Dragon Brush NPC Missing

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Before anyone says it's an April Fool's joke and the event isn't on, the NPC does exist: http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/npc/51054

Anyways, it should be located in North Archosaur according to the Duke Shouts news post but doesn't seem to be there. I'm guessing it's an NPC that needs to be spawned again or I've really been bamboozled. I understand it's the weekend so I doubt anyone would be in to spawn it today but figured I'd write a post about it anyway.

The event itself says the date range for it is in 2016 according to pwdatabase as well, but I'm gonna take the potential bait in case we were actually meant to have this event.
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    TBH i was more or less expecting something for easter weekend...
    Even if a GM logged in dressed like a bunny and dropped stuff it would still be something, recycling the same event gets kind of boring.
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    It is an april fool's joke, c'mon, bosses dropping 10M big notes + 10M big notes from chests + astrospira lvl 3 + that event, just no lol Since when does PWI give us anything that good? Plus, it would hurt the economy even more that what it already is, let's be like germany after WWI, how to fix the economy? Print more money xD right... anyways, yeah, obviously a troll from their side.

    Looks like they got you :o

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    I wasn't talking about the first half of the content - I know that's all a joke. I was referring to the Dragon Brush event, which is a real, existing daily event. That event also offers some items which might or might not be too good to be true, which I was already aware of when making this post. Considering the Returned Boss Event actually happened, I wanted to know if this event would also be active and they just didn't spawn the NPC.

    EDIT: I should add, the reason I want to know is because I make wiki pages on events, and I'd need to theoretically make a page on the Dragon Brush event.
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