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PWI Content feedback megathread



  • vroncavronca Posts: 1 Arc User
    i wish frost as in from snowy villege would be like it was 10 years a go where you get 20-30k exp on heads bosses gave more exp and mobs gave like 9-10k exp or 20k depending on level they took it down cuz of speed leveling low levels but im saying bring it back to its former glroy make it worth doing again im sure others will wont it back too
  • nonameak47#2389 nonameak47 Posts: 3 Arc User
    @sunnys1dework is there even any chance that PWE could custom-nerf assassins for our version?

    i mean in china assassins dont have the r9 set we have in here, majority of them are APS and half as less geared than sins we have in our version,
    china balanced assassin class based on their average meta which it's not the same meta in here, and in here they are absolutely broken​​

    First here is glass of water nab wash that salt away yw.
    Now can you noobs tell me or point at a sin who can hit like barb with arma kiling 7 players in same time hiting em 500k ech or 1 mint faint oh you cant ok how about point me to a sin who can attack and move in same time like a sb a 100 % chanaling sb can wipe out a squad like its a joke any namea ?? Oh you cant how about a sin who can one shot you in 300 def lvls gear like seekers can oh yet again you cant point hmm how about a lock every time you even look at me like psy can or even better one shot 4 playes with one gof hmm you cant well how about this noobs lets first lern how to play your class then talk who is broken can we do that ??? Guess not 10 years later you noobs still crying sin is broken sin aps omg broken waaaa sin eliminate omg broken waaaa sin cuese jail omg broken waaaa now you want aps back aps is even more op now just need the coins..... To all the noobs first lern to walk then to trash talk if you suck is not that they op class its because you a noob.....
    Now teching you noobs a leson if a ain can make 2 sets of gear you can to get s5 def wepon with def set and gwt s4 gof wepon with chanaling set see what broken rly means bloody nabs .. Ruin the game more pls go cry more ty sont need to lern how to play or conter other class just cry so pwi can nerf the competition ...
  • nonameak47#2389 nonameak47 Posts: 3 Arc User
    ailiadrake wrote: »
    PEOPLE! If you want to debate on sins and all that, go open a new thread! This is supposed to be a feedback thread "to the point".

    idk if we play the same game, but if sins stay as broken as they are, then you wont have a community to "discuss content" with anymore. idk what content could be more important than pvp balance, fashion?

    Yeah 10 years later pwi still going on sins still in game yet by your logic game was supost to die the day sins ware put in . I wonder is game death maybe because gold is 10 milion ?? Maybe because to enter a instance players asking noobs for r9 min of +10 on wepon ?? Or maybe the price of stuff are so expencive new playera simply dont see them self farming for 2 years from 0 to achieve entry gear ??
    Or maybe in the 10 years or more all the updates we got only help the cash cows and the no life farmers ?? Pls tell me when they ruin old faction base and made so many to quit was it a secret plot by sin players ?? Or when they told the comunity g13 14 15 will be end gear and gold will never sell more then 1 mill and 6 months later we saw r9s1 then 3 months later r9s3 with toms etc etc ?? Or maybe was the cards sets star charts keys glyphs and so many other stuff that ruin the balance in fawore of cash cows and no life farmers ??? Yes by your logic all this was ploted and organised by the secret sin yeti club i know what to do lets remove sins from game yeap that is the solucion... Lets sighn a peticion il call it dumb dumber dumest so we remove sins sighn up all tell frends and all ...
  • indeterminateindeterminate Posts: 22 Arc User
    I want to start a petition to prevent illiterate people and people with anger issues from posting on forums
  • careject462123careject462123 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I want to start a petition to prevent illiterate people and people with anger issues from posting on forums
    I second that E-motion

  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 463 Arc User
    I want to start a petition to prevent illiterate people and people with anger issues from posting on forums

    Okay, so do it. But start your own thread in off-topic discussion because otherwise it will die or be moved to chronicles.
    Personally I see PWI as a non important game so don't care much for people with anger issues. However it would be interesting to read something irrelevant. :|
  • sunzee#7386 sunzee Posts: 2 Arc User
    Here are some thoughts about the game from apersone who played when ther was no OP r9 **** around

    Simply you killed PVP for no pay to win player r9 is actually for someone who heavly donate atm its imposible to farm conts at lease enought to get weapon and ring will take ages and i mean ages not year but 10s of years to simply give you and example 2.5bil for r9 ring and weapon mobs give 100-200 coints calculate it and that will give you and idea of how meny mobs you gotta kill dont say **** about other ways to get mony like bh coz that give like what 1-5mil if your mega lucky i did get that like 2-3 times in few years of playing pwi otherwise socket and chips both worthless.

    One damn orb +12 cost well not sure but sow yesterday someone selling it for 1.2bil calculate now orbs from + lets say 4 to 12 + 2.5bil nobody and i say nobody will farm enought to buy it in evena year time when modern games give you end game gear from dungeons and you can easly max them by simple farming not gonna give and expamples but i could give few.

    you could say you can easly play with G16 yea but in pvp you make 400dmg to a r9rr guy and he hits you for 40k so whats the point?

    You added tt to the game 4-x another as i already heard place for r9s so you eaither care for all players that do sometimes donate or just care for heavy donators content is made only for them.

    This game years ago was for all nirvana was the thing then g16 when r8 came it was cool too not that heavy donate and you have good gear which made you strong enught to get to pvp with others.

    Now forget about pvp HEAVY $ and EURO depend.

    Another thing about this game is that it lost holy trinity thing years ago forget about doing something without barb today any kid wirh r9 can tank stuff maybe not everything but easly can and again not everything is in the reach of not pay to win player so like barbs lost alot cant even hold aggro from r9 player they lose so FIX THE DA>... agrro system for barbs to be able to better keep it as that what they are made for.

    New stuff.....

    New questing this is actually something i recently did and must say i enjoyed leveling to the point that i did 1 reborn in a row .

    BUT ther must be always BUT in this game......

    From lvl 1 to 100 i managed to make maybe 1 mil of coints now one pc of G16 cost around 45mil you know how meny you need and weapon might get for 60mil

    you could say farm it now:

    tt99 g15 g16 all reaquire mony and i have at the lvl 100 1 mil and got gear lvl 85 what now do tt with it? which one 1-1? i might not die tho 3-3 imposible not even sure if i could do 2-3 in less then a hour at one boss


    so what left buying gold for some euro again its free to play but after reaching 100 your in a hole deep deep home with no exit

    I give you example one of my friends guild friend started the game recently lvluped to a 100 and then got some help from guildmates small guild all bored they helped what other can do not meny ppl willing to help and you lose good players cos no chance to get coints equals leaving game coz game actually ends for ppl without gear

    someone could say do nw for coints yea go ther with gear 85 you will kill NOONE and die 1 hit is it worth to lose hair and bite dam fingers no funn at all another reason to leave game.



    you added 2 new classes

    no g16 weapon you can chose lvl 85 or straight to ws do you know how much ws weapon cost atm? around 300-350mil again how much from 1 - 100 you can get around 1 mil so one you reach lvl 100 forget about new weapon

    whats the point in pay to win game if you lose players or maybe few heavy donators make you more money then like a 100 normal one that will spend less in few months

    but then you will end up with empty servers with just few guys that spend 1000s of euros on chars and they are just standing in the city doing nothing like on the private servers they do.

    think before you kill this game tho its dieing slowly because of pay to win system you heavy suppport

    ONLY PACKS every few days NEW PACK spend spend spend spend money on pay to win stuff

    which dont even give you good stuff chance to win something is so damn small that you cant what? lucky coint?

    lucky coint cost 250k and now 1 gold damn 8mil min not even a point to spend money on packs everything is so damn expensive


    log in an account go to archo check cat shops check prices you will see what you can get for that 1 mil which you might or might not get from lvling form 1 to 100

    you will be able to buy arrows maybe you got nothing NOTHING


    shops full of stuff commisions too if you make coints easyer to get things from shops will be bought then pppl will buy more pack to sell more stuff its so damn simple we make in game more coints you get more euto THINK LOL YOU KILL AND IM TELLING YOU YOU KILL THIS GAME

  • antonio0590antonio0590 Posts: 62 Arc User
    You can farm gears gradually over time, especially during 2x. Just because you cant instantly get full g16 the moment you hit 100, doesn't mean its not obtainable unless you buy gold.

    With the way rep is being thrown around with the various ways to get it. You can get a r8 set which costs 6mil total and start farming tt for your g16.

    You start with tt1-1 farm that up get yourself some mats for weap, sell the other mats for coins. Do tt1-2 (which is a bh 9x variant btw) farm them tt70 gears sell the extra mats and so on and so forth.
    All while running flowsilver palace (deicide/judgement) for coins/rep and BHs for a chance to get coins.
    If you don't want to spend the time to do the basic things for coin, then you're playing the wrong kind of game.

    About the lack of coins for newbies, I'm prettty sure Jolly jones is still a thing and pwi opened up homesteads to all players above level 70. If you do that everyday, you will end up with some good coin from selling the items created with blue sigils. (Even though the prices have gone down since they've done this.)
    It's still a good viable source of income for basically no effort.

    Yes this game is broken, everyone knows that. It's a cash cow for PWE, so they will throw the free to play players a few small things to keep us around for the pay 2 win people to stomp.

    And btw, rep for rank 8 was in the shop for 2 years before g16 was introduced. And some people even had r9, so no it wasn't that balanced back then either.
  • only1wishonly1wish Posts: 35 Arc User
    edited September 4
    Too little character slots, when the classes are so many now!!!
    Come on pwi, if you want the remaining people to play more - give them chance to make new alt to play on the same acc and be able to gear it up. In other games they give 1 char slot freely each time new character is released. Catch up to date with the rest of the world, please >.<

    Also! Bank got expanded, personal safe got expanded, even pet slots got doubled, however for years now in spite of all the new fashion items, that includes rare pack and weapon fashions.... in spite of all these new additions, the wardrobe is still not updated to match. Honestly i can tell you so many females who say their wardrobes are full.... clearly they'ld be willing to pay extra to expand it, so why isnt pwi taking chance to earn more money from that? lol

    Also add more colors to the pallete. That's such an easy way to make more sales. Just give people larget variety of colors. I am sure that it's not so hard for the pwi devs to do it. There is so many things... like dying weapon fashions as well or putting color in certain fashion piece that's normally a preset color. Could use new item, more expensive item, whatever, people would like the variety for sure.

    The 3v3 Arena is absolutely out of reach for many people due the fact that it's only opened when usa people are awake (even some usa people cant play, because of work schedule or rl). Noone in Europe is on or even if they are in the last few hours - the usa people are sleeping thus noone to fight vs.

    My suggestion is to make 3v3 arena opened every hour 8 times a day. Basicly opened : 0-1am. 3-4am. 6-7am. 9-10am. 12-13pm. 15-16pm. 18-19pm. 21-22pm.
    Usually people can get 10-15 battles in 1 hour. Even when it's 12h opened only system. However spacing out the time like that means that more people can have a chance to go and fight. Not everyone can sit and wait all night to get their fights done. 12h time is too broad. People end up fighting the same teams because of lack of players to vs. Best is to have 1 hour fighting time. the Buffs people use for arena last 1h also. Then they can go and do their dailies, do trials, do dungeons. Not sit and pray to get enemy.

    Auction house still needs update! Plenty of items such as lets say gems need to be clicked on individually, the search system is still cap sensitive. This is slowing down the search proccess a lot. Keep the ah gold cap please! I remember the gold "merchants" who would buy off all the gold and sell it much more expensive in ah. What a shame on them for ripping off all the other players. Well they got what they deserve, now ah cap is maxed and their offers stand but noone is selling gold through ah. That is fine by me, because at least these greedy a*******s cant gain profit from **** over everyone else on the server. Now people need to use ah to buy/sell gold, which isnt ideal, but everyone has a chance to buy gold at least.

    Homestead could be so much better! The items such as chairs or beds could be made to give a special option to sit on them, like how people sit on the machines in western steppers for their daily. Actually every item could be so much more interesting if they had a special animation - windmills could actually move, boats can shake a bit, trees could shake their branches as if wind is comming through them etc.

    The game devs could add more skins for the land - lava land, ice land, waterfall land, jungle land, misty land, constantly raining land.... just few ideas on the top of my head. And include special sounds for each map! Or background music to those skins. So that when the player enters their homestead, the music changes to match. There is different music on all pwi maps, so why shouldnt the rare and $$$ bought skins for homestead are missing a specific theme? If the devs cant decide which music to put - let the players to select music from all the maps according to their preferences. I'm sure everyone has some music in pwi they enjoy to listen to, give a chance to the people to hear it in their homesteads, i'm sure they'ld pay a few bucks for something they like.

    So far i've been talking about things that are convinience type of thing, ok, lets get a bit more nerdy about the essentials now >.<

    There should be less people needed to gain faction/sq buff for exp/vitae/spirit. 8 members is too much. Even the big guilds have a hard time to gather them. People need to do their dailies, but they also need dungeons, also need to log off and sleep/work. 8 people is too much. 3-4 people is doable, but beyond that it's just hard to catch people to join for buffs. The alternative is people logging alts or even worse factions that end up having more alts than players just because of the need of alts for the squad to help fac mates, incase god forbid they're doing a dungeon and cant be in sq.

    Robe and Helm are now bound and only made via joining IU squads and getting the rewards from there. Even my regular squads, where we invite randoms and newbies and explain them each boss cant handle too many of them.
    3-4 newbies and the bosses become really hard to beat. They die on 10th boss. We have amazing cleric, but her ulti can only be given to 1 newbie. So what, let the rest die because of the 10th boss op aoe? Even worse would be if the only cleric the sq could find is one undergeared that is in need of items to make her robe and helm. That means half the sq or more would just die and miss the boss for mbh and chart rewards from daily. I pity the undergeared clerics. Even my t3, phys def, morai rb cards set cleric cant manage to survive on 14th boss due his high aoe dmg. The only way is to have 2nd cleric in BB so i and the rest of the sq wont die from the massive aoe dmg on top of his bomb that sq wipes if it's not purified within 10seconds. (Also if someone with bomb dies from aoe in the start it's a sq wipe).

    Bring back nirvana forges that would let us make robe and helm without iu mats. Taking it out was so rude as it wasnt even said in any patch notes.

    Also let the newbies have another way to gain chart items other than iu, homestead or the (noone said ever) Beloved HFT which takes hours each damn week to do the same damn thing. At least increase the rewards it gives. Meaning make it give rewards from each lvl.

    We need nebulas badly. More nebulas. A lot More nebulas. Because there is no way ever for a newbie to catch up to any older players who got their aptitudes and nebulas enough to roll a somewhat ok chart. Not even talking about endgame.

    Not even talking how we need SO badly an npc that would give us aptitude item to get past the 15.00 to 20.00. At least.... 1 item a week is a must. At least that way people could a little tiny bit, lvl up... give them a reason to not quit seeing the gap only $$$$ can fix.

    Cube stamps used to make unbound necklaces. Now they produce bound necklaces. For $$$ item, sure doesnt feel vip, since again there was not even a note in any of the patch notes about this change.
    It should be made to produce tradable necklaces again.

    What about all the useless drops from mobs? OH GOD WHAT ABOUT DRAGON QUEST ITEMS???? Years ago there was a topic how they lost their value, no more use of sage weapons and no more npcing them to get
    the redeem rewards of event gold or anything. They. Are. Useless. PWi devs just forgot about that. Ofc they did. No money to be made in keeping their word.

    My humble suggestion is to include them in the transmute npc reagent list.

    Also arc force log in is still a dream i see? Yet another thing where they wont keep their word if they cant make money out of it.

    Friendlist and block list need expansion. Block list especially.

    Why Does a newbie need to pay coin for the seeds in homestead? Cant pwi make a quest to reward the seeds instead? It's not like 81 to 100 a new player has any income except what... digging herbs? And they also need to gather coins to get their gears, to get potions and to teleports and repair left and right.

    Low lvls also dont really have a big variety of events. Said lvls also absolutely lack any chance to have fun pvp with their peers. If there is newbie arena or nw for newbies ONLY with rewards like lets say some potions or TT mats or just something else they might need, i'm sure they'ld at least give it a try.

    Actually putting some tiers for nw and arena is much needed i think. Who would want to get their **** wooped at low lvl when they know only high end game people do the nw and arena? For arena it's especially hard, because if anyone needs the arena tokens, they basicly need to be the punching bag of others for 15 battles. Is this how pwi devs want to lure the newbies into pvp? At least let them have a taste of what a victory is, making them feel like trash without even a single fair victory is pretty mean, dont you think? This isnt the gaming experience anyone is looking for.

    Also, if anyone has a veno - tell me, how much more pricey do you think it is to have a veno, compared to any other class? All the $$$ only pets, with their rare pet food, without any chance to get said pets from any pack or keys or any event or quest or daily. What are your thoughts on how fair it is to have this demand on $$$ for your class?

    Before, there was the tigers event, the only event i know of that had a chance for DoT or DoD. It's gone now. Now there is absolutely no way for people to even pretend there is hope for them to get endgame shards without opening packs or spending $$$. Here is a really really really big hint of what kind of reward to put in any future weekly event. A chance of them, ofc, i am not saying give everyone shards. But at least bring back that chance after you took out the tigers event so long ago.

    Now lets talk about the TW update.

    This update where towers and crystals cant be killed by people anymore is great, much needed. Bravo, devs, for doing your job. Now if anyone can explain to me, why did they make this rule that a fac needs to take down all towers of enemy faction to dmg their crystal?
    Do you understand what you did pwi devs? I am sure you dont. Let me explain it simply. Strong factions that occupy most of the map, block the way for any real pvp between the smaller factions can now never be successfully ganged. Why? Because it takes more than half the time to take down all towers, if the defending faction has some brains and doesnt build them all same time. Half the time, only if attacking faction is stronger. Ofc when a faction is dominating the tw map, the players there are much stronger than the smaller factions. So this means, the weaker factions have no real chance to make any surprise side lane attack on the big op faction, you know to involve some strategy....

    Nope, instead all catas MUST gather in 1 point where the tower is, so the op fac can gather their forces and rip the catas a new one.
    I'ld like to make a small suggestion to at least make it 50% of towers, or at least all towers inside the base and on the gate.
    Also there used to be some rules before that gave the smaller factions some chance to fight vs the bigger faction, something about if a faction has many lands they were weaker somehow. I dont recall the rule exactly, but i feel that now with the amount of work a small faction needs to do, to be able to dmg the enemy crystal of defending fac that's bigger and stronger, such a rule would be much needed. The big factions are bored out of their minds as TWs now are boring. Most of the time, there is no excitment, because it's clear who will be the winner even before the tw has started.

    People tend to quit when they're bored. The only way to keep the people who spend money in the game actively spending money is to update the pvp events such as arena, tw and xtw so that the players would have some fun in there!!!

    The only unfair thing about NW for me is how unfair it is that barb with faith 50s skill can get the flag and it's basicly impossible to stop or kill them unless you're Godmode strong... or may be sb who's god mode strong.

    Also about xTW, is there any change at all?

    I'ld suggest instead of boring dragon nuke contest to make the dragon almost immune to dmg. Lets say give him max hit limit of 1m dmg. Like how some normal bosses have dmg limit, wine boss in Uncharged paradise has 1m dmg for example and it would be much more ballanced, than what it is right now. How many of the people i've known have gotten bored of xtw, since it's just rush and DD fest, instead of you know.... strategy and teamplay and coordination that kept people engaged in the battles and excited them. Unless pwi devs think that it's more money profitable to have bunch of people who gear up somewhat and quit, rather than active playerbase???

    one more thing... FIX YOUR AUTO PATH PWI! It's 2019 already!

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  • enbysraenbysra Posts: 45 Arc User
    Hi all,

    [*] Forcing Arc client to play the game.

    With regard to the ARC client being "forced"... actually...
    Just start the game from the PWI icon on desktop...

    Let ARC do it's thing...

    Hit PLAY button...

    Once you are in Character Selection screen...

    ALT-TAB out...


    Click on the "Arc Update (32 bit)" => Hit END TASK...

    "Arc Chat (32 bit)" will also end by doing this...

    [/list]PWI runs better this way on the positive side...
    BUT, When it comes time of disconnects, it gets annoying fast at times...
    This also leaves some of the ARC Client running however, but not as much lag this way.

    Hope this helps some people.
  • shadydawgshadydawg Posts: 80 Arc User

    I did not quit anything to play sin. I wanted to play sin to show ppl how broken it is and it was, just now, this moment in time, it is not as broken as quite a few other classes are anymore. DW, I don't 3v3 with my sin anymore, I plan to stay on 2100 score for a safe spot in the end-reward rankings. You will soon realize that without it, the score will be way higher :P

    Nice excuse... But other sin players have been showing how OP the classs was for a long time now with all the QQ threads on here about the class,so... Be honest you played sin in arena to heighten chances to win.. There's nothing wrong with that,it was your time invested to lvl the sin your funds to gear it... But to sit here and talk about to show people how OP it is lame... When watching arena videos it seems like 95% of teams have a sin. I wonder why hmmm
  • alphadevil1991alphadevil1991 Posts: 20 Arc User
    shadydawg wrote: »
    Nice excuse... But other sin players have been showing how OP the classs was for a long time now with all the QQ threads on here about the class,so... Be honest you played sin in arena to heighten chances to win.. There's nothing wrong with that,it was your time invested to lvl the sin your funds to gear it... But to sit here and talk about to show people how OP it is lame... When watching arena videos it seems like 95% of teams have a sin. I wonder why hmmm

    even with the last update sin got more nerfed, not directly, but the new passives and all play for the other classes, while many of em got good new skills and sins got nothing. an AOE with bit more range for sage sins (what most play) but absolute **** for pvp. so calm your ****.
    SBs are way mroe OP with their cast while move. nearly impossible to fight for a melee class.
  • shadydawgshadydawg Posts: 80 Arc User
    shadydawg wrote: »
    Nice excuse... But other sin players have been showing how OP the classs was for a long time now with all the QQ threads on here about the class,so... Be honest you played sin in arena to heighten chances to win.. There's nothing wrong with that,it was your time invested to lvl the sin your funds to gear it... But to sit here and talk about to show people how OP it is lame... When watching arena videos it seems like 95% of teams have a sin. I wonder why hmmm

    even with the last update sin got more nerfed, not directly, but the new passives and all play for the other classes, while many of em got good new skills and sins got nothing. an AOE with bit more range for sage sins (what most play) but absolute **** for pvp. so calm your ****.
    SBs are way mroe OP with their cast while move. nearly impossible to fight for a melee class.

    LMAO!!! we understand u play the class i arena cause with a sin gives better ods to win... but its ok to pretty it up talking to show how op the class is... everyone wants to win and thats cool do what it takes..
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