier 3 and they changed it to 10 event gold lol... my wife got tier 1, 10 event gold... So: 1. Edit the post to make it look like the Legacy Mark was never there. 2. The 10M disappear 3.…
  • They switched the rewards and removed the only reason I participated in the first place: The Legacy mark, for the vitae and 300% exp This company is just legit scamming people at this point, bait and switch, sent a ticket about it, watch it not being resolved, maybe i'll even get banned for speaking about it, who knows?…
  • right before Sarokkan in Tideswell xD
  • So far, that I have seen, nobody in Tideswell got it, someone got close but failed. Buy the +5-8 items for 100 gold, buy tisha charts, hope for awesome luck to +12, repeat, with enough gold you'll get it, if you're unlucky, expect thousands and thousands of gold though. I got +8 with 50 gold, so, I stopped, and that's how…
  • Hum, i wonder if it's a server problem tbh, I see quite a few random ppl joining each other at the mobs in Tideswell, me too, when i am at a group and someone comes near i'll invite them. Main problem is that ppl are jerks, which kinda makes me be a jerk to some too, like someone who was waiting for 30 minutes near the…
  • It's for the whole squad btw, if they had bought all 10 iron shards nobody else would be able to. Anyways, the NPC is ridiculous, the prices are dumb, both in coins and in gold, and it just shows, again, how out of contact PWE is with the game. 48gold, if it was a real zenith skull, not that bad, but for a shard?xD 480g…
  • There's different types of mobs btw, you don't need to go for the strongest ones. EDIT: Oh, and you can aoe on the mobs someone else is tanking, you'll get vitae depending on how much dmg you deal, so, you don't need to kill them yourself.
  • Still waiting for the promised code xD It's sp funny how badly they don't care, 10 years in this game, this is legit the worst I've seen it, and we've gone through a rocky road, which says a lot about the current state. Oh well, just let the game die at this point, they don't care, why should we?
  • You're the hero PWE needs but not the hero it deserves.
  • Some people deserve to get a bit of leeway, but this is the problem, they replied ONCE and people automatically go back to supporting them. Stand up for yourself, if things aren't ok why say they are? Look at how they broke their promises yet again and how they're not replying either. Saying they are working hard when it's…
  • Did you guys expect anything more at this point? I stated on another thread, they made all these spotlights with as little information on purpose to try and get people to login and check the expansion because yes, they are THAT desperate... It's sad and ridiculous really, PWE at it's finest. PWE, Perfect World…
  • Oh, i wasn't being sarcastic on that one, i legit think the beastiary is cool, the "where are the new players?" was a joke xD
  • "PLEASE NOTE : These prices are not representative of the final LIVE version" It says this, but let's be honest, we all know they'll try to overcharge us xD Like how profaned wood goes for 18 gold when it's on the boutique. Honestly, I'm getting kinda annoyed, they are so desperate to keep people interested that they've…
  • Yeah, I don't know what's up with them, wouldn't be surprised if they just shut down the game as a 10 year anniversary present at this rate.
  • I was personally looking forward to the event gold and S packs for my main, and mostly the event gold and Ancient gifts for alts, but to be honest, I don't expect them to give these anymore -.-' They just don't care. Also, I'm still laughing at how the spend promo chips are broken again xD 14 days to test the system and it…
  • Thanks heero, now I legit "spammed" cause all my comments went through at the same time xD At least I see a few repeated ones.
  • Why can't we speak? I keep getting "your comment needs approval", what the hell?
  • Why can't we speak? I keep getting "your comment needs approval", what the hell?
  • I feel this is either a **** up or these doors are gonna close soon and this way they got 200$ out of everyone xD We'll see...
  • G16 is still decent, but it's the other things that count most now, like glyphs, passives, cards, etc. If you're in Tideswell, look me up, ShadowRuler, i'll lend you a hand to get your things straight so you can keep going from where you left off ^^
  • Like, I don't mind the 10M chests, but the 300M ones are just stupid, let's help the inflation even more by actually rewarding players with 300M more every week. Anyways, how was the event? is it a chest you dig? if so, just go there blue named and be the fastest if possible i guess?
  • Can confirm, it is fixed, ty PWE team, it only took you 5.5 months, half of the time the rewards last for, awesome job. At least I can finally turn this in :x
  • This xD They are not known for delaying things for "a few days", i wish that was the case xD Anyways, yeah, i'm just asking what the state of this is, was hoping for a concrete date but we all know PWE won't give us that :open_mouth:
  • I find it funny 0 teams have registered for the event, maybe it's because they're being dumb and not replying to our questions, how are we supposed to make teams if there are so many important questions to answer? PWI at it's finest as always, good job.
  • I just want to know what are the times for this tournament, how can I register a team if I don't know if they'll be free at that time? We do have real lives you know?:o
  • Yep, I agree, i did the same, i got the item too, full perfect attendance, so far this year i have them all too, and this is annoying specially because some rewards are timed, and will expire next year, so, 4 months of those timed rewards are gone already. Next year it's prob gonna be the same, maybe worse, if there is a…
  • Yep, still nothing about this, they clearly don't care, actually, they don't care about anything happening with the game right now. The game always had ups and downs, this is the lowest i've personally ever seen it.
  • It is an april fool's joke, c'mon, bosses dropping 10M big notes + 10M big notes from chests + astrospira lvl 3 + that event, just no lol Since when does PWI give us anything that good? Plus, it would hurt the economy even more that what it already is, let's be like germany after WWI, how to fix the economy? Print more…