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  • Should just shut down the event so nobody can do it if one server can't. Considering we have cross server events. Every other server having a gear and title advantage cuz of Chrono Hunt is a **** joke and needs to be fixed ASAP but nothing is being done. Trash game management and developers.
  • Thanks, hopefully they stack and we can spam instances as long as we have the key for that category.
  • All we want is confirmation whether or not the game will have stackable keys for the instances.
  • They might do something now that the game will legit die and they'll make no money from their cash cow when this update makes it here.
  • Trash update good thing you posted this so I can save money over the next year. Won't be upgrading anything anymore/spending money on this waste of a game update.
  • Thanks for trying but those answers are laughable and are just the "We're too lazy and dumb to do anything" type. They can't move an npc spawn time on 1 server by 12 hours? That's a joke, as any programmer could do it in 15 minutes if they worked for PWE. Silver coins to help secure them to your character? Lol nobody is…
  • Probably in three months like the rest of pwi "fixes" :)
  • "Does the team plan to merge the servers ? There are no current plans to have the servers merged. Server merges are a large technical undertaking. There would have to be some big changes to the game status for merges to be considered in the future. Is it possible to modify the schedules of the arenas ? So that Dawnglory…
  • I would like to see none because I'd rather not get my hopes up to have PWI shatter them like they did for Halloween and their Anniversary.
  • Game's dead I called no anni sales or codes and ppl laughed at me saying September 12th we'll get it!.
  • Ya the advice for newcomers and old players returning is just runaway. GM's don't care and it might be gone soon :open_mouth:
  • No Anniversary Sale a week after the old promo ended. Games dead and this anniversary just showed how muchthey actually care about this game. No 2x announcement so nobody knows how long it's for. No Charge/Spend promo for "anniversary" Just end of summer sale. Great Anniversary, will this game get another one?
  • Maybe they'll do the follow us on Facebook, when we hit 500k likes we'll give you a reward! The reward will never get sent out though just like the last time.
  • and there we have it! GM's don't care about this game. Anniversary login promo, tyvm for trash mailbox filling event. Where is the anniversary codes for S chests or even A chests if you don't want to give that out, pills so new players might join etc? Give us something.
  • Don't worry NR is working "perfectly". - GM's
  • Games dying even csers are seeing no point of buying stuff in this game anymore. Until they merge servers and give players a challenge and have a player base again there's nothing to do and no reason to spend money on the game, especially when endgame upgrades cost thousands or takes months to farm and for what?
  • lol only ours.
  • They need to rename the current promo to Ultimate Summer Spend Reward since these spends are better than the Ultimate!.
  • Everybody complains about veno doll, especially cause it was fixed on CN and RU within 1 month of the bug being out. Guilds on Twilight Temple don't even bid TW anymore because Echo has 12-15 venos a war dolling all the cata barbs every push. If you get dolled once sure you can save yourself, get dolled 3 times in a row?…
  • It's not you, you just take the **** as the public face (which is sad because at least 1 GM should be active on the forum to show any care for this game), it's the way the GM's give responses and never do anything about it. Just based on other versions of this game if the GM's really really cared about this game and fixing…
  • Dawnglory event is dead too, I asked them to merge all the NR realms, make it like the new dailies, if you picked up the quest/completed it in that 24 hour period it is unavailable to take again and make it three times a day on each servers timeslot. It's clearly possible to make quests like this as they are already in the…
  • It's been planned by the GM team for a year now? Should've been reset months ago but they just twiddle their thumbs while collecting money.
  • New GM who's making these promos "Fero" has no idea why past promos were successful. The spend promo is a joke 40 gold for 1 +10 100 gold for 1 +11 200 gold for 1+12, who would even spend on that or charge to get those? Already posted how stupid he is calling it a Ultimate Summer Spend promo when every promo in the past…
  • It's not fixed in the news post, just like last weeks news post the Ultimate Spend Promo expires in August 2019. This GM obviously can't proofread and nobody checks his work.
  • For xTW the Crest of Domination should be given out again, but in reality it doesn't matter because we are never going to see TW or xTW be reset and the winners be announced.
  • With in-game spends it's usually 1100 gold. When there is a charge/spend combo its around $300 with the bonus charging and spending the gold. They haven't even corrected the date goes to show us how much **** they give about this game.
  • DW according to China and the expansion notes we are on Season 5 of Arena!!!!! Season 5!!!! but it's only been reset once? Asking whether we will be getting any good codes or login events to celebrate the expansion, or a login event/better promos for the summer sale. Female Snowstorm Fashion. Why they brought the…
  • The problem with the new spots are people bring theircharacter onto the 5/6 spawn setup their los DMG a tick AOE, bring 5 alts and sit there for 5 hours in 1 spot getting vitae on all their alts.
  • They are based in California, it can't be hard to find a programmer who is fluent in English/Mandarin/Cantonese and hire them to do the job that needs to be done. Many jobs hire specific language speakers if communicating with overseas clients is required. NW was in October 2019, that's 5 months before anything got…