What Happened?

I was told to write a post on the community forums when i submitted a ticket. What happened to this game? When i started 10 years ago, it was active, helpful and friendly, with a sense of support from the GMs. We had events often, codes where given, and GMs actively in the game. Now we hardly get an event, a code is a rare thing, and GMs are rare. Even when you submit a ticket, you get an automated message. It give a sense of the company just waiting for the game to die and not caring about the player base. Even if you submit a ticket about a player, if the cashed alot nothing is ever done.
Even with the lack of community from the Support team of PWI. We lack new players because starting this game from scratch is very discouraging. It hard to find people to help with instance or boss. There is no way to make game money to get the items needed for gear upgrades cause no one runs TT anymore to even make the gear farm-able. Then you can't even join a faction that has ways to make money cause you lack the gear and level.
This game that was once an even F2P to P2W, has turn into 90% P2W. I know on the server i am on the game makes thousands of dollars, especially during promo sales. So why can't we get the supports that we once had. We had DQ rewards that made R9 farmable, and a way to make money. Then Jolly Jones. There where ways to help the F2P people to make head way in the game. They where at least given a chance to get close to the Paying players. Also, why cant we get events again? What happen to codes? Why are you guys letting this game die and not try to get new people to join the game.
This game was once in the top 5 for MMORPG and now in the bottom 50. WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DOESNT THE COMMUNITY CARE?


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    No, Jolly is still available but we have bots now that are collecting mats and on each server we have FUEL shops and the famous "paypal" spammers (read: verified abuse of Terms of Service). Customer Support knows this and it happens to ALL games from Perfect World Entertainment.
    Also: no need to go for the easy way and get Morai gear but easier: QSM gear can be 'ours' by just doing quests. I tested the F2P PK on Tideswell but there was simply no interest (except voor people who wanted to be offline after becoming a member of my faction). F2P is still possible but it's harder since you really need to spend time and sometimes need to wait until P2W players are done (with the same quest).
    But for the main question (what happened?) there is only 1 answer: years ago PWI became a coinsink. And it still is. No need to invest in people who really support the game (read: Customer Support) as long as people are willing to spend money on the charge- and spendrewards.
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    QSM allows you to play PVE, what about NW? Which is needed for upgrades.

    What F2P pk? and what quest to you have to wait for P2W player to be done with? Vitae Mobs? Cause even some paying players have to wait or get kos while doing vitae mobs.
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    the company just waiting for the game to die and not caring about the player base.

    Answered your own question. They'll shut this game down when it stops spitting out money.
    You can see they shutdown almost all other F2P games they published.
    All they have now are the cash cows: Neverwinter, Forsaken World, Star Trek, and Perfect World. Magic Legends (Coming Soon)

    PWI and FW aren't even tagged as Free to Play on Arc Games. Only states they are free to play in their descriptions.
    Even the company knows these games aren't free to play at this point. (lol jk)
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    QSM allows you to play PVE, what about NW? Which is needed for upgrades.
    What F2P pk? and what quest to you have to wait for P2W player to be done with? Vitae Mobs? Cause even some paying players have to wait or get kos while doing vitae mobs.

    QSM isn't needed since you can get the stuff by doing quests. NW can be done with all kind of armor, even the free pillbaby armor but you can't kill any P2W player except the one(s) that only play and go afk. Some people will use multiple clients so they are easy targets. If damage is too low you can always get some help from others who play NW. That's unless they all go to the bathroom or whatever.

    F2P pk was on TS server and before on RT server for a long time but people didn't want it. Even worse: many people who wanted it stopped playing PWI for all kind of reasons.
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    OMG Yes so other players have noticed that the game is now crawling with a bunch of Bots so can we say that everything that PWE tried to do to help stop this problem has officially failed, why not do an update and bring back the game to it's former glory (put back the events, codes and gold coin system) and at least allow what ever amount of the remaining loyal players still left to enjoy the game if it's dying anyway....you guys at top level completely screwed over the F2P population until this gem of an MMO got ruined. I'm sure other MMO companies could use this game's failed management of what not to do with their product...

    It's a very simple fix - Bring back the normal Gold Coins system that we had before and the sale value of our mob drops but keep the 8 hrs earning limit per day whether you quest manually or automatically.
    This would give the F2P players a reason to start back playing the game and buy stuff from the CSers once more , it would actually give your CSers are reason to spend in the game because the overall player base competitiveness between both F2P and Csers would increase. The long awaited Rank 10 Gears should only be made available exclusively to genuine CSers via a rewards point system so they can still be part of that "special group"....
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    Every game has its decline after 10 years or more. As for the codes and events not sure what happened to it and why they stopped it but I'll be sure to ask. Jolly got removed because people kept abusing it. As for gear, you can pretty much farm QSM Gear which is sort of equivalent to rank 9 for free(So you won't need TT Gear). This game is still F2P from a Player vs Environment perspective.

    Terraria, Warcraft 3, Minecraft, WoW, and soon to be 10 years old StarCraft 2, diablo 3. Oh I forgot the most popular PC game in the world, League of Legends. Your 10/year rule doesn't hold true.

    Yes pwi is in a bad state, partly due to predatory p2w mechanics, partly due to neglect from the company.
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    Games dying even csers are seeing no point of buying stuff in this game anymore. Until they merge servers and give players a challenge and have a player base again there's nothing to do and no reason to spend money on the game, especially when endgame upgrades cost thousands or takes months to farm and for what?
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    Why i am not able to access the game​​
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    Why i am not able to access the game​​

    Your computer got bored.

    joke of course.Around the time you wrote this there was a "small" dc. You should be able to enter the game however you can have a laggy connection. It's just the amount of active people playing at the moment lol