Mysterious Merchant - UPD

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Mostly just for those curious - here are the prices.

Im not sure if its per server or per squad, but one from my squad bought one Dull Rough Iron Shard for the lols (177k price), and its now showing 9/10 for me.




  • happyhail
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    Hey, this is great news!

    The 610 skull shards needed for 5th cast G17 only cost $29,707!
  • shopcheese
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    Much cheap such wow.
  • nbreaking
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    It's for the whole squad btw, if they had bought all 10 iron shards nobody else would be able to.

    Anyways, the NPC is ridiculous, the prices are dumb, both in coins and in gold, and it just shows, again, how out of contact PWE is with the game. 48gold, if it was a real zenith skull, not that bad, but for a shard?xD 480g per skull? nah.

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  • shopcheese
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    Yeah. Also it seems it can be different items that show up for each spawn
  • tolots
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    This Prices, pwi knows no shame :D
  • happyhail
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    Dead content is still content . . . right?
  • blazerboy
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    Yet nobody is complaining.... That’s how well your audience knows you Pwi lmfao
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    No one is complaining because everyone knows that its pretty useless to complain, There isn't anyone from higher up reading these forums. They don't announce maintinence or anything anymore.