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  • Wondrous Bazaar, if you look through the tabs in the shop, the fashion set is there for AD! - Enyo
  • That's fair. So maybe it would be more productive to keep a channel open for general discussion; ie zone chat. Or to have a lesser cooldown for zone chat - say maybe 10 seconds instead of 40. That way you cut off people who literally send the same message 5 times in a row within like... 3 seconds. But it still makes…
  • Personally, while I do agree that there is a lot of spam in Protectors Enclave; creating a "guild recruit" specific channel wouldn't fix that. Unfortunately recruiters would likely still spam their recruitment message in zone/lfg/trade channels. They'll want as many people as possible to see their message. A good strategy…
  • In response to the comments here; Everyone keeps throwing out ridiculously high numbers with nothing to back them up - so before people complain " we lost over 40-50% of our damage " - did you test it yourself? Did you test some new builds? Or are you just repeating it because that's what you heard? I keep seeing people…
  • https://wp.me/s6493R-enyo Updated for Mod 15; has a link following to Mod 14 as well for console. Thanks!
  • Something I've learned to do with the Wheel of Elements is to fire it head-on into a wall of some sorts - it automatically grants you fire and you dont have to chase it or pause a second to pick it up. Any kind of wall or boundary works. Personally though I run both the Eye and the Wheel. If its smaller quicker dungeons…
  • Not entirely sure. Havent heard word of this changing though - from my understanding its most beneficial in PvP than in PvM, as of right now I havent heard word of this changing at all. As well rogues dont really need a buff... if built and played correctly TR's can be top dps no prob ^^
  • Personally I use Air & Fire & Earth Archons, Siege Master & Erynes of Belial, but going to likely be replacing Erynes with Sellsword soon... I've got it in my idle companions sitting at epic, just havent gotten around to trying it out yet lol, so it'll depend how well it works.
    in active pet Comment by yopuko May 2017
  • Well you're somewhat correct. In the screenshot I have Deathknell but in the actual written text I dont... but I am using Deathknell actually. Another thing to correct lol thanks for pointing that out
  • Well, Im currently at 95 mounts, so Ive got an excessive amount too. No titles yet, doubted there would be... still voting there totally should be ~
  • Hahaha. Being Arc it wouldnt surprise me, but a title is a title I guess
  • That is a valid point. There should definitely be a title added for collecting mounts. I'm always down for an extra title