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  • My team mates have already logged off hours ago. I got disconnected. Came back and the timer was there and already at 10 minutes. Just as a test, tried to do a personal match. I says I'm already in one. :/
    in Arena down? Comment by belnor May 2017
  • Unfortunately it seems to have only let us take the quest to enter but could not move on past that.
  • I would like to say thank you @kalystconquerer#0876 and the rest of the staff for working on these issues. The Thursday night fight not being cross server might actually benefit each server better. It would be nice if more than just one fragment dro…
  • Cause not everyone likes to reboot into another operating system just to run a single application. Have used wine to run windows applications under both Linux and Mac and have had good results with it.
  • It is possible to run it with wine. There are some videos on YouTube with details. Here is the one I used to get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw9Dq239Iyc&t=524s
  • So it's supposed to only drop one fragment from the last chest? I seem to remember it was gonna take 10 fragments to make one Skull. And if you rotate who in the group of 10 gets it each time.. well it could take a very long time to fully make one. …
  • (Quote) @kalystconquerer Yes I've run the Deicide mode UP a number of times but didn't see a single red mat/red fragment at all. For now we've stopped doing it as there is no gain to be had from it.
  • Any word if they will get the rewards for Deicide UP fixed as part of this or a future patch? Typically have used random dyes, though have used black and white on some pieces. Have really debated cream for a few as well.
  • (Quote) Kalyst had mentioned on another thread that the local server portion of the Thursday tournamant is broken. The xserver portion is fine but you have to qualify locally first before you can go xserver.
  • The barbaric blood is also added as a reward as part of the daily calendar check in. Could it's frequency be increased to 4x a month (ie every 7 days) vs 1x per month that it is now. Don't know if this might be easier to request but I don't feel it …
  • Honestly I think they should have given casters the GoF proc rather than make a new one. It feels a bit unfair to those of us that have to put up with the 5% self inflicted damage when they get the same perk and no consequence. That would also solve…
  • What would be really awesome is if we could get a fashion that would allow us to do the dance moves from Thriller. Get a bunch of people in sync for that and it could be really wild :D
  • I like the war horse suggestion glassguitar made.
  • Had issues again. Finally wiped the system and went back to my previous OS. No issues so far.
  • Ok got it working again. Tried a bunch of stuff with the PWI folder again. No luck there. Finally reran the NVIDIA driver install. Unchecked all the extras and checked the clean install box. Everything working again.
  • OK might have spoken too soon. Had elementclient crash today. Now I'm back to not having the movement keys work again. The NVIDIA experience software is off the system. I checked in the userdata folder and found some .key files. I removed these and …
  • I think I got it solved. I had mucked around with the Nvidia experience stuff and I'm guessing it somehow was preventing the keys from working? I removed the drivers and the experience software. Cleaned things up and reinstalled it. Things seem to b…
  • Yes first thing get your passives maxed. They make a huge difference. Moreso then any of the skills. So be aware that if you take all of the primal skills, you'll have to relearn much of how you've fought upto this point. It's not heart shatter's d…
  • Some things I've found useful for group success in UP: 1) Make sure you're gear is up for it. Refine it. Shard it. 2) Bring res scrolls. 3) Bring potions like Iron Guards or Pan Gu's Essence. 3) Use hp, mdef, and pdef charms 4) Watch some of the wa…
  • Hense forth the Seeker Ultimate Skill will be known as "SuperSizeMe". All in favor say AYEEEE!!!!!! Seriously, it's not a horrible skill. I've only used it a little in NW. Kinda dislike that is makes us stand out so much. It's a little ex…
  • It seems like being in squad or flying while finishing the quest will cause the quest to silently fail and you won't be able to enter Elysium. At least that is what I've seen/heard from others having issues with this update.
  • It is hard to compete against a nation that has 100+ more people each time. It is more fun to compete with the people from your server on this though. Would it be possible to do something like they do in TW but slightly modified? Maybe do somethin…
  • Thank you @thenamesdomino and @mintsummer for the update. Hearing from you both is very much appreciated. I look forward to seeing everyone in NW on saturday and sunday. :)
  • @blazerboy It's pretty easy actually. Stand next to a rock/tree/bush/etc and hit transposition. They'll get stuck there in place and escaping from it is difficult. It's one of those things that should be fixed (like getting trapped in the air) that …
  • 2nd) you forgot to put War Avatar Essences into the Boutique Do we know for certain it will be a boutique item? I was kinda wagering on it being a new ultra rare pack item.
  • Thank you for the translations everyone. Something I wonder about is if they'll ever allow for classes other than Stormbringers to have attacks that can be used while moving.
  • I think for a lot of people having NW on Saturday and Sunday would be acceptable. As a left coaster, I certainly could/would attend. This would clear up time on Friday nights for some TW sessions.
  • Well pretty much all of my upgrades end up being long term projects. Thanks again for the replies :)
  • Cool thanks for your thoughts on stuff. Is it worth it to equip DoDs while getting enough together for Jades? Or is it cheaper to just wait till you have enough to make the Jade?