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I've been wondering when are we getting the old spend promos again, you know the spend 15,25,40 gold x3 and 500,600,700,800,1100 S Chests and NP chest. For the last 3 months we've been getting the same promo over and over, it's like they are so desperate for the money yet won't put on the good promos. When they had good ones going it was once every 2 months or so, now we're getting these **** promo's one right after the other. Who actually charges a lot when there is no good additional items for doing so.

Usually you would charge and spend 120 gold and get 3 10* 11* 12* like 600 packs to open all for 120 gold.

Last year's expansion promo was double charge 200 points on charge rewards and spending gold in game netted 100 points per 1 gold in the charge rewards, essentially being 300 points per 1 gold charged AND spent. The summer sale last year consisted of double charge and in the last week they added the spending gold in game netted 100 points per 1 gold spent.

We got the worst promo for the expansion, not even a code given out for anything to "celebrate" the release. The summer sale is a joke, nobody wants to charge $200 to get 260 gold to get none of the items mentioned above when spent (actually buying orbs from cash shop is a joke 300 gold for 1 item +12). There is no incentive to charge at all, no promo that's good, DA X server is dead and non existent, TW dead, PVP dead, gold coins are becoming scarcer and economy for farmed items are crashing while all cash shopped items remain the same.

The last 2 expansions have literally killed any reason to continue playing this game (Last year the gold coin update, this year arena changes and Ulfgard that isn't X Server on TI and DA while both servers are low pop and the events are trash pve's of 2 hours), and with the **** promos and the obvious lack of care on fixing any of our games problems it's obvious this game will no longer be around for much longer.

Servers can't even get into NW since October last year, that is 8 months of a relevant game function being broken with no hope of it being fixed because PWE dev's are incompetent on fixing anything or communicating with China on what is needed to make this game worth playing again. Code can be changed, event times and dates can be changed to reflect what is needed on a EU and NA server. What NA actually has time to play a game at 8pm on a Tuesday for 2 hours and then go to work the next day?.

Game is in a serious state of disarray right now and the new expansion only helped to reduce populations of the players even more. With no GM ever communicating to the playerbase besides posting new sales every week and CM never allowed to actually give any details that mean anything because of NDA's lmfao it's pointless to even try pretending like you can tell us what is going on because it will probably be lies.


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    Well, we don’t really have a community manager for this game in a very long time. They don’t get paid much for all the overwork and stress comes with the job. As for devs? There is a clear disconnect with the Chinese devs and gms here. I really don’t think they don’t want to make our version better, it just the language barrier and there is no proper communication. Also the pandemic def didn’t help with the issues.
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    They are based in California, it can't be hard to find a programmer who is fluent in English/Mandarin/Cantonese and hire them to do the job that needs to be done. Many jobs hire specific language speakers if communicating with overseas clients is required.

    NW was in October 2019, that's 5 months before anything got shutdown for the pandemic. They can only use the pandemic excuse for so long.

    Also if you were following when they posted about the pandemic. It was pretty much communicated that updates, expansions and cash shop updates would not be happening while the China office was closed. Based on that China is reopen because we've been getting cash shop updates since April, promos and we got the expansion in June. So they are reopen for at least 2 months with nothing being fixed.
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    Is NW still broken on one of the servers? From what I knew, it had been fixed for Etherblade and Twilight Temple for the past month or so now.
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