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  • Wait so if all the specific element debuffs that classes have are being converted to all element debuffs, does that mean that none of them stack with each other anymore?( Ie : ions spike +cloudburst or elemental weakness + undine spike, etc) Also will SB's cloudburst receive any changes then? Otherwise it's going to go…
  • does...does he have attack lv stones in his weapon?
  • Need some clarification: when you say change maps do you mean just the world maps or is HS included? HS is considered a map change by the game, but then you mention the thing about catshop, and to that effect, is changing from 1 HS to another considered a map change? Also is the quest actually completable if you manage to…
  • ok so all the pre-exisiting keys just get renamed? And wait so you could technically just stack these "new" keys and run multi instances per day? Or at the very least the same instance of a perticular category multi times in a day?
  • The important question is, will the old keys still work? or do we have to spam instances to burn them now before this update hits?
  • Er, so what do you normally do when your opponent immunes/stealths/**** cloud and are clearly on the defensive? TBH though the sage spark + chi is the reason I'm debating this, Sparking more often for the ~1.6x damage and 1.25% less damage taken is a hell of an advantage, especially if you can do it far more often as a…
  • So Friday so people can miss out on Friday event and Saturday to add to the ton of current Saturday events (xtw, tw, 3v3, primal world boss), nty
  • It's probably all that's available per spawn, not per day, otherwise it would be cleared out within the first 15-20 mins of server reset ( assuming prices are actually worth buying the item), especially since this is tailored to china who has a much higher player base than us.
  • To be fair, most of our CURRENT players don't know how bosses work so that one could help somewhat. Agree with rest of the post.
  • It was made as a counter to purify spell ( which is kinda weird when you consider china's purify spell is 1/3rd the chance to proc as our version's) so don't expect it to ever get nerfed.
  • Considering I was in the squad that was DDing the boss and our squad picked up the drops when the boss died, you're wrong ( I even picked a few 10mil notes myself). In fact we didn't get ANY alt chests because all our guys where blue, which is how we realized post boss they had to be white.
  • Im confused, is this how it was on other servers? On Hwilight Hemple Echo had an entire blue named squad hitting the boss and we got EVERY 10million big note from the boss despite there being like 2 squads of vindicate. I was under the impression only the other 6 chest spawns are white named only while the boss is a dps…
  • The former since I'm pretty sure the info leak thing is on the same level as "client instability" and even if it wasnt, let's be real, someone gonna find a work around any "fix" they do within a day or two =/.
  • All chivary points got reset as well, BUT no reward claim for the divine stones, so not only are we screwed out of the 10 justice dragon jades, but we don't even get the 60 divine justice stones from the week...
  • Er what's arc repair and how do i access that? Might try latter as well then.
  • Getting same problem with that actually where ill double click the icon, get a loading circle for a moment then the launcher doesn't pop up, and end up have to repeat the process several times, which ends up saving no time, hell sometimes takes even longer.
  • er wouldn't it only be 4 random S-cards for each of the S-cards in a 2set set? they only require 1 artifact ea, making the total amount for 3 2-set S cards rb2 = 6x4 = 24 total. Even factoring the cost of c packs means the average cost to get a NP teir set is now much lower on average as well as having a 100% chance…
  • ooo that's neat, the only real difference is 150 less base magic attack, but still for that cost that's even better than i thought.
  • Seems like the opposite for me, with this system, 98 S cards would be a 100% chance to get something equivalent to NP stat wise (with a very high likely hood of surpassing it) due to the cost of 3 and 4 card set (and their 2 card set compliments) cards. If anything this should close the gap since it heavily reduces the…
  • SB and DB's AMP skills are AMP only skills (they're the only class w/o skill overlap between the sources of skills) so this is a hell of blow to those classes.
  • Drop rate %? Is it added to the normal drop table or the additional one? If former, are their drop ammounts increased or does something else in the table take a hit (as in, does that mean SoD and SoA pills drop % decrease?) Need details, kinda a big deal when each character typically needs hundreds (sometimes even in…
  • Judging by the screen shots, and the list of possible outputs given later 8n the thread, seems more like it would only roll 11 times ( comparing both shows that there were exactly 11 outputs with some items having multiples of itself considered as 1 output), you put in enough credits for a roll (450) and it rolls once and…
  • At the point this game is now you can probably farm coin the easiest just by doing the highway level daily instances (fsj, dhd/j, up/d). You can get away with just nv3 gear at decent refine (say +5) if you play a highly wanted class (which has increased due to the HS and NF skill upgrades). These classes include: Veno with…
  • it's both level and prosperity.
  • those p stones in the merchant npc... please tell me they not gonna be stupidly cheap and kill the p stone market.
  • Anyone happen to know the prosperity amounts needed for every additional 5 units of energy? Just need another 5 to contract 3 lv10s per day but don't know how much more prosperity that's gonna take.
  • Wait why are you talking like 400/500mil is a lot but at the same time considering devil stones / 20 atitude when that's 10x higher? To answer your question, I'd go with star chart dust orbs first if anything to get at least a 7 Stat chart for 3 fate stars, yours is actually decent but the lack of a 3rd fate kinda kills…
  • For an archer, 8d go with the g17 bow, the 3rd cast with zerk should out dps the 3r9, and if you're not outright buying the woods, the cost should be roughly the same (including cost of Homestead upkeep and potentially buying contracts from players) but take far longer real time (about 117 days to get the woods at 5.4k…