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  • Hey, yes I am fairly new to the game. I didn't know dusk blades had such an advantage in game I would have expected those type of comments towards a storm bringer actually. Wow didn't know Archers had it so bad, I mean I've seen NW videos of archers surviving heavy onslaught from other R9r3 players which gave me the…
  • Thank You!
  • Well from the looks of Narkotic's video when they were messing around testing damage on each other in sp. The moon fairy couldn't even charm bypass the night shadow. The level difference was only 41 vs 39. While the Night Shadow was able to 2 shot the moon fairy pretty easily. Looking at PWI's recent track record they seem…
  • From my experience learning from and seeing a great mystic on my server has really changed my views on mystic. I'm sure hes going to post on this topic so I won't drop names. I don't know what you guys are talking about lacking damage. I've seen said mystic 3 shot R9rr Barbs and hes not even +12. Hes still +10 armor and I…
  • Already tried that uninstalled everything made sure to delete all folders and reinstalled and am encountering the same issues
  • First of all thanks for all the replies! Secondly I want to get in a little more detail on a few things that were mentioned. Survivability So would it be right to assume that clerics have a better time dealing with archers? I would have to agree that with a purge a cleric should have an easier time recovering due to plume…
  • LoL It's a terrible remake of David and Goliath. b:chuckle
  • Okay so if a cleric shines more in 1v1 situations how much does cleric shine verses other classes that are geared towards 1v1? (wondering how much of an advantage does a cleric has over other classes in that situation) Also I was wondering how well clerics do when being ganked? I'm a little concerned about clerics having…
  • Are you seriously saying that a r9rr wiz could 1 shot a r9rr seeker (+12 jaded whatever) some how I find that to be unbelievable. Basically what you are saying is that a r9rr wiz is more op than a r9rr seeker? Please explain
  • Sorry if the post was misleading, I was actually wanting to know how both classes stacked up against the other classes and which one handles itself better in pvp. I am trying to figure out if I should invest all my efforts into a mystic or cleric as far as endgame pvp goes. I know the tradition is archer, sin, psy, wiz, or…
  • You guys need to come to harshlands... psys are all over the place there
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